how many employees does shopify have

Shopify Employees Win Big shopify to overhaul employee,compensation,with choice between cash and sto


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Shopify Employees Win Big

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Shopify Employees Win Big

shopify to overhaul employee,compensation,with choice between cash and stock,shopify uh,a sort of local company will you're,tight with those guys right canadian,company yeah i know a few you're a big,shopify guy oh i'm a big shopify guy,because later case runs on shopify later,case if you haven't heard,very thin cases for a variety of devices,including the new iphone se if that,happens to be the phone for you,or,mohs currently wearing a later case on,an s22 ultra trick,take it easy over there oh geez,really flexing on them you came back,from your vacation flexing on them,uh so anyway that's yeah shopify is a,beautiful thing who doesn't like shopify,anybody not like shopify probably,somebody the ottawa-based company told,employees about the coming change to,their salaries at a town hall hosted by,upper-level executives on thursday,afternoon according to a senior source,of shopify,um shopify made the changes because a,one-size-fits-all strategy no longer,served the company,the source said adding that employees,will walk away with an overall higher,salary across most roles and locations,as a result of the new compensation,framework,yeah this is something i've noticed a,lot of companies doing right now because,of this uh,tech talent,everyone's trying to poach exactly,and well we saw apple giving the like,quarter million to engineers in stocks,to keep them around and i was reading,this is speculative so,um but i was reading that like a lot of,a big reason for why amazon and tesla,are splitting their stock again is so,that they can pay their employees in,stock options,it's easier to pay yeah like a paycheck,if your stock isn't three thousand,dollars,right it's just too expensive you can't,uh do it and i know tesla has a 15 off,for their employees but even then that's,still too too expensive right per share,you're talking about yeah and most,compensation packages would be hard to,include shares when they're worth,exactly like right when you're giving a,fraction paycheck yeah yeah yeah yeah,yeah,uh well there's definitely a battle,going on for talent and you have to,assume,especially when we're talking about,engineers and things like this like a,lot of them,not just getting poached by other,uh,large-scale traditional tech companies,but also the web 3 stuff we've been,talking about crypto and,god knows where else so yeah definitely,that could be that could be a big,component but also i know shopify did,really well over kovid because yeah,everybody was starting these at-home,businesses and everybody was shopping,online if you weren't shopping on amazon,you were probably shop shopping on a,shopify site crashed hard though after,postcovid crash but you had to expect it,would like normalize a little bit no hit,the five-year will you'll see it yeah so,there's there's kovid,look at the covid climb and everyone was,like oh,malls are open,no it definitely didn't happen to that,extent but you understand people,absolutely yeah this sort of,thing kind of,regulating itself a little bit here a,little correction

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