how to password protect shopify store

How To Password Protect Shopify Store today we're going to talk about how to,password protect your s

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How To Password Protect Shopify Store

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How To Password Protect Shopify Store

today we're going to talk about how to,password protect your shopify store so,what you do you log into the back end of,shopify then you go down here to online,store,and then you,navigate down here to preferences,and then scroll down just a little bit,until you come to this section password,protection and then what this does is,you can check or uncheck this box to,password protect your store now there,are several reasons that you may want to,do this,if you are still building your site and,you're putting your products on there,but you're not quite ready to pick pack,and ship them or sell them it's a good,idea to password protect your store so,somebody doesn't find you online try,ordering from your site and get you know,get upset when they could have been a,potential customer so it's a good idea,to password protect your site when,you're building things also if you have,inventory issues or you take a pause,from the business again same thing you,don't want to create upset customers you,may want to come back to the business in,the future you may want to relaunch the,site so it's a good idea to password,protected then what it does is it makes,it so if someone finds or goes to your,website they can't actually access the,site themselves they see a password,protected screen so what you do here is,you just check or uncheck that when you,do check it you can come up with your,own password or use the default one um,you could do fun things like have your,you know site um site opening,soon you know to get people to remember,it or or if it's like a test user you,could put test user password,um so if it's something that you want to,share with people but if it's if it's,definitely something where you know you,don't want any users to figure it out or,guess the password then just make sure,that you make it something very complex,with lots of characters things like that,that way nobody can accidentally guess,it as long as you're trying to make sure,that that nobody comes to the site now,if you are in development and you know,people may visit this site get excited,about your idea maybe if you're,promoting an advance of the site being,launched it's not a bad idea to put a,message uh to your visitors too like,this uh website launching,soon you know you can even put that put,the date or you could add any,information about you know what's going,to be on the site what's going to be,sold kind of fun and create some,excitement so you can use the password,protection tool you can turn it on and,off here but when you are using it um,you know you can think critically about,the type of password are you going to,share the password does it just need to,be something really secure so nobody can,access it and then what what can you use,the messaging section to your advantage,for,if you want to make sure that somebody,you know who comes to your website has a,reason to be excited about what it is,that you know that they might find so if,i if i go here too just for those who,aren't familiar,i'll open a new,window and just show you saw that my,site was password protected this is what,it looks like,you know and you can add you can add in,the messaging here too,you can ask people to collect their,email address and then if somebody does,want to enter the site using their,password they can enter the click right,up here in the top right and then enter,their password here that password that,you designated and set up for them if,you ever come to your own website and,you're stuck and need to figure out how,to log in,you can just go to your website url for,your shopify site click enter using,password,click login here and you'll be able to,log into your site that way too,so that's it that's how to create a,password for to password protect your,your shopify store

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