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✅ What EXACTLY Is Shopify and How Does it Work? (An Inside Look) what is shopify hey guys welcome ba


Updated on Jan 08,2023

✅ What EXACTLY Is Shopify and How Does it Work? (An Inside Look)

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✅ What EXACTLY Is Shopify and How Does it Work? (An Inside Look)

what is shopify hey guys welcome back to,the channel today i'm gonna be showing,you everything you need to know about,shopify and if shopify is the best,platform for you to choose as your,e-commerce company so let's get into it,now first off you're just gonna to go,onto and you can see that,there are quite a few things that,shopify does for you so they have many,different tools the basic tool that most,people use shopify for is their,e-commerce platform but you can also,make logos have domain names have pay,stubs qr codes gift certificates privacy,policies and all of that other stuff is,also available on shopify and shopify is,not available for free so if you are,looking to start your ecommerce store,with shopify you cannot do it for free,you have to opt for 30,80 or 300 versions and they all have,different features that you can pick,from so if you actually log on to the,shopify platform and create your account,this is what your basic shopify,account is going to look like once you,subscribe for the 30 version of shopify,you can see that on your left you have,your homes,you have your home section or your basic,dashboard so this is where you can see,all of your summaries your domain names,and all of that stuff is going to be,summarized on your homepage then you,have your orders section so all of your,incoming orders for any of the products,that you have listed on your shopify,store are going to be available over,here then you have products so you can,list your inventories transfers,collections gift cards all of that stuff,over here so it's a pretty simple setup,so you can just click on add product,over here and then you can add images,you can add titles descriptions media,forms videos pricings cost per items and,all those details can be added over here,in the product section so let's say i'm,actually going to take a sample so let's,just say i'm going to sample up a,necklace,and maybe i'm going to make this a,ruby,necklace so what i'm going to do is i'm,going to add the title and then once i,have added the title i'm going to add a,accurate description for my product and,this description is actually going to,appear on my shopify website or my,shopify ecommerce store whatever you,might want to call it so that is why you,need to make sure that the description,and the title that you're adding is,accurate and you want these to be as,optimized to seo as possible because you,want these to appear on the home pages,of people searches so i would add like,custom cut,ruby necklace something like that or,after that i would actually then start,adding my media files and you can add,media directly from url copy paste as,well so if you already have a,inventory of all of your images you can,copy those from here now after that you,can just add pricing so let's just say i,would add twelve dollars as or my price,for my necklace,what i can do is i can add a cost per,item as well and the reason that i find,this feature very helpful especially in,my own e-commerce store because i run a,e-commerce store for scrunchies and i'm,using shopify as my partner and what i,actually like to do is i source my,scrunchies from different vendors and,some wonders sell them to me for eight,dollars nine dollars and when i'm,selling them for 12 to 15 dollars it,really helps me get a good idea of the,profit margins that i have so let's say,i actually uh buy this ruby necklace for,around ten dollars and then i have a,sixteen point seven percent margin and,i'm making two dollars of profit but you,need to take into account that you're,paying for shopify and other services,for your business but this is what,you're going to actually start dealing,with in terms of your own accounting and,numbers and this is why i find shopify,to be such a helpful tool to use even in,my own business now after that you can,charge tax on the product depending on,whatever kind of guidelines you are,following and then you have your stock,keeping unit so what is the specific,inventory number that you have you can,keep that over here as well so you can,add whatever it might be like this,whatever your shopkeeping unit is you,can set those up yourself and then you,have your barcodes as well or you can,choose not to track quantity of your,inventory but you can continue selling,when your item is out of stock so if,you're doing drop shipping and you're,sourcing items and you can order more,items you can click on continue selling,one out of stock and you can add the,available quantity so let's say i have,100 pieces of this necklace what i can,do is i can add 100 over here and then i,can remove this option so once my 100,are sold it's not going to sell more,product but it's going to just,automatically list it as out of stock,but i can do this and then i can order,more necklaces and ship them out when,they arrive so this is another way of,you to be able to sell products even if,you don't have them in inventory and,this is why i love shopify so much it,allows you to save all these customized,options for you so once you have added,all of these details you're just going,to click on save over here and your item,or your product is has now been saved,and you can now,start selling this item on your shopify,store now after that you even have your,customer section your finances analytics,marketing discounts and application as,well on your shopify account and you can,add different customers and you can do,email marketing with your customer list,is over here