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How To Setup Shipping On Shopify - 2022 Tutorial how to set up shipping on shopify hi,guys welcome b

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How To Setup Shipping On Shopify - 2022 Tutorial

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How To Setup Shipping On Shopify - 2022 Tutorial

how to set up shipping on shopify hi,guys welcome back today i'm giving you a,tutorial on shopify shipment and how we,can set up shipping on shopify to run a,successful business online so let's get,started first what you have to do is you,will open up your shopify store and you,will get to your admin right here so you,can see this is my shopify i have this,store known as my suite closet and this,is the admin that i have for my store,and i'll show you how we can set up,shipment uh for our shopify it's really,easy to do and we'll just you know do it,step by step and it is going to be a,beginner's tutorial for you guys to help,you set up your shopify without any,further ado let's get into the process,once you have your shopify store,make sure that you have different,products created you can see we have,this panel we have home orders product,customers analytics marketing and,discount so if you are already using,shopify you are quite familiar with,these options but when it comes to the,shipping we will have to go to the,settings so i will click on settings now,and it will open up the settings for me,and in settings we have different,options such as store details plans,billing user permission payment checkout,and then we have shipping and delivery,so you have to click on this option and,it will open up,all of the different options the setup,that we need to do in order to add,shipping for shopify and this is going,to be for a shopify shipping it's not,going to be a third party or if you're,using any other method so this is going,to be purely on shopify so let's get,into the process you can see we have,different options and i'll show you all,of them until the last option so the,first option that we get in shipping is,the you can see choose where you ship,and how much you charge for shipping at,checkout so first we have to set up the,rates for our shipping,just click on manage right here and it,will allow you to set a shipping rate,for your products it will also show you,the products that you have you can see,these are the products that i have and,then we have shipping from now you will,select the country or the zone from,where you are actually shipping and then,you can select the standard rate,i'm gonna add a rate and you can see set,up your own rates use carrier app to,calculate rates now it depends on the,carrier as well if they're charging me,any delivery rates then i will have to,add that as well or if i want to add my,own rates then i can do that too so what,i'm gonna do is right now i am going,with my own rates keep in mind if you go,with zero it's going to be free delivery,so i'm just gonna and name it standard,and now i'm not gonna do free delivery,but i will be charging 200 in my,currency so you can see this is the,price and i can add done or we can add,conditions too so once i click on done,it will show you the different rates,that i have set up moving on we have,rest of the world now this is for the,domestic shipping right here within your,country within your zone but what if i,am actually doing international shipping,then of course the rate is going to be,more so we can add that rate just click,right here and again we have the same,option you will select standard and we,can enter the amount so this amount is,going to be a little more than the you,know other one so i'm just going to go,with 500.,perfect and click on done so this is the,rate that we have for international,shipping and this is the rate i have for,domestic shipping so our rates are done,now and you just need to click on save,and these changes will be saved right,here so you can see profile updated and,now we have our own rates so we'll,simply go back we have set up the race,let's move on to the second option which,is the processing time show delivery,rates to your customers by setting a,processing time if you process order in,two business days or less so i'm gonna,click on manage and will take me to the,processing date so what we're gonna do,is we're gonna add a processing time as,well for the customers so that they can,get an idea that okay it will take three,business days it will take two business,days maybe five business days so they,will actually you know wait for their,parcel that's what i'm gonna do is so,the processing date is going to be two,business days so that's my processing,time for the order and i'm gonna click,on save these changes will be saved as,well now let's go back moving on we have,a local delivery so this is where we can,set up the local delivery option and it,will allow me and it is going to be,you know according to your location that,you have so it depends on your you can,just go to store detail and it will show,you your store address so the local,delivery is going to be from the zone,that you are in right now you cannot,actually you know change it but if you,want to do that just click on it and it,will open it up and you can just set up,this location offers local delivery and,for example sometimes if we have a store,and then we do international deliveries,shipment but at the same time we're,doing local deliveries so that's what,it's for so we have to enter our postal,code right here minimum order delivery,price time delivery information and it,will set up a local delivery for this,location right here so i do not do local,delivery so i'm not gonna select it but,you just select the option and it gives,you more options right here so i'm just,gonna like uncheck it and let's go back,all right so the next option we have is,local pickup now again it's the same,option as local delivery if i have the,local pickup option available for my,store i will just select this option and,it will give me the option to actually,add my you know pick up time so we can,just say usually ready in 24 hours um,this is the location it's completely,free because there is no in pickup we're,not charging any fee it's of course free,then we have order pickup instruction,bring your confirmation email when you,come to collect your orders this looks,perfect if i want to add something more,i can just type it right here and it,will add it so i'm not gonna do that and,i think this looks pretty good and my,store actually offers a local pickup so,i'm gonna save this option okay it's,done let's go back then we have the,packages now this is an important option,in shipping where we have to enter our,packages details so i'm going to click,on add package now you have to enter,your package name so if you have a store,and if you have let's say you have a,clothing store,and all of your packages are in a same,box then you will enter the details,right here just for once,if you do if you're dealing in a thing,where you actually wrap it in an,envelope you put it in envelope you can,just go with this one then we have soft,package or special so it also depends on,the type of material you're sending if,it's like a sensitive then you can,choose soft packaging as well so mine is,box and the package name so for my,package name is going to be the same as,my store name so we can just name it,whatever we want,and then we have length width and height,for the package that i have so for,length what i'm going to do is i'm just,going to like add different numbers,and then we have weight when empty so,when it's empty it's actually 0.5 so,this is my package details that i have,now it depends on your packaging of,course click on add package and the,packaging detail will be added so then,you can see you can calculate your,shipping rate from here as well,moving on we have packaging slips so,this is a simple template let me show,you how it looks like,click on edit and this is our you know,package slip now this is a little coding,here and you will get confused and,you'll be like oh my god it's coding how,we're gonna do it so it's very easy you,don't need to actually do anything you,just enter your order title right here,and it's automatic as well so let me,actually give you a preview of how it,looks so you can see this is what the,packaging slip looks like and it looks,really professional you guys you can see,it's so good delivery to bill two these,are the products they ordered delivery,instruction and this is my details thank,you for shopping with us this is the,order number the date everything so this,is what the slip will look like for the,products and this looks perfect so you,can see it's done with coding you don't,have to do anything so our packaging,slip is done i'm pretty happy with it so,i'm just gonna go back and then we have,our carrier accounts so here what i can,do is i can add any carriers i want to,add and it depends on my location as,well and what carrier i want to work,with we can add fdx ups and others as,well and for this option you actually,require an upgraded plan on shopify but,it's for third-party calculator rates,that check out if you do not want to use,a third party it's okay you can leave,this option as well but of course if,you're using a carrier then you will,have to manage it as well and you will,be able to find the option in here and,then we have a custom order fulfillment,so this is an email for custom,fulfillment what we can do is we can add,a fulfillment service as well and we can,enter an email address and we will be,able to set an email for a custom,fulfillment once it's done then your,shipping is set up on shopify you can,see right here that all of the different,options are done and you can also get,more details about the shipment from,shipping option given here then of,course it depends on your sales channels,as well that you want to add you can,also work on the marketing but this is,the basic setup we do for shipping on,shopify and now you know how to set up,shipping on shopify for your online,store i hope that i was a big help to,you guys don't forget to give this video,a big thumbs up leave a comment down,below,turn on bell notification and subscribe,to the youtube channel

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