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🔥 Shopify Pricing Plans 2023 ✅ Prices, Costs, Options, And Discount! shopify pricing plans hey guys


Updated on Jan 10,2023

🔥 Shopify Pricing Plans 2023 ✅ Prices, Costs, Options, And Discount!

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🔥 Shopify Pricing Plans 2023 ✅ Prices, Costs, Options, And Discount!

shopify pricing plans hey guys in this,video i am going to show you all you,need to know about shopify and the,different pricing plans that it has,available and what are the features that,you can find in one that are not going,to be available in the other one so,welcome back to the channel and let's,get into it now the first thing you,might be wondering is what is shopify,what are the price plans and what is the,difference between all of these,different plans that you can opt for on,shopify well shopify is a e-commerce,partner and you can create your own,e-commerce store and create your own,store in the form of a blog or a website,on shopify and you can not only have,your storefront managed by shopify but,all of your internal store inventories,products all of that is going to be,managed by shopify now there are three,versions that are available for shopify,and they don't have a free version they,start at 29 then they have their 79,version and then they have the almost,300,advanced shopify premium account so what,are the features that are available for,all of these and what are the uh,distinct features that you're only gonna,get on the premium versions well you can,create your online stores you can add,unlimited products on all three versions,so if you go onto your shopify store and,i will leave a link down below in the,description box where you can sign up,for shopify so make sure to click on,that to sign up on shopify to create,your own shopify account and start,selling your own product so what you're,going to do is just sell your products,you're just gonna click on products over,here and you can add as many products as,you want and this is the best part about,job if i i started my own scrunchie,business last year i started my own,scrunchie business so i was just selling,scrunchies and i added around 158,different scrunchies and shopify allowed,me to add so many different products,even on their lowest paid 39,version and this is why i actually chose,shopify is that they allow you to use,unlimited products and this is a feature,that i find especially helpful for a,person like me that is trying to sell as,many variety as they can so that is one,feature that i find to be one of the,standout features that you really don't,need to worry about the price plans on,shopify but following that i would,actually tell you that if you have,inventory location so if i go onto my,shopify account and if i go on to,inventory over here in my products i can,add the inventory for a certain product,and i can add different skus for the,product as well but you can see that,this for this product this is going to,be added to my online store again but,this product this is not going to be,sold once it is sold out so there isn't,going to be a restock on this product,but i can only add four of these uh,options for four different physical,locations after four i cannot add them,on the 30 version i would have to opt,for the 80 version which allows me to,add five different physical locations,and the premium version which allows me,to add age so if you have more than four,different physical locations or pop-up,stores and you want to keep track of,your inventory i would suggest that you,actually opt for the premium version,instead of opting for the 30 basic,version now after that if you take a,look at the reports you don't get any,reports on your analytics section over,here on your basic dashboard so you can,see that this is a basic dashboard but,if you want detailed reports like if i,click on the report section over here,you can get all of these different,reports like your behavior your,customers marketing orders profit,margins all of these are detailed,reports on my actual account and on the,actual reach that i have for my market,so my finances my inventory and custom,reports i can just click on create a,custom report over here and let's say i,want to create a,customers by order value so,i want a customer report i can just,click on create customer report over,here and,now i have a good timeline to see what,customers are providing the most value,to me as a seller and this is a feature,that is so helpful and i found it to be,definitely worth upgrading to a premium,version so you don't get this on the,lowest paid version you don't get any,kind of report and then on the um 70 or,80 version you get the standard,reporting and then on the premium,version that starts at 299 you get,advanced reporting and,just with standard reports i find it to,be so much more useful for me to,retarget my marketing retarget the,customer behavior see what people are,interested in and it allows me to get a,good overall view of my business and,this is something that i would suggest,is worth upgrading if you're running a,large enough business and if your,business is growing this is going to,help you in many ways it doesn't just,help you with marketing but you can also,target sales and acquisitions and see,your profit margins and see where you,can take some cuts and where you,actually are making low profits now,after that if we take a look at their,pricing and the shopify shipping you get,up to a 77 discount on the shell,shipping ups or usps on the basic,version then 88 and then 88 on the,premium versions and,the issue with the lowest paid version,of shopify is that you don't get usps,priority mail cubic pricing and that is,something that is not really that,important if you're running your own,business you probably have a good idea,of how and when you're going to ship,your product and it's not going to be,that big of a deal so it's not something,that i would suggest that you really,need the premium version of shopify it's,fine if you're using the 30 dollar,version of shopify to actually,understand and go through with your,business especially if you're still just,setting up then you definitely don't,need to upgrade for premium shipping,only now after that you have all of your,basic shopify payment systems you have,online credit card rates for fraud,analysis and all of that and,if you are using shopify payments you,get a two percent transaction fee uh if,people don't use the shopify payment,methods on your website so you have to,pay two percent on each of your orders,so if i have these products over here,and if whatever the price i may set for,them i would have to pay two percent as,they sell speed of shopify but if i am,using the premium versions it is reduced,to one percent on the 80 version and,then it is reduced to 0.5,on the premium version of shopify so,that is something to keep in mind when,you are creating your um store and with,my large value of scrunchies when i was,selling scrunchies using shopify i,actually found it to be pretty high when,i had to pay two percent as a sales tax,but uh as a shopify fee you could say,but i found it a lot more manageable,paying one percent on each of my,scrunchies when i was selling uh on the,70 or 80 version of shopify now next up,if we were to compare their point of,sales you can see that all three,versions have point of sales and with,global selling you can do it on all,three versions but you can only sell it,in up to 20 languages but that is more,than enough so if you go on to your,online store over here you can create it,in different languages so you can see,that you can create blog posts you can,manage the navigation pages all of that,from over here and you can create it in,a different language for a different,region of the world and that is going to,help you in optimizing the overall,globalization of your business but after,that you cannot do international pricing,you cannot do uh international domains,on the,30 version of shopify so you can see,over here that if i go onto products and,if i just click on add product over here,and if i am just selling i am already,selling jewelry so i'm going to do a,bird necklace,and whatever the item may be if i,actually click on over here and i want,to set the price to 14,uh in the united states,if i want to change this up to maybe 20,in canada or maybe i want to sell this,in europe for 12 pounds or maybe if i,want to sell this in the united kingdom,for nine quid anything like that i,cannot do that on the 30 version and i,find this to be very inconvenient,especially for shoppers a lot of times,i've noticed in the report section that,when i don't have prices converted for,the customers they are so much more,unlikely to purchase products um even if,it's the same price so if it's 14 u.s,and it's converting to 13 canadian and,i'm selling it at 13 canadian dollars,still people find it a lot more useful,if the prices are already converted for,them and you can't do this on the 30,version of shopify so this was a,overview of the different features that,you're going to get on the different,price plans of shopify and depending on,what your business needs are you can opt,for the plan that is best for you you,can also always feel free to go with,their 14 day trial and make sure to,click on the link in the description box,down below where you can start creating,your own online ecommerce store using,shopify,for you to start your own business today,so that was it for today i hope you guys,found this video helpful make sure to,hit that like button and subscribe to,the youtube channel and i will catch you,guys in the next video

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