how much does the average shopify store make

How This SIMPLE Shopify Store Makes $1M Per Month 1 million dollars that's basically the,American dr

Arie Scherson

Updated on Jan 11,2023

How This SIMPLE Shopify Store Makes $1M Per Month

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How This SIMPLE Shopify Store Makes $1M Per Month

1 million dollars that's basically the,American dream and honestly everyone's,dream out there most people work almost,their entire lives and don't even come,close to this amount of money now I'm,sure you saw the title by now today I'm,gonna be basically reacting reviewing,showing you whatever you want to call it,this really simple Shopify store that I,found that is basically clearing over a,million dollars per month in revenue now,if you don't know who I am my name is,Ari and I'm a Shopify store owner myself,so naturally when I see brands or other,Shopify stores in general that pique my,interest I start looking into them and,into their numbers into their whole,entire business basically to figure out,what they're doing right or just how,they're doing in general now I,personally like a lot of other people,learn best from examples and this is why,as a business owner or an up-and-coming,business owner I think it's so valuable,to look at existing businesses that,pique your interest and sort of dissect,them to really get to the root of their,success so that you can more or less,replicate that success in your own,business now I don't know if everyone,watching this is a business owner or not,some of you just may be quarantined and,bored as hell and saw the video and,we're like aw damn that sounds kind of,interesting but I think the stuff,is really interesting and I love,watching videos like this so without,further ado let me show you this store,right now this store that I found is,hosted on Shopify which if you don't,know it is one of the biggest online,commerce hosting platforms out there and,this store is actually called forever,spin calm now the e-commerce world is,extremely abundant and there's literally,thousands of stores out there Shopify,stores even that are doing over a,million dollars every single month in,sales but when you think of a million,dollar per month business on Shopify you,typically think of things such as beauty,brands or maybe clothing brands like,fashion OVA or evolve or Jim shark you,know do you just think of these these,traditional mass appeal consumer brands,that are thriving and like I said they,have a mass appeal,tons of people love those type of,products but this story is in a niche,that I don't even know what to call it,for this,called foreverspin comm sells these,spinning little toys I guess you would,call them now the first thing I thought,of right away when I saw this was am I,in a dream within a dream because if you,don't know what these little things are,from in the film Inception Leonardo,DiCaprio which was the main character,used one of these exact same things to,tell whether or not he was in a dream,deception is one of my favorite movies,so right away when I saw that it made me,intrigued and it Loki made me want to,buy one of these but let me show you you,know some of the clever ways that this,store is making so much money now of,course first things first is the proof,there's many ways to tell whether or not,a store is actually doing good or not,one of them is of course to just look at,their social media might see if they,have any hype around the brand more,often than not the amount of followers,and engagement that your brand has does,translate into dollar signs which is why,people with millions and millions of,followers are able to make a lot of,money but this particular brand really,has no big social media following one so,ever they only have about 5,000,followers on Instagram which is,extremely low and as you can see their,Instagram is extremely simple it's not,complex at all the biggest reason why I,think this is the case is because,they're the people who are gonna be,buying this product are likely not,browsing Instagram which leads me to a,really important point that I'm going to,talk about here soon,but the biggest way to actually,determine whether or not a store is,doing well besides you know looking at,their earnings reports and stuff like,that which you can't do if a company,isn't public is by looking at their,traffic so I use a simple tool online,called similarweb,it's a Chrome extension but they also,have their own website that you can just,copy and paste a link into and on this,particular Chrome extension what you can,do is tell whether or how actually,exactly how much traffic a particular,store is getting and at this store as,you can see in the month of December,2019 they received about 1.1 million,monthly visitors now a typical ratio of,visitors to earnings is a one to one so,$1 per visitor so of course this easily,translates into over a million dollars a,month but I would argue that even now,during this quarantine and this whole,crisis that's going on they're still,getting 764 thousand monthly visitors,which I still believe translates into,over a million dollars per month and the,main reason why is because of their,average order value now I'm not exactly,sure of their average order value but I,think one of the smart things that this,site does and one of the things that I,think is making them so successful is,this bundle deal right here the first,thing that they have on their site is,this bundle it's not even of like one,product on its own it's this bundle of,products which I really don't understand,like honestly this I'm definitely not,the target demographic here because I,really don't understand how something,like this could cost nearly five hundred,dollars it's kind of crazy to me but let,me just go through the checkout as you,can see this is just a regular Shopify,store there's really nothing special,about this besides their landing pages,just the landing page this is all the,web site is it's this landing page and,then all of these different spinning,toys so as I just mentioned I still do,believe that this store is clearing well,over a million dollars per month and,it's definitely not because of their you,know organic social media efforts so,what I'm gonna do right now is actually,click on this more insights on similar,web which will lead me to the similar,web website so that I can actually sort,of track their traffic distribution so,this is why I love this website and why,I think it's like a great analytical,tool as you can see they're getting a,decent amount of traffic from referrals,which is just other websites you know,the New York Times has featured them,forbes has featured them so they have a,lot of media publications which is very,interesting they're not verified on,Instagram or anything so I wouldn't have,thought that they go really heavily on,media publications but I guess they do,now of course you guys make sure that if,you know about this sort of knee,surely if you know why these things are,so expensive or if you're the type of,person that does buy this stuff leave