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Updated on Jan 10,2023


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that is a great way to save money it's,actually not what we did in the very,beginning but it is what i would do,if i could go back and start the,business again because we saved so much,money by doing it this way,hello everyone welcome back to my,channel and welcome to today's video,if you're new here my name is georgina,co-owner of ivy and twine candles and i,make videos all about making and selling,candles,in today's video we will be going,through the various costs involved with,setting up a candle business,with the aim of giving you a hopefully,achievable and attainable,idea but also a realistic idea of how,much it actually costs,to set up a candle business which of,course is exactly what i did about 18,months ago and,our business turned over 75 000 pounds,in its first year of business,before we get started though i'd just,like to ask you again to please,subscribe to my channel if you haven't,done so already if you are interested in,candle making,candle business and generally small,business related content,i post videos every tuesday however,please feel free to click little bell so,you do get notified when i post a new,video,and if you do enjoy this video and find,it helpful then please be sure to give,it a big thumbs up so that youtube knows,to show it to more like-minded people,and i'd also like to caveat this video,by just saying that of course i'm not a,business advisor,nor an accountant nor even an,excel wiz so please do bear with me and,if you are looking to set up your own,candle business i would recommend,of course you carrying out your own,research before doing so,however this is just meant to give you a,bit of an insight to what i have learned,in the past 18 months,and what i would perhaps do differently,if i were to go back and do it again,which i hope you guys will find useful,and with all that said and done let's,jump,right in so in the interest of keeping,this video easy to digest and the costs,a little bit more palatable,i'm going to be splitting this up into,two phases and that's because it would,be totally unrealistic for me to pretend,that anyone who's starting their own,candle business,goes out and spends a massive chunk of,money in a winner for example for me,personally i started making candles,in june of 2019 and i then got married,in august,and i launched my business at the end of,september which of course was all,centered around the candles which i made,for my wedding,so phase one is really going to be all,about making your candles testing your,candles and developing your range of,candles,for the purposes of this video i'm going,to use my own business as an example,which i launched with about eight,fragrances so we're going to say that,we're going to look to launch with eight,fragrances and i'm going to want about,100 candles in total which will be,about 12 of each cent so guys again as i,said i am not an excel wiz,so please do bear with me and don't come,for me if you are so the first things,that we're going to look at,are our basic supplies that we're going,to need for testing our candles so that,is going to be first of all,some jars wax wicks,and fragrance oil so i'm going to be,using supplies for candles for,many of these supplies that's a really,good tip if you're just getting started,is to try and get as many supplies as,you can,from as few suppliers as possible,obviously you're going to really cut,down on your shipping costs if you do,that,so here we have obviously these 20cl,candle glass jars,now obviously for each of the items i'm,going to be looking at today i'm just,going to try and find an averagely,priced item so that i can give you as,realistic,an expectation as possible so just take,that on board,obviously there will be more expensive,options available and probably cheaper,options available as well so for these,glass jars you obviously do get a bit of,discount if you start to order more,which is always a good thing,but we can see here it cost 10 pounds,and eight pence including that,for a box of 12. now for the purposes,of testing we're probably going to want,slightly more than 100 so we can start,testing,and then we'll have 100 to launch with,is the idea so if we get,10 of these and obviously we'll have 120,and that will,more than cover as i'm sure the next,thing we're going to want to look for is,wax and what's actually great about,these jars is obviously tells you here,this glass will hold approximately 165,grams of wax,so that gives us a really good idea of,exactly how much wax we're going to want,to buy and we'll use soy wax as an,example just because it's a really,popular wax to use right now,um obviously we're looking for a,container wax not a pillar or melt wax,so let's go with nature wax c3,and for testing purposes you're probably,going to want to go for about five kilos,um in these quantities anyway because,with a one kilogram bag obviously,if you divide 1000,by 165 