how to add custom options on shopify

How To Add Customized Options To Your Products On Shopify hi guys,man it has been a while,so i have

Cyndi Moncada

Updated on Jan 15,2023

How To Add Customized Options To Your Products On Shopify

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How To Add Customized Options To Your Products On Shopify

hi guys,man it has been a while,so i have man i don't even remember the,last time i put a video up,and the reason for that is we are in the,middle of a move,yes again so we sold our house in,december and we have been in this rental,ever since but we finally found a home,and we are closing in six days,so that is great news,but,it just made things really hard to,continue recording the way,our setup was so the first round first,go round of our move,moving out of our house we left our etsy,open our website open we were still,taking orders,and that was horrific i mean,we couldn't get caught up it was so,difficult and we didn't move and mark,boxes appropriately because,a lot of them would even close all the,way um,we were just we're trying to move and,work at the same time and it was just a,huge mess we couldn't find things we,needed and,i was up for weeks crying didn't sleep,just to get caught it was so bad it was,so bad okay so,this time we decided to go ahead and,deactivate everything on etsy to dwindle,down our orders so that we could pack,and move correctly this time we want to,make sure we mark all the boxes the way,we're supposed to we want to organize,everything,um i'm moving into a gigantic craft,space so i want to make sure that when,we move in there i am able to locate the,boxes i need when i need them,organize everything,i just want a much smoother move this,time so um my sales are gonna go down um,for about a month and a half but that's,okay it'll all work out,and i'm gonna have my dream craft room,finally we'll be all moved and settled,and then um,we can move on like and try to fill all,of our goals and dreams for this year,we do have some orders left over they,were working on for some companies,um one is a janitorial company they were,working on safety vests and shirts and,aprons for,another one is a a church that we're,working on to decor for their ministry,party,uh we have a few events left between now,and,um,move time so we're still very busy now,with etsy orders but still very busy,i'll walk in there um,and a little bit and kind of show you,guys what we have going on it's a,disaster,boxes everywhere,um that we still have to fill,but,um they're empty all the boxes that are,packed are labeled and either in storage,or in a garage,so we're making great progress,but with all that said i've received a,lot of questions from viewers wanting to,know how i have my shopify website set,up the way i do,with being able to request customers to,enter in their customization information,and adding that to the cart so i'm gonna,walk you guys through that so follow me,along and i hope you guys find this,helpful,all right guys so i have gotten quite a,few comments,on my um,youtube channel and and also my direct,messages on instagram about how i'm able,to add in these option selections,into my shopify website,so because i do make custom outfits,um i need to know,for the sake of someone's birthday or,other occasion,maybe their age their name the,need-by-date of this special outfit,any other customization notes so i had,to figure out a way,to have this all on here,as a requirement before my customers,check out and add to cart,so i'm gonna kind of walk you guys,through how i was able to do this,so from your shopify um,you will go to apps,and you will need to look up the app,called variant option product,um this is an add-on that you're gonna,have to add into your shop,um,it does cost some it's 8.95 a month,which is going to be add on to your,shopify fees,but in my opinion it's well worth it if,you make,customized items for your customers,so once you add that on,it'll show up in your apps list,and you would just select it,and then everything in your shop will,pull up and you'll select whatever it is,in your shop that you want to add these,customization options to,for me it's mostly everything um,so,these are all done,but i'm gonna show you one that i,haven't done to kind of walk you through,the steps so,okay um,obviously this one's not going to be,purchased right now because easter is,over but just for the sake of it let's,try this one,you would select your product from your,store list,here's your add option box,everything you add and create in this,little area is going to end up,down here in your preview section,so,this outfit doesn't require a name,but just for the sake of it and for,showing you guys let's say,that we need to know their name,here's different ways you can have your,customers enter information,um i'm gonna select text and make this,required field that way my customer,cannot add to cart and check out without,this information that way it's not,forgotten,um you want to make sure you have a,little box that says visible selected,and then you add option,now it puts it down here in the little,preview section,now,if you add half width i'll show you what,that does in the next option,so now let's say i need their age say,it's going to be a birthday shirt and,either age,i would also want them to select enter,by text,make it required,visible and if you select half width,it just changes the way it looks let me,show you what that looks like,so to make it look like this rather than,like that that's the only difference,let's say we also need their need by,date that's very important right,so here you can have select text,or you can select date if you select,date,it will give them kind of a range when,they would need it so you can do that,or you can just select text and make,them like,you know have to actually type it in,whichever you prefer,um select required,add that option,and just depends on how you like the,look you can do it half width or the,full length whatever works for you,um,let's say we also need,let's just say we want to also give them,the opportunity to add,um,let's say um,notes,and customization,just in case they want to add something,different,so of course you would select text,it doesn't it's not required um they,don't have to put anything in there so,you don't have to select this little box,make sure visible is selected,if you want customization to cost,anything extra you would put that in,there like say any further customization,would be,two dollars whatever,you just add that in right there,so now you have all these different,add-ons,um,what i like to do is i like to add a bow,too so let's give them an option to add,on a few items at the end that is kind,of a benefit to you you know you're,going to up sale,so let's do let's call this um,outfit,add-ons,and let's,add multiples we're gonna select the,check box multiple choice,it's not required again,um,let's put in here,hair bow,and for that let's say we're gonna if,they select that it's an