how to change background color on shopify

How to Add Background Color to Any Section on Shopify? | Shopify Tutorial DIY looking to add or chan

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to Add Background Color to Any Section on Shopify? | Shopify Tutorial DIY

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How to Add Background Color to Any Section on Shopify? | Shopify Tutorial DIY

looking to add or change a section's,background color on your shopify store,adding an image or color to the,background will provide uniqueness to,your shopify store,log into your shopify dashboard then,click the online store menu from the,left side,select the green color to customize the,button from the current theme,by default it will be on the home page,and on the left side the sections are,arranged select the theme settings,available in the bottom left corner of,the customizer,once you click it the theme settings are,opened on the right sidebar,click appearance from the theme settings,scroll down to reach the base color,options,under these base colors you can,customize the colors,on the fourth you will find a body,background which is a color to customize,your page,background for example on my website it,is in white color and i'm changing it,you can customize your color and the,changes are visibly alive to figure out,the changes,select the suitable color for your page,background that is applied over all the,sections and save it,another thing here is that on the theme,settings you can only change the whole,page background color that applies to,all the sections,if you need to change the individual,section background color then follow the,other step,click the sections you want to change,the background color from the left side,once you click the section its,customization options will open on the,right side,for example i'm selecting the blog,section and its options are opened on,the right side,you can see the background image option,on the right sidebar which allows you to,add an image to the section background,make sure you have selected the enable,background image option,you can select the images from your,library or pick them from the free image,library,i'm just selecting an image for example,select the images you want and they will,be replaced on your background,after selecting it then scroll down to,the background color option and ensure,you have enabled it then select the,background color and customize it,the background color is applied over the,image,you can also provide the background,overlay transparency from below the,color change option that is kept from,0.01 to 1.,if you don't need an image you can avoid,adding the background image from the,previous step,or else just scroll up and remove the,background image of that section,you can also customize the background,color after removing the background,image and save it,then i'm moving to the specification,block to change the background color of,that section,again the same method by clicking the,section and customizing the background,color from the right side options area,click save from the top right corner,this is the simple method to add,background color and images to the,sections on the shopify store,the number one single product shopify,theme featured in envato tuts plus,with more than 3,300 downloads the boom shopify theme is,trusted by customers worldwide for its,easy customization and conversion focus,demos without any coding you can build,amazing websites like these,get all the 80 plus demos with a single,purchase now,create a gorgeous and powerful ecommerce,store today,the name is boom

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