which is how many grams one,candle jar will hold that is only going,to give you enough,for six candles so that is definitely,not going to go far enough so let's go,with five kilograms,add that to our basket and now looking,at,wicks another good thing about this,website actually is that it gives you,um recommended wicks to use with these,specific jars and actually breaks it,down as well into,what kind of wax you're using so,obviously we're going with the soy wax,so we have these two recommendations,here,now looking at the quantities of these,obviously 10 is maybe going to leave you,a little bit short so i would just err,on the side of caution and go with a,pack of 50.,obviously it's not a massive amount of,money so if you do have ones left over,it's not really going to be a big issue,so you can see here that for both of,those types of wicks they are going to,cost us three pounds and 96 pounds each,which will be a total of,seven pounds and 92 pounds and now i'm,just going to pop those into our,spreadsheet,so now if we have a look at fragrance,oils,now again i've just chosen a kind of,averagely priced fragrance oil so there,are more expensive ones and there are,cheaper ones available,and 50 grams is probably going to be,just about right in terms of,testing so we'll go ahead and order,eight,of those so you can see already here,that because i've ordered all of these,items from the one supplier i now have,free shipping on this order which is,fab so just add that into my spreadsheet,and there we have 163 pounds and 35,pence,okay obviously the next thing that,you're going to need is some equipment,to make your candles with in my last,video here i actually did talk,all about some great pieces of equipment,so i will add that into the description,box below if you would like to go and,check that out so the first thing that,you're going to need is of course a good,jug to melt your wax in and i have,allowed 20 pounds for this,now i know that that might seem a little,bit steep for a jug,but i am going to put that one in there,because i have in the past bought and,tried to use,cheaper ones which are much smaller and,honestly having a really good sized jug,is just going to make things so much,easier for you,so this is a jug which i would recommend,and i've just checked and i bought this,in august of 2019 so it was actually,before i launched that i had this um,it's great because this,is a three liter capacity jug from this,size i can get about 15 candles worth,and it has a plastic handle which is,obviously great if you're using the,double boiler method because it's not,going to get too hot when you're,taking it out of the pot or pan that,you're using the next thing that you're,going to need are,your scales and i would recommend having,a small set of very accurate scales,which you can use for your fragrance,oils because in terms of safety,it's really important that you get that,right,so the scales which i would recommend,for your fragrance oils would be a small,set,of ones like this which are really,accurate and i believe they were 11,pounds at the time,um from a different supplier but they,are not available right now,so we're going to call it 11.99 and of,course you're also going to need,some scales for measuring your wax which,are going to obviously need,to be quite a bit bigger than those ones,i mean some accurate scales which you,have in your kitchen already will,probably,be absolutely fine however i'm just,going to factor it in,just in case you don't have any scales,or any digital scales,so just from a quick browse here i can,see that probably an average price is,going to be about 10 pounds so i'm going,to pop,10 pounds in there to allow for those,the next thing that you're going to need,is a good,thermometer so the thermometer which i,recommended in my amazon,equipment video that i just did they,were about 20 pounds,22 pounds um and they are brilliant they,have an alarm on them,so it will let you know obviously when,your wax is at a specific temperature,however when i first got started i was,just using something similar to,these thermometers um which are,obviously slightly cheaper,so again i'm going to factor in 10,pounds for those,and the next thing i'm going to,recommend that you get if you're,very new to candle making are some wick,centering tools again are they,completely necessary,for you if you're a beginner probably,not however if you're only making,very very small batches of candles and,you're using something that you have,around the house like clothes pegs or,pencils to try and secure,your wick and try and keep it centered,if you come back after a while and find,that your candles are set and the wick,is completely off center,you won't be able to sell that candle so,what we're trying to do is of course,make sure that you are making candles,which,you will be able to sell eventually and,even for testing purposes it's important,that you have a wick which is,centered in your jar so i'm going to,allow for those as well,so here are some wick centering