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How to Install MultiVariants | Shopify Bulk Order Form for Wholesale Customers | Variants in a Table


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Install MultiVariants | Shopify Bulk Order Form for Wholesale Customers | Variants in a Table

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How to Install MultiVariants | Shopify Bulk Order Form for Wholesale Customers | Variants in a Table

hello and welcome today we are going to,show you,how to use the multivariant app,in your shopify store so let's begin,this is a demo store as we are starting,from scratch,let's start with creating a product with,multiple variants first,let's just add a product with multiple,variants,let's name it,multivariate sample,so now we need to add product pictures,so i have already have pictures of,product with multiple variants,in my device so let's just upload two,pictures first,now let's give it a value,and then let's add variance so let's say,we have two variants for this product,one is size,and another one is color first let us,add the size variance,so we have added the size variance and,now let's add the,color value,okay the color variance has also been,added,now let's put price and,quantity to the variance so let's keep,the prices constant and let's play with,the quantity so that we can see when the,stock runs out,what is shown in the product page so,let's say we have,100 of this variant,and then,for the medium size of the white colored,product,let's say we don't have any stock we,keep it,zero and then add,stock to other variants,okay so the quantity has been added to,all the variants,and now let's save it,so the product has been added to our,store,you can see the edit button here so here,we need to,add the pictures of all the,paddings let's just go ahead and add all,the pictures of the bag,all right all the variants has been,saved with their pictures so now,if we go back,and view the product,so you can see this is how the product,is,displayed in the default shopify product,page,you can select the size and color but,only once,and then you need to add it to cart and,then you need to come back here,and then order a different variant again,so now let's see how the multivariate,app works,so first of all we need to download the,app from the shopify app store so,let's go to the shopify app store,we are in the shopify app store now we,need to,search for the multivariate app so we,type down,multivariant and with it then we'll,search it,so here you can see the multivariate,app has appeared this is the app,we are going to install it's by efoli,llc,let's just select it,and add the app to our store,okay let's go ahead and install the app,here you need to select your plan as,this is a developer account,so this it is free but when you are,installing it,you have available subscription plans,so you need to select your plan from,here and then,go to select,we have installed the app and we have,integrated the app to our shopify stream,now we need to continue to configure a,configuration to,activate them so let's go ahead and do,that,so you can see by default this is,inactive,we need to activate it just click on,active,and save,the multi-variant app has been activated,so let's go let's get back to our,product,refresh the page,now let's go to the product page,you can see that the product page view,has been changed,because of the multivariate app now,you can add as much,quantity as you like for each variant,and it will automatically calculate your,price and also if,any variant is out of stock it will show,out of stock,like this,so you can add as much variant,as you want and then,you just add all of this together,to cut,you can see that all the variance has,been,added to the cart simultaneously,you don't need to go back to the product,page,for each different type of variant you,can add all of them together,by using the multivariant app so this is,how you,use the multivariate app in your store,have a nice day

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