how much does a shopify expert cost

How much Money $$ Developers make from Shopify + Agencies ? hello in this video I'm going to show,yo

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How much Money $$ Developers make from Shopify + Agencies ?

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How much Money $$ Developers make from Shopify + Agencies ?

hello in this video I'm going to show,you how much money shall fight developer,and should wait agencies are going to,make out of show fight this is going to,be a short video so I'm going to try to,show you some of the companies that are,going to build up and some of the,shockwave agencies all the way to make,money so I will show you practical,example of them so here we go if I come,to the shop while you are here so in the,episode there are a hundred and,thousands of small apps that are fixing,some of the missing feature in Shopify,of course most of software clients need,to have like a smart website so that's,why they are going to use these apps to,fix those issues that so if I don't give,you there are so many missing feature in,Shopify so maybe one of these apps can,be yours in the future so for now I will,show you two apps here one of them is,popular and the other one is a little,pricey and you might be surprised how,many people install them and use them,despite the fact like how much they are,pricey and how easy it is to make if you,are a developer one of them is called,product filter and search this app is,popular and I like it because this is,going to give you a nice search feature,it is like Al gulia so what the app is,going to cost I'm not going to see how,the app is going to do so the app will,cost $90 per month if you have 1,000,product it is good if you have let's see,mm mm 2500 product then you must use the,other prong which is $29 and I'm sure if,you have a store most of them most of,the time you are products might exceed,more than 500 thousand that's why most,people use this one and imagine how many,people are going to it for the app if,let's say 498 of them give review I,think 50 percent of people give reviewed,other one do not give any reviews so,let's see how many people they have how,many customers they have who are using,the store and you are making a lot of,money out of their app so all they have,to do is just support their app and they,are going to generate money for them,monthly which is a lot of money and it,is not,I'm payment and like word please some of,WordPress plugins so this is one of the,popular apps and Shopify the other one,is not too popular but this is very,pricey this is called full sixty,shockable in a serum if I scroll down to,the pricing it costs $50 per month and,this is for one side and this is not all,the features if you are going to use the,complete feature you have to be 300 and,I have seen some of our clients they are,using this the complete plan here and,they are paying 300 which is more than,shop five monthly payment but it still,they use it because they need it it is,not too difficult all it is going to do,is it is going to bring some of this,shoppable Instagram post through your,website and there are some other feature,analytics if you're a developer that is,that is very easy to make so but these,people have made the app and there are a,lot of customer who are using their app,so let's come to the next section which,is going to be the themes that people,are stealing you might check out, they are selling shop,fighting for $60 maximum like they have,$30 $20 also so but there is a website,called out of the box they are shocked,by partner and they are selling their,team on four hundred and fifty dollar,350 350 that is Shopify team and every,license is four hundred and fifty dollar,and this website is so popular I think,they still more than 50 item lists the,50 team per day I'm not sure and just,just as estimation but they are selling,a lot of product I am sure and that's,why like if an historian Shopify is,going to make least a 20,000 per day 400,is nothing they are going to pay for a,team if the team is worthy of that so,how about Shopify agencies the people,who are making team from scratch from,start to finish those team are going to,cost between 20 to $50,000 and I'm,talking about US dollar like some,Shopify stores it cost,like if you want to build a software,store for any brand it will cost fifty,to seventy-five thousand dollars to,build them you know I have built,websites for $300 in the past for people,300 yeah that has nothing using,WordPress you just do a little,customization and basically stuff but I,have not seen people charge seventy five,thousand u.s. dollar for Shopify is,tours the reason brands big brands are,going to pay money because they want a,unique product that's why it is very,important for them so if someone is,making a team from scratch for any,client and that is going to be a very,customized team that will cost between,20 to $75,000 and if someone is going to,customize anything let's say you buy a,team from any store and you customize it,of course,the teams that you are going to buy it,does not have everything out of the box,you will have to add more features you,have to configure it with the app those,themes cost between 10 to 20 thousand,dollars just the customization and you,know how much money that is that's why I,see developers we make a lot of money,why you are not one of them so you can,be a Shopify app developer apps are good,like they have the freedom to do,anything they want,but teams are a little different so if,you are developing a team you have to,find the customer that you want for the,apps they are already in the software,market also software has a team market,that you can sell your team so I'm going,to show you how to build Shopify team,from start to finish,also I'm going to show you how to build,shop for apps I'll show you how to build,show fire app we using level and view,G's which is going to cover everything,you need to know about shop for API how,you can access them how you can install,them and how you can charge the user,everything you need to know about,creating your basic shop way up once you,learn everything you can start creating,your own app and then you can start,selling them and put a price on it,I will see you in the next video Shopify,team development

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