tools,which i have bought in the past,and as you can see you can buy 20 of,them for,10 pounds so honestly for 10 i would,just say just,do it it's definitely worth it to make,sure that you have candles that are,going to burn evenly,and effectively because the wick is,centered and of course you're going to,need something to secure,your wicks to your jars so we will pop,in,some wick pads now again these are the,type of wick pads which i used when i,was first getting started,um they're great value for money you can,get 200 of them,for six pounds and 49 pence so let's pop,that in there as well,okay so that takes us to our total for,phase one,of candle making and testing and,developing your range which you can see,we have,a total layer of 231 pounds and 83 pence,okay so now we're ready to move on to,phase two which is going to be all about,getting your candles ready to sell,first of all let's have a look at,software and obviously you are going to,need a website to sell your candles on,so we are going to be looking at shopify,because it is what we use and it's what,we've used from,day one so it's definitely something,that i can recommend,so let's go and have a look at how much,that would cost on a basic plan which i,think is actually what we used in,the first place as well so as you can,see here you can,get started on a basic shopify plan for,29,a month it's really annoying that they,don't give you it in pounds even though,we are on obviously the uk website,however i'm going to go ahead and find,out exactly how many pounds,29 is okay so 29 equals 20 pounds and 84,pence,so let's pop that in there okay the,other thing which i would recommend if,you're getting started,is canva and that's going to be great,for you for use on social media,making nice looking images and stories,for your instagram and everything like,that,and also i know that a lot of people use,it for designing their,labels we actually use photoshop,ourselves however this is a subscription,which i already have and i'm pretty sure,that canva will be,more reasonably priced so i'm going to,factor in a subscription for that,instead,okay so looking at this here obviously,you can get a,free plan which obviously will mean you,have access to all of these things,however,i believe that for business purposes if,you're actually selling your designs,that you need to pay for the business,plan,i'm pretty sure that that is the case,and also i actually started on the free,plan not long ago,and i found that your fonts and other,things like that were very limited so i,would recommend that if you are going to,use canva you are probably going to need,the pro plan so monthly that is going to,be,11 pounds and 99 pence so let's pop that,in there,okay the next thing that we're going to,talk about is the legalities of,selling candles obviously this is a big,one so the first thing that we're going,to be looking at,is insurance obviously this is so,important for selling candles i can't,stress this enough,please please please do not sell a,single candle until you have insurance,and it's really important that you make,sure that your insurance also includes,public liability insurance,which of course means that if god forbid,any,customers came to you stating that your,candles had basically caused a fire,that will cover you in terms of,compensation or,going to court all that kind of thing so,that is a big one,um i'm going to pop in the cost of our,own insurance because i know it's really,good and it covers us for,all different manners of things so our,insurance is,400 pounds a year again that might seem,a lot,but i think it's just something that we,obviously have to do,as a business to be safe and make sure,that our backs are covered if,anything untoward was to happen and we,pay that monthly so that works out,obviously at just over 33 pounds a month,and it's not percent uh interest to pay,monthly so,when you are offered that and you,obviously don't want to or can't afford,to spend 400 pounds on insurance in a,winner,it's not costing you any more money to,pay monthly so i'm going to pop that in,as a monthly cost rather than,an annual cost okay so the other thing,that you're going to need for selling,your candles of course,are labels most people have a clp,slash warning label obviously you can,have those separately however for us,personally we have always had,our clp and our warning labels combined,into the one label so if you can do that,then i would definitely recommend doing,that because obviously you're just going,to save on the cost of an extra label on,your candles,and then you will also have a label on,the front of your products,stating your brand name the fragrance,name,um some other properties that you want,people to know about like what kind of,wax,is or where it's made things like that,so let's pop,labels in there now if you can i would,definitely recommend,ordering blank labels from a company,like avery i'm just going to use them as,an example here because it's what we,used,that is a great way to save money it's,actually