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What Is Shop Pay? #shoppay #shopify #payments so hey there welcome back to my channel,my name is bri

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

What Is Shop Pay? #shoppay #shopify #payments

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What Is Shop Pay? #shoppay #shopify #payments

so hey there welcome back to my channel,my name is brittany bundles and today's,video is going to be all about shop,pay um recently i've been getting tons,of questions about what is shot pay,i've seen it in my shopify account as an,option do i need to enable it,what does it do does it benefit me or my,customers does it benefit both,is it something that's really risky so,i'm going to be doing this overview,video,just pretty much doing a um like a,screen record,and doing a voice over so that you can,actually read with me,and we can learn together more about,shop pay,all this information is available on,shopify but i do have viewers that watch,the channel,that sometimes have a difficult time,finding the information,through shopify or just don't want to,sit there and read it all they find it,easier for me to do a voiceover so,that's why i'm doing this voiceover but,at any point,if you do want to go back and get more,information or reread,this information is available right in,the shopify help center,so if you are interested be sure to give,the video a big thumbs up,please make sure that you are subscribed,and let's get right into it,so as you can see right on the screen it,goes over what shop,shop pay is it says shop pay is an,accelerated checkout that lets,customers save their email addresses,credit card,and shipping and billing information so,that they can,complete their transaction faster the,next time they are,you know ordering on shopify or ordering,through shopify's checkout pretty much,so if you don't have shopify if you are,interested in switching over to shopify,click the link down below this video,there is a link there may be a free,trial but you have to click that link to,see,because this option is available to,shopify stores at this point i don't,know if it's available on any other,e-commerce platforms at this point,but i do believe that this is a service,that shopify created,it does say also that in order to enable,shop pay your store needs to use shopify,payments now we have gone over shopify,payments,multiple times on this channel and so if,you are,considering using shop pay to make the,checkout process more efficient,for your customers and clients just know,that you have to use shopify payments so,if you are wanting,which i recommend doing if you are,wanting to shop pay please look into,shopify payments to make sure,that this is a service or a merchant,that you want to use and enable for your,online store,look at how it works and also look at,the dispute process,because that is something that i hear,very frequently whenever someone,switches,merchants or whenever someone decides to,just use a completely you know new,merchant so i guess yeah switching,merchants,they a lot of times come to me and they,say well you know,what happens now i have a dispute am i,going to get a charge back is it up to,me or is it up to,the company as to who wins but uh,whether it's you know the store,the merchant or my customer you know how,does that work so you do want to make,sure that you,are reading up on that read through the,dispute process before you go ahead and,enable,it so on the screen i'm still sharing,information,this is how you can opt into shop pay in,shop so it just gives you the steps,and here are the steps right on the,screen,now pretty much what shot pay is like i,mentioned in the beginning of the video,it's just a service that allows your,customers and clients to be able to,check out,faster more efficiently why is that,important well in business,i talk a lot about the importance of,making sure that your website especially,if you are an e-commerce store,you want to make sure that your website,is in tip-top shape and the reason i say,especially i mean everyone wants to make,sure that their website or everyone,should want to make sure that their,website,is as efficient as it possibly can be,but if your only stream of,income for your business is online like,if you don't have a brick and mortar,location you want to be,that much more attentive to your site,because that's the only,area that's the only avenue that you,have for your customers to interact with,you in the form of a purchase,unless you're sending out like invoices,through paypal or something like that,and so because you're operating through,your website,the competition out there is i don't,care what industry you're in,it's there whether it's a large,competition or a small competition it's,there,and also the attention span not everyone,has,the attention span nor the patients and,some people that do have the attention,span and the patients,to try to find out um where things are,on your website or,get up and then go get their credit card,and then come back and purchase or get,up and find their debit card and then,you know toggle over to one website and,then try to go back over to her as not,everyone is going to choose to use their,time that way,so if you can get the order,processed in one sitting and avoid the,customer or,client getting up and having to go and,grab,something then you have a higher chance,of actually,getting that order processed right then,and there i remember when i used to,do sales over the phone,many companies would tell us this try to,make sure that you are securing that,sale before they get off the phone we,didn't want any callbacks,we didn't want to accept okay well,everything you said sounds great i do,want to purchase,but i'm going to go ahead and call you,tomorrow or i'll call you after i speak,with my spouse we didn't want that,because there's a,chance that they may start thinking,about it again,and may talk