me,a comment I really I'm genuinely curious,about like what this stuff entails,because to me this is like the simplest,Shopify store I've ever seen and I'm,amazed that they're doing this well or,just leave me a comment about anything I,love to answer you guys's comments in my,last video we got a ridiculous amount of,comments for the amount of view which,was just amazing and we had a bunch of,conversation so just leave me a comment,and while you're at it just smash that,like button but I digress let's continue,here as you can see most of the traffic,is actually coming from Facebook which,is pretty cool to see I kind of thought,that this would be the case since they,don't have big social-media followings I,knew that the majority of their traffic,came from paid advertising on Facebook,aka Facebook ads which is just the,biggest hack to starting a business,nowadays is if you know how to run,Facebook Ads you can explode a business,and this this isn't a good example of,that then I really don't know what is,because this product to me doesn't solve,any problem it just it's such a niche,product I feel like in yet they're doing,amazing and I think part of the reason,is because of their Facebook ad now when,I look at their page at the Facebook ad,library which is a resource that,Facebook provides for business owners or,anyone really to see exactly the ads,that a particular business is running at,any given time you can see that this,their page only has one ad and it's just,a really simple ad I'm so yeah it's a,very simple ad I'm sure they're pushing,a lot of budget into just this one,particular ad and then whoever it sees,it and clicks onto their website is,likely to be into this sort of thing now,regardless of what sort of traffic,strategy this particular business is,using I think the most crucial thing,that they've done in order to succeed is,their design as far as website design,goes and product design as well so I,wanted to show you here a quick quote by,Steve Jobs actually the one and only and,it goes design it's not just what it,looks like and feels like design is how,it works and I think this is perfectly,applied to the store the store itself is,simple it grabs you and takes you,through the whole buying process,seamlessly without spamming you with,anything making the product sort of,speak for itself,even at something as simple as a spinny,little toy I think another thing that,really pushes them to the top is the,fact that they have so many options you,know I usually don't think that that's a,good thing when you offer so many,different options on a product pages I,think it can overwhelm your customer but,obviously I don't know anything because,this website offers like an insane,amount of options the great thing too is,like I said they have like a couple,other products that relate to the,initial product so there's so there's so,many bundle opportunities to be made,here and it's just amazing to see what,they've been able to do I'm just so this,is such an inspiring business in my,opinion because it really shows me that,whatever you're passionate about whoever,made this business was like you know,what these little spinny thingies are so,dope and I'm gonna make a business about,it and I'm gonna find customers and,explode it to the next level and they,did so it's pretty amazing and I can't,imagine somebody spending literally,twelve hundred dollars to buy this,bundle right here that's just insane to,me but another big source of traffic for,this store is YouTube so I'm assuming,that they run a lot of YouTube ads which,is a sort of I wouldn't say untapped,because of course so many people run ads,on YouTube but a lot of the business,owners that watch my videos I know focus,mainly on Facebook ads so this is really,interesting to see of course Facebook is,still their leading source of traffic,but they are kind of balancing it out,with a little bit of YouTube but now I,did look up what this pocket traffic,thing is here but from the looks of it,it's just like a way to save content,from all over the web so if you see you,know some sort of article or some sort,of app that you like you're able to save,it through this tool I don't know how,that's driving traffic to their store,but nevertheless it is 22% of their,total traffic distribution which is,pretty insane so pretty cool I think,this is one of those businesses that is,definitely not gonna be affected by the,quarantines or anything someone who's,going to be buying this is probably,buying it for their office or their kid,or something along those lines and those,things are not,too much right now of course people who,previously had offices are working from,home and there's tons of businesses,right now that are unaffected by the,current situation by the quarantines and,in fact there's many businesses who are,actually booming off of this one of the,reasons why I wanted to make this video,and one of the reasons why I make videos,in general is to inspire some of you,guys whether you just like learning,about business or whether you want to,start your own business the best thing,that you can do is start right now and,this business right here is simple yet,they're absolutely killing it despite,anything going on in the world right now,now guys I do plan on making a video,like this probably every week I,personally learned so much from example,by doing this sort of store dissection,not only do I give you guys a ton of,value to learn from but I actually,learned a lot myself so it's sort of a,mutually beneficial relationship we got,going on right now you and I so my plans,for my youtube channel would be to do,some sort of video like this where it's,a very value packed video and where you,can learn a lot as a business owner or,as an up-and-coming business owner and,then another video in which it's just a,little more mellow more laid-back and,where I kind of show you a little bit of,the way I live and sort of the ways in,which I'm trying to improve myself on a,daily basis in hopes that it'll inspire,you to do the same or if you just want,to see kind of what I'm up to on a day,to day basis because my days don't,change that much I mean I don't I'm,self-employed like I said so I so there,is a lot of different things that arise,but I do kind of follow the same,structure on a day to day basis at least,like when it comes to my morning routine,and stuff like that but with all that,being said I really hope that you,enjoyed this video I know a lot of you,guys that watch these videos are not,subscribed so make sure that you,subscribe if you enjoyed this and if you,want to go a little bit above and beyond,and help me out personally make sure,that you give the video a like and drop,a comment whatever it may be that always,always helps my videos do a little bit,better and it helps me know that you,enjoy the video and it also helps us,build a little bit of a stronger,connection because I answer every,comment so with all that being said I,hope you learned something today and,I'll see you in the next video peace

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