not what we did in the very,beginning but it is what i would do,if i could go back and start the,business again because we saved so much,money by doing it this way,so let's just have a look at the price,of these so you can get 120 labels on,five sheets,um which works at a 96 pence sheet so,that is a total of four pounds and,eighty pounds,so i'm actually going to break this up,into clp labels,and that's four pounds 80 for those and,your normal candle labels so again let's,say that you want to order,these specific labels um they are just,white labels square,and probably a pretty common shape of,labels for candles so let's say that you,are ordering eight sheets of those which,equals 120 labels,that will come to a total of five pounds,and 88 pence,obviously they're slightly more,expensive because they're slightly,bigger,and the next thing that we're going to,talk about is postage and packaging,okay so here we have an option on,,for just a brown box a good tip for you,again is that if you're looking to keep,your costs,low in terms of packaging boxes is that,brown boxes are always cheaper than,white boxes or other colored boxes,obviously,it's the natural color of the cardboard,so they don't need to go through another,process,to make them a different color so i,definitely recommend that if you're just,looking for,the most affordable way to send your,products and you don't really mind,that it's in a brown box rather than a,white box or black box,then just go with the brown ones because,it's going to save you a little bit of,money it's not going to be a massive,amount but it is,worth bearing in mind and we can see,here that for 25,it will cost us 62 pence a box,whereas obviously as i was saying if,you're buying the same ones in white the,exact same measurements then it's going,to cost you,79 pence per box so it's a little bit,different,then looking here at these boxes which,i've added,to my basket these will probably be,enough for,sending two candles in obviously it,depends the size and dimensions of your,candles but to me it looks like this,will be a good kind of size for,two candles and you can see here that,again we've got free delivery so that's,great,and with that that comes a total of 49,pounds and 80 pounds,now i've only allowed for the two,different sizes of,boxes and that's because obviously when,you've just launched and people,are completely brand new to your,products they're probably,going to be buying one or two maybe at,most of your candles obviously if they,are buying,more like three or four then that's,great however i'm not going to factor,that in,because from your candle supplies you,will obviously have accumulated several,different sizes of boxes coming to your,house,and there is no shame whatsoever i want,to put out there there is no shame,whatsoever,in repurposing and reusing any of the,boxes which you already have,in your possession in fact obviously,it's much better for the environment for,you to,reuse a box as many times as possible,and i think most,customers are totally aware of that and,they're not going to,feel duped if you are reusing a box that,you already have but i would say that,that is a good kind of,starting point for you when you've just,launched you're probably going to be,good with,two or three maybe different sizes of,boxes so now that we've got all of those,out of the way,obviously you have already made all of,your test candles,and you will know by this point,hopefully which kind of wax,wicks and fragrance oils you are going,to want to use so i've popped those in,there because obviously now you're going,to have to repurchase those supplies,so you can make enough candles to launch,with so we're going to go back on,supplies for,and we're going to go back to that wax,which we bought initially and obviously,we're going to want to buy a much bigger,bag of that this time so that is a 22,kilo bag which is going to cost us,71 pounds and 99 pence and now let's go,ahead and buy our wicks,we are probably going to be buying the,exact same quantities of the wicks as,previously so that is going to add up to,the same amount,and now let's have a look at fragrance,oil,so i'm going to go back into this one,again so i've got my calculator out so i,can find out exactly how much fragrance,oil we are going to need to buy,so let's say we are making 100 candles,and i've just checked the jar again,that was 165 grams which it will hold so,100 times 165 grams is of course,16 500. now let's say that we're going,to be using eight percent fragrance oil,in our candles so i'm going to times,that by 0.08,so that gives us a total of 1 320. now,as i said we are launching with eight,different fragrances,so i'm going to divide that by eight and,then that gives us a total number of 165,so for each different fragrance we,should need about 165 grams of oil so,that's kind of annoying because 125,grams,wouldn't be quite enough so we're going,to go ahead and order 500 grams of this,oil and i'm just going to pretend that,we're ordering eight different oils,