how to add multiple variants in shopify

Multiple Variants with Shopify via Printful - Shopify Multiple Variants [Create your Shopify Store]


Updated on Jan 14,2023

Multiple Variants with Shopify via Printful - Shopify Multiple Variants [Create your Shopify Store]

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Multiple Variants with Shopify via Printful - Shopify Multiple Variants [Create your Shopify Store]

hey everybody Tanya from shooting star,SVG back and tonight I am going to talk,about how to create a multiple variant,product inside of your Shopify store so,I'm just going to show you guys a few,things I've been messing around with,that I discovered the other day so you,can see here if I type in galaxy,leggings it's going to come up with like,nine different variants right when I,haven't slept this one over yet so we,will go through converting that one in,printful and Shopify to get this all,under one but I've already gone through,and done that for these face coverings,here that come in multiple options so if,you click on this camouflage face,covering it's not just this green camo,print it's actually multiple different,styles so instead of listing the same,product six times you can list,everything under one listing which makes,the site look a little bit cleaner that,way you don't have like hundreds and,hundreds of products overwhelming people,right I also went ahead and did this for,the zodiac sign coffee mugs I used to,have 12 different listings and now I,have each zodiac sign listed and one fun,listing and you can also do this for,clothing as well and I have already gone,ahead and done that on a couple of the,legging sets that I have,so if you click on the comic-book,leggings you can see that this white,pair will show up here you can actually,click on the size and choose what size,you want as well as the color and it,will show you what that looks like so I,just thought it was a cool thing that I,stumbled upon the other night when I was,sitting down trying to sleep and,couldn't so I was messed around and I,was like huh there has to be a way to do,this and kind of figured it out so there,is a kind of long way and I kind of have,a short way to do this I'm going to show,you the quickest way and for me since I,create a lot of the same products for,print-on-demand,I'm just gonna do like a basic copy but,for now since I know that I'm going to,focus on these galaxy leggings what,you're going to do is you're going to,pull up your product page and if you,already have,a bunch of variants that are separated,that you want to put together this,process is probably the easiest one so,I'm just going to click on the black,galaxy leggings here okay and,you can see there's a bunch of media and,I'll probably um get rid of a lot of,this these ones take a little bit of,time so maybe it's a bad one to start,with but I'm going to go through a,couple and then I'll pause it and finish,it up and then we'll hop over to,printful so I'm gonna go ahead and click,on add variant whoops that's not what I,wanted to do first I'm sorry you want to,go to your product that you want to add,more to so in this case we're going to,add more colors you're going to click on,more options and edit options and you're,going to add another option and that's,going to be color right so we're going,to start with black and I can only add,one variant at a time because that's,what I have so I'm going to click on,done and you can see that it populates,that blackberry you're going to click on,save and then what you're gonna do is,you are going to click on add variant,and here's where it gets a little,tedious right you can go here you can,duplicate the extra small and then add,your color so we'll just start from the,top and click Save and you're going to,go ahead and do that for all the colors,duplicate that red click Save but if you,don't want to type red in every time you,can just duplicate what you just made,medium,large,extra-large okay and then mm-hmm you can,see that this image is staying the same,and that's fine these will change as we,push them through the printful app so,I'm just going to go ahead and pause,this real quick and I'm going to fill,out the rest of the colors that I have,okay so now I have all 40 of the,variants entered into here by size and,color of the galaxy print now since I,already have these broken up into my,shop getting these on to printful is,going to be pretty seamless because I'm,just gonna end up deleting the base,products after I move them over to here,when I'm done with that I'm gonna go,ahead and show you how to do this in an,entirely different way in case you don't,have products to pull from but it'll be,a very similar process so you're going,to want to go over to your print pull,store and click on View store and at,this point the product should have,synced,you,to the store and I'm just gonna have to,find it here galaxy and what help if I,went back and saved it,you'll see that it shows up on Shopify,here,with all the different variants right,and I'm going to have to go find this,black galaxy leggings and you can see,that 35 or not sync that 35 is going to,account for these colors here right okay,I'm going to go ahead and click on this,and what you'll see is the black galaxy,leggings are going to be here and filled,in,and for this we're starting with the,large dark purple I wonder if there is,easier way to do this,there's not you're just gonna have to go,through and choose your product so in,this case I can go to synched items and,I can click purple galaxy and I'm going,to click on dark purple galaxy leggings,and we're going to go ahead and choose,the large,and bam that's all I need to do so here,we're gonna do Green Green Galaxy and,again we are going to choose the large,there we go and you're gonna keep doing,that like purple and again choosing the,large and if you want to do it like in a,simpler way you just click on whatever,very you're looking to do extra small,small medium large extra large and kind,of go from there or not I thought that,would show me but I guess if your,product isn't synced you can't do that,so we're gonna go ahead and fill all,these out so I'm just gonna do the same,process for all these because I already,have previous products,whoops that I can pull from,so I'm going to go ahead and fill these,out and then when I'm done I'm going to,show you the next step okay so now that,that's completed I should have eight,variants in each one of the categories,and I can do this just by going back and,looking at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 right so a,quick way to check this is just clicking,on each variant using the drop down you,can see I have 8 variants selected and,the same thing for small medium large,and extra-large and you just want to,double check that this matches this,because if it doesn't then you're in,trouble because the person could order,an extra large and you could be giving,them a small so you just want to go,through and double check on that I've,already done that for all these variants,so I know that they all check out,because I did actually have an extra,small in the extra large so if you could,imagine as somebody who would be extra,small you order an extra small and,receive an extra large it's probably not,going to fit you so you just want to be,mindful when you're going through these,that you're picking the right variants,for the right product so now that that's,there,you should be able to refresh your,product,and it will now give you all of the,variants from printful but one thing you,need to notice here is that the mock-up,file is actually all the same and so,you're going to have to go ahead and,change that mock-up file because it did,duplicate in,Shopify which is not what I wanted so,one thing that you can do is just go,ahead and download the mock-ups on,printful for your variants,when I go ahead and do that really fast,if you've made the Miss same mistake I,did and you can go in and you can change,the image,and you can drop those into,you,you,Shopify then all you have to do is click,on change image,and do that for all of them so I'm gonna,go ahead and do that and then I'll be,back don't make the same mistake I just,did okay so now that I mix fixed my,little screw-up I shouldn't have picked,such a large example to do you can see,that each one has now,gotten their mock-up change to the color,that corresponds with the variant so you,can go back here you want to make sure,that you change your description if your,description was specific to the black,leggings I just changed them to galaxy,leggings multiple colors I'll add in,description shortly I'm going to take,out these color designations and you can,see all the variants here at the bottom,as well as the search engine,optimization which again I'm going to,take the reference to black out click on,save and now this should be pushed to,the sore,but the other thing I'm going to want to,do is go in here and delete,the eight products that were tied to,this and click on delete,so now when I go to leggings I have one,listing for galaxy leggings and if you,click on that you can choose your size,and you can choose your color and life,is good that's all there is to it,like I said this was a pretty big,example I'm gonna go through a couple,different ways to do this,in the second video I'm gonna go through,how you push a product to printful from,Shopify manually just like we kind of,did with this process and how you can,add variants to you that so stay tuned,that will be the next video coming up,after this and I will link it at the end,of this video for you so if you learn,something please let me know feel free,to click a like and subscribe I'll be,doing more videos like this in the,future and as always your liking and,subscribing as my videos keeps me,motivated to do more of these so if you,have any questions on the process feel,free to let me know and if not I'll,catch you guys in the next video,goodnight

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