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Shopify Buy Button Introduction - Add It To Another Website Simply - Beginner Tutorial hello it's Pa

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Shopify Buy Button Introduction - Add It To Another Website Simply - Beginner Tutorial

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Shopify Buy Button Introduction - Add It To Another Website Simply - Beginner Tutorial

hello it's Paul Here I am gonna answer,quickly the Shopify question from T be,on my in my question section thanks for,posting your Shopify videos I am trying,to open Shopify store where each product,will link to an external website through,a Buy Now button,could you please advise if you already,have created a video on this topic that,I can refer to right the easiest way to,do it and then I'll are maybe trying to,explain if it doesn't mean what you mean,if you if you just want to put a code to,say by now,I'm not sure you do that but let me show,you how I would do it and you can,explain if it's not what you meant tbh,okay so I'm gonna go to my store and I'm,gonna log in right and down here it says,Buy button right this is what we're,going to create to put on your website,or your store right create a Bible tune,for a website or blog sell your products,online customers check it out right away,right so we're gonna click we're gonna,create so you can do it individually or,you can do it by a collection let's do,let's just do it individually for now,let's see what we get right so we're,gonna get product right so which product,do we want to do these are all affiliate,eggs we'll say let's say a hearts let's,just say this be this happy mean it's,beanie hat right select so I'm going to,select the product I want to put ours by,I can change the color if I want to do a,certain one so all of the red one or a,classic layout style this is gonna be a,different style so if it's just Add to,Cart right so that's how you what if you,just want a button you can do this this,is good kind of learning as I go it's a,while since I've done this full view so,you want the full Shopify store option,you can do that or you just want a basic,button sorry you want a classic button,where it's just the picture of the hat,for sale right button style you can,change the color if you want to change,it I'm a bit more blue on my store you,can make it wider it'll go as wide as,that as the virtual box above bottom,corners if,but more rounding around a dependent,match the style change the text they got,Freud know and sighs gonna make it big a,lot you made that bigger the bottom,takes bigger right so you get that,layout if you want to change the layout,it means you want the image to be bigger,or smaller right you want it to be left,or right things Center is always gonna,work if you want to change it to say by,now you can change it product height,will change the color it's pretty,self-explanatory insert a shopping cart,any information button check out,checkout you can change that your car is,empty so this going to pop up on the,site as well which is really cool,so you can change some that information,if you want to I don't I don't know,about add pop-up window redact check out,there your buyers will see a separate,checkout window fro your website,buyers will see the checkout in the same,window as your website,I don't know that means redirecting the,same tab open pop-up window so it's,gonna buy now it's gonna open a pop-up,window or yeah I'm not sure what the,difference is there one will redirect,you to the checkout I think a one won't,I don't know the exact difference right,so so we're happy with that right we're,gonna create a code and we're gonna add,this code to our website right so copy,the code so you're gonna grab it you can,do it all and then it's going to show,you in the blog where to add to your if,you want to use it in WordPress which I,presume you're gonna be using WordPress,or something like that but you're,effectively gonna put the code somewhere,in your website right so if I go to,happy me golf up in me calm,not me golf I should be logged in if I,want to put it in the sidebar here so I,want to put it to the side bar and click,customize I can click on Rai of widgets,main sidebar oh is that the rain sidebar,it is the main sidebar,add a widget custom HTML I can add that,drop it to the top and just paste it in,and that should put my hat in that,picture right publish close the site,right now I've got a Buy Now button it's,gonna pop up and say buy that,check out all is the check out so the,check out was it will either pop-up a,little check out a little happy me check,out like this or if you go back to,customize what let me go back if you've,met this change save this there were,that cold,I've probably change the code a little,bit it would when you've checked out it,would go to the full check out right so,that's these allow to edit so let's just,take that out it's cool though I mean I,may actually add that to happy me golf,next to some some stuff where I want it,so let's remove it publish the page,again and let's let's go to a page on,happy me golf where the word where the,word ER let's just do a new page right,so we do a new blog post or a new page,whatever you do let's do a new post and,you might say you seen the new hats new,or hats now in stock all right something,like that and now underneath you can add,and one of these if you type in HTML,HTML and post that code,publish your post publish or add it,wherever you're doing it now we should,have a blog post have you seen the new,hats and again there's the code right so,it's really easy so what you've got a,deal let's just go back to the start,let me move that to trash because people,might actually try to buy that which,they can but it's just a bit of a pain,and I won't be able to buy oh yeah,so back in Shopify let's just refresh it,cuz I don't know if it'll remember that,bond or not no it doesn't so if when you,go back it's going to be create a button,create a Buy Now button where it's an,individual product or a collect product,pick your product so pick whatever hat,it might be say this visor select go,through edit your code,Eddie how you want it to look Eddie how,you want it to show click on next,copy this code and wherever you need to,add it that will accept HTML code you,can post it in fact I'm gonna I would,say I might post it in my forum but I'd,be surprised you're working with forum,because I probably have I would have to,do things to let that work yeah but,anyway you can put the code it'll work,right hopefully that's what you mean and,and if you want it,I was it murderer which one was the just,the Bible and all variants no product,layouts their basic yeah basic all,variants product director check out by,now or you can go straight to check out,so you don't have to go via there the,little this little check out on the,screen so you can actually make you go,drive wreck to check out or open product,details view product right or you can go,direct to check out so lots of different,funky ways work out how you how you want,let me know if that's what you were,talking about TB and I'll help even more,hopefully I make sense anybody else,looking at Shopify pnu keiko force a,Shopify is my partner link and be,awesome if you sign up with that I get,paid a little bit commission any,questions just come Paul Nicholson calm,says up here how can I help ask a,question both got the same place like TB,Ned went in Allison's a question decided,if you want to be public or admin it's,better for me if it's public because all,the people will see the,question on the answer select a category,put a tag in send me a question thanks,for being the first person to ask a,question tbh I keep your Spotify,questions come in spy Phi Shopify you're,gonna be helping everybody else as well,thanks a lot see you soon

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