how to connect pinterest to shopify

How to Connect Pinterest to Shopify The Easiest Way - Updated 2022 pinterest makes it easy for consu


Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to Connect Pinterest to Shopify The Easiest Way - Updated 2022

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How to Connect Pinterest to Shopify The Easiest Way - Updated 2022

pinterest makes it easy for consumers to,go right to the source by reducing the,number of stages between discovery,and conversion its visitors are more,likely to convert into leads,or sales than visitors from other social,media platforms,pinterest is a wonderful social media,network for,e-commerce businesses like shopify to,market their items,pinterest is a wonderful social media,tool,to use if you have an e-commerce,business since,it is visual which is especially,important if your audience is,female as it is in this video,by focusing on supplying visual material,rather than creating social conversation,it has risen to become the second most,popular social media platform,for driving visitors to online stores,allowing online merchants,to successfully develop their businesses,on pinterest,in this tutorial we will walk you,through connecting your pinterest and,shopify,the easiest way,before we start please be advised that,shopify pinterest channel is,only supported in countries including,united states,australia brazil france,germany italy spain switzerland,and the uk unfortunately other countries,are not supported yet,you also need to have a pinterest,business account to take,full advantage of this integration,you can start by logging into your,shopify admin,at,on your shopify admin click the plus,symbol on the sales,channel then look for pinterest,and click the plus right beside it,on the next page scroll down to the,bottom,and click the add sales channel button,the next page is where you will connect,your pinterest account,you can either create one or you can,connect,to an existing one,log into your pinterest account then,authorize,shopify to manage and access your data,you will then be taken back to the,shopify website,just accept the terms and conditions,you can scroll down to the ad settings,and you should see that an ad account,and a pinterest tag were created once,you've established an,advertising account or business account,and improve the terms of service,your tag will be installed automatically,on shopify,your tag is used to track conversions,and create targeted audiences depending,on what visitors,do on your website if you haven't added,any billing to your pinterest yet,you will be advised to do so just fill,up the billing information,and hit save back on your shopify admin,you can go to your shopify product and,go to the product edit page,when you go to the manage sales channel,you should now see,pinterest added as one of the sales,channels,you can either check or uncheck it if,you want to add a certain product on,pinterest,just make sure that you save your,changes,when you also go to your product page,right at the bottom,part you will also see the pin it button,in this way your potential buyers or you,yourself,can share this item directly to,pinterest,pinterest analytics is where you should,see all of the data of your customer,activities on your shopify website,the numbers should start showing up once,customers visit your website and,do any activity additional advantages of,the pinterest,and shopify integration includes,advertising,analytics and frequent email updates,pinterest advice is changing your,personal account to a business account,if you already have one if you wanted,more insights and effective strategies,we here at blue tusker can surely help,do you like this content if you do don't,forget to like this video,click the subscribe button and ring that,notification bell,so you will get notified in our next,video,you

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