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What is the Cost of Opening a Shopify Store? hey what is up guys in frenzy and today,I'm going to be


Updated on Jan 08,2023

What is the Cost of Opening a Shopify Store?

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What is the Cost of Opening a Shopify Store?

hey what is up guys in frenzy and today,I'm going to be talking about the cost,of opening a Shopify store now what I'm,talking about Shopify this can mean drop,shipping this could mean selling your,own products or whatever you want to do,this is the opening cost before any type,of marketing so first off I would like,to talk about the Shopify monthly cost,so it is going to be $29 a month bare,minimum just the basic level which is,all pretty much anyone needs when their,first thing out on Shopify then you also,have your $12 a year Google domains cost,that is going to cover one year so one,dollar a month if you look at it per a,monthly cost so then $30 a month or if,you look at it at a yearly cost,obviously it's one dollar a month so it,add up to twelve dollars a year for your,domain and now this is before adding any,other kinds of apps or plugins to your,store but this is just a bare minimum,cost of opening your store and getting,products on it and then importing your,stuff and getting traffic to your sites,where people can actually buy stuff in,this hole before marketing costs now,there are many ways to market your,products for free whether it be through,Instagram or Facebook just putting out,video or picture content and then ties,up with hashtags to get this show up in,Facebook or Instagram search and that's,that's pretty much how search works on,those platforms is through hashtags,that's how people find your stuff or you,can also do it through Google SEO that's,another free way now SEO takes a lot,longer time to develop I actually really,don't know a whole ton about SEO myself,but Instagram and Facebook you throw,down the hashtags and I just free,marketing right there now always all,most popular marketing platforms that,people invest into is Facebook and,simply because Facebook is probably one,of the best advertising platforms as of,right now because you're able to really,pinpoint who you're wanting to target,you can really hit down on the niche,that you want to sell your product,through the people that are going to be,most interested in your products now,obviously this will cost money so this,is the cost of entry after the initial,cost of just opening your store which is,marketing costs and Facebook is kind of,expensive facebook wants your money but,at the same time they want your to,work as well so you really have to spend,a lot of time testing and figuring it,out and this cost range could range,anywhere from like you know ten bucks to,hundreds of dollars I know myself I,spent two hundred fifty dollars into,face,before I actually started turning a,profit on my site and yeah I took it,took quite a while but that's just kind,of a cost of entry if you're going to be,doing paid marketing you're going to,have to look at that as a cost of entry,too when you're opening your Shopify,store now as of right now I,predominantly do free marketing through,Instagram and Facebook for my store but,my other friend actually is very,successful with this Facebook store and,is well driving traffic through paid,marketing on Facebook so there's lots of,ways that you can do it different,avenues some products work better on,some platforms and others the way you do,your marketing it really all depends on,what comes down to to whatever you find,success with there's a lots of different,avenues to go but the basic cost of,entry before any marketing cost is the,twenty nine a month for Shopify and I'm,the $1 a month for your Google domain,and Google twelve dollars a year so guys,I hope you found this video helpful for,getting your Shopify store up and,running if you have any questions be,sure to leave that down in the comment,section below be sure to leave a like,subscribe to the channel and I'll see,you guys in the next one peace s

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