themselves out of it or,they may decide to go with another,company or they may forget about it i,mean there's a lot of ores and,possibilities right so we want to make,sure that we,are creating efficient processes for our,customers and clients,now i know i may get this question well,brittany do you have shop pay enabled on,your website i do not,shoppay is not the only way to make sure,that your website is efficient,it's not the only way to make sure and,ensure that your customers have,a smooth checkout but it is an option in,entrepreneurship what i want to,provide to anyone that i'm working with,or anyone that i'm speaking to in,regards to business it's,options i want you to know what's out,there so even if i don't decide to use a,certain,service or merchant or program,or option for my business doesn't mean,that it won't be beneficial to you and,your business,on the screen right now it's going over,fees and penalties,in relation to using shop pay i did also,get an email,um if was it a few days it may have been,yesterday i got an email um asking well,how long does it take for,payments if a customer goes ahead and,they purchase and they select shop pay,how long does it take for me to get my,payment,um i did look up the answer just so that,i can be completely certain,and when i looked it up through shopify,it did say that most orders typically,take,one to three business days however it's,at most not all so,that leaves room for a little gray area,which means that it could be sooner than,three business days,you know of course the one to three,business days and sometimes it may be a,little bit longer it all just depends,on the screen right now it's showing,restricted items,so these are items that you can't use,shop pay installments to purchase,including but not limited to and they're,right on the screen,so shop pay also provides the option for,shop payments on certain purchases,so if you are wanting to offer a buy now,pay later type of,service that is available through shop,pay,so in a nutshell like i mentioned shop,pay is pretty much,a option if you enable it that customers,and clients will have when they reach,checkout,to go ahead and complete checkout,without having to manually,type out everything so they won't have,to get up get their credit card number,and type it out they won't have to,type in their phone number and type in,the address all that information,is saved and then when they want to make,the purchase,typically they receive like a text,message to the phone that they,initially signed up with to verify that,it's them and that they want to complete,the purchase,now like i mentioned in the beginning of,the video if you are looking at,switching or using any different,merchants,i always recommend going to the dispute,process finding out number one,you know who's in control or who has the,final say so in the dispute is it up to,the company,is it up to you there are some merchants,that will allow you to have the final,say so as the business owner,some merchants that are like no that's,not flying with us we allow,the customers so if the customer,disputes with their bank and pretty much,the bank is saying that yeah i agree,with,my customer my client then you know the,dispute favors on their side,so you just want to make sure that you,are reading up on that not only do you,want to look at the disputes but you do,want to look at how you're paid,so are you paid up front do you have to,wait,one business day are you going to be,waiting seven to ten business days three,business days,you just want to make sure that you're,familiar with all that um,let me see not just even for um,you know you to know because you're,wanting the money right then and there,but it's also,a good practice to start researching all,that information,just in case one of your customers and,clients ask you the question they may,ask well hey i use shop pay,and you know i'm just wondering have you,all received your payment the shop pays,send you the payment or how does that,work,and so you just want to make sure that,you are as fluent with your business as,you possibly can be,because that is also going to instill,confidence in your,customers and clients and potential,customers and clients people like to,work with people,that typically know what it is they're,talking about that typically know the,industry,that typically know their systems so,when i talk about looking in the,analytics,through your shopify store a lot on this,channel,and also on my podcast which is the,brittany bundles podcast,it is available through anchor spotify,and apple,music so check that out after this video,i'll try to link it down below but it's,really important because that builds,confidence and a lot of,entrepreneurs have gotten away from the,fundamentals and building blocks of,entrepreneurship and are strictly,focused on just making,that quick or that initial sale and,although it's great to make sales,in order to have your business,generating sales on a consistent,continual basis,a lot of times there's strategy that,goes into it,and if there's no strategy then you know,i don't want to say look but it could be,luck or it could be popularity but,for a lot of businesses including myself,i found that strategy really has a huge,part,to play in how successful one's business,is,so i do think that shop pay is a great,feature that shopify,offers shopify continues to offer great,features,and services for not only entrepreneurs,so people working behind the scenes but,also,for our customers and clients and this,is just another tool that they have,to expedite that checkout process,because that can be,a lengthy process it can be a process,that is dreaded by,you know some customers and clients so,here's just an option for you,if you have any additional questions,feel free to leave them down below thank,you so much for watching and i will see,you all in the next video,bye

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