as well so if you have a,csv file you can click on import,customers over here and directly use,your excel sheet or csv file but if you,don't have that you can just click on,add customer and you can add individual,names and numbers for those customers,especially if you have a,customer that is a frequent buyer i,would suggest that you add them onto,this section and this will allow you to,personalize your experience to a whole,lot better,after that you have your finances and in,your finances not only do you have your,overview so you can track your net sales,and earnings payouts current bills and,collected taxes but you also have your,billing section as i have mentioned over,here that if you go on to their free,business tools they generate your order,templates and all of those landing bills,those invoices are generated for free by,shopify so you don't actually have to,create your own invoices you're just,going to go into the billing section and,you can see all the invoices that have,been created and you can add many,different payment methods for your,shopify store as well now after that you,can see all of your own personal bills,for your shopify statement as well and,on shopify you're gonna have to pay for,the shopify premium version or their,basic version which starts at 29. or 30,once you run out of their two-week trial,now after your basic finances you need,to go on to your online store and this,is one of the most important things on,your shopify store so what is shopify,shopify allows you to sell your product,it's an e-commerce company but,how can you really run your online store,with shopify or how can you run your,business with shopify what does shopify,do for you once you have all of your,products added to your shopify account,you're going to start selling them by,your online store and you can see over,here that you have this basic sales,section and on your sales section you,have your online store so on your store,you have themes blog posts pages,navigation preferences and you can,customize your store according to your,needs so what you're just going to do is,you can see that i have added this dawn,theme but i can just click on customize,over here and this will open up the,basic overview of my homepage so you can,see that on my top section i have my,home page then i have my product,selection that i have my collections i,have my collection list i have pages,these are all the navigation panels of,my website or my shopify store or,e-commerce store whatever you might want,to call it now on my e-commerce store i,have these different pages i can remove,my catalog for excessive pages if i want,so you can just keep it simple and if,you're using code you can do that as,well but if you want to keep it simple i,would suggest that you start off with a,basic shopify theme so if you go on over,here and you just click on actions over,here and you can delete or edit the code,or you can copy paste code from other,websites as well but what i like to do,is you can just click on explore free,themes over here and look at the,different themes that are available for,different stores that you can replicate,or you can just use them to start off,your store and then customize it as you,go so if i look at the free themes that,are available on shopify i would just,click on this one this is a very simple,and basic theme and i would just click,on add theme to library and once i have,done that i can just click on customize,now this theme is being loaded onto my,shopify store so now i'm just going to,click on customize and now you can see,that this is a basic theme that has been,loaded for me now what i can do is to,change any item that i want on my store,or my store website or my storefront,whatever you might want to call it you,can just click on on my home page this,is the home page i can just click on,header and then you can see i can add,images so,i can customize the logo size and all of,that stuff so what i can do is first off,i can add an announcement text so i,would write something like sale new year,sale something like this and then i,would add some more text if i have a,specific tag link for my store and then,i'm just going to edit that and i'm,going to add my own products as well,you're not actually going to have to add,individual products so don't worry about,that that is going to be automated once,you link this to your actual shop once,you have actually added all of your,shopify products but once you do that,you're just going to click on save over,here and then you can see that your,changes are going to be saved you can,customize any theme you want or you can,copy and paste code from a theme that,you like now that depends on you and,your preference and you can remove,different sections if you choose to do,so and add different sections as well so,let's just say that i'm just going to,click on over here,what i'm going to do is i'm going to,click on the header and then i am going,to add some text to my header,so,i'm going to add b there or,b square,and you can see as i'm adding the text,it's appearing on my website editor as i,go,like this and i'm just going to save,that obviously you're going to edit this,and you can make the text bold or you,can add a hyperlink to this text as well,so it could lead to a specific product,and once you have set up the overall,look of your ecommerce store you can go,back and start generating your actual,product and managing your ecommerce,store so not only does shopify allow you,to manage your ecommerce business but it,also allows you to create your ecommerce,storefront as well so that was it for,today i hope you guys found this video,helpful make sure to hit that like,button and subscribe to the youtube,channel and i will catch you guys in the,next video

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