additional,eight dollars,let's also say,a diaper cover,diaper covers diaper,cover slash bloomer,let's say that's another eight dollars,what else can we add,say you make sparkly shoes and that's in,your pictures i don't but um say you do,i don't know what do people charge for,that i'm just going to throw something,out there i don't know,um,so you just add your list of different,upsale items on there,add the option,oh why is it not working,oh i forgot it doesn't,doesn't like that sorry guys isn't like,the apostrophes,i mean yeah it doesn't like those extra,characters so,app add-on and then because we selected,the from here we selected a multiple,choice checkbox it appears this way so,they'll enter the name of the child the,age their need by date any additional,notes,oh yeah i want a hair bow oh you know,what yes add a diaper cover,that's gonna continue adding money to,their cart you see that how it went up,by 16,or they don't have to and it'll just be,the price of the outfit,so you can test,what this looks like,by hitting live product,let's find that item here it is,so here's the bunny outfit and,everything we added to it,um,bunny unicorn easter tutu outfit,select they would select their size,they don't want you to only say they,want the tutu and the shirt,the name,cindy they would enter that here,age say it's a birthday shirt not eat an,easter birthday just for the sake of,this demonstration,age we'll say three,oh i said 18 to 24 months let's be more,realistic here,need by date say they're going to need,it,rather soon,i entered where they have to select an,actual like write out the date so let's,just say they want it by cinco de mayo,yeah we've got all kinds of different,none of this makes any sense um,customization,um let's just say they put none,and they get down here and they're like,oh yes add a hair bow,oh yes add a diaper cover,oh yes add those sparkly shoes with,rhinestones,and they mine sold out because,obviously it's easter and i went ahead,and marked that sold out on my website,but here's where your customers would,hit add to cart,you see these little red asterisks this,is the information that's required,so it's not going to allow your customer,to add to cart and check out without,entering this information so that is,great,um,for the sake of this demonstration it is,sold out because it's not easter but,that's how that would work and then,you'd be done,all that's in there it automatically,saves,and you just go back to your product,list,and now if you were to find that same,bunny outfit in your product list,you would see on here that you've,already added it because it has five,options everything that doesn't have,show any options you haven't done yet,so um these are not even live on my,website right now so you can that's why,they're not like that,um,let's look at this boys glow-in-the-dark,halloween football skeleton shirt,on this one it shows that i request the,name the need by date and any,customization information,one of the really cool things is if you,go to products,let's see go back to your product list,oops sorry,and say i'm going to select one that i,haven't done yet you don't have to,reinvent the wheel each time,so let me show you this one this one's,not done yet,you see how there's nothing in here i'm,just this is a new item i'm adding to my,website i don't have to go through and,type in all this information again you,can select here copy from other products,so i can just pick any other tutu outfit,everything's listed in here,oh you need their age you either need by,date,um i need notes,i need,um their name,what else what else,and then you just find all the options,you've ever done for anything else and,you just hit copy and you just move,everything over,um,so it becomes quite easy,then look bam,now for this new tutu outfit i've,already copied all these things over,i'm good to go,products,go back to my product list now if you go,back and you look at that same one we,were just working on you it now has four,options you're done with it,you just copied and moved everything,over,so,so that worked really well super easy,guys super easy so let me take you to my,website,and get kind of give you guys an idea of,something that's not sold out here's,this b outfit,here we go here are the options on my b,outfit you select your age,i mean your size excuse me,age,they would put the child's name if they,wanted a name on there they could put,none in there,um need by date,for some reason on this one i have it as,a calendar so they can select,the date,other notes and customization info,they can put anything in there they want,to,you can put in none,add wings and headband so from here you,can see that if they want to add the,wings and the headband that are in oops,that are on um as an option they would,select this,and then oh and headband now they're,adding 24 to the original to the already,price of 76,they would add it to their cart,here's your cart,and this is the way it's going to,look,once it's in their cart the original,price which was 76,plus their add-ons 24,so your subtotal is 100,flat for this outfit if you add on,the optional items,so that's how it looks and that's how,you are able to customize anything in,your shopify and add some up-sale,add-ons to your items,i really hope this helped um i know it's,really fast but feel free to put any,questions,in the comments and i'll try to get back,to you as soon as i can,and help you as much as possible,this is the safety bus,and this is why i don't record,everything is packed away so i can't do,tutus,look at all these boxes we still have to,fill,we have an event coming up so this stuff,still has to be out,here are the aprons we did for that,company,um some shirts down there,and we still have 25 more shirts to go,and a few more aprons and a few more,safety vests and we'll be done with,that we have a church ministry that we,are working on some back,background stuff for,for a upcoming party they have so just a,few loose ends to tie up with a bunch of,different type of orders and then we,will officially not be taking,any more,until we get moved and settled,but um yeah so that's kind of what it,looks like in here,so thanks for everybody who's been,sticking with me on my channel even,though there has been no new content,lately it's been too difficult to um,to record in something like this um when,we do our events and stuff it's we're,basically living out of the trailer for,that,taking stuff back and forth from event,to event and storage units,it's,too stressful to even record i mean,i don't think anybody would even like,that kind of content it's all over the,place um we're just surviving at this,point but we're gonna get there we're,gonna get there soon so thanks for,sticking with us and i hope you found,some value in today's little tutorial,and those of you who have shopify um,websites um hopefully this helps you so,leave any questions you have down below,and i'll see you guys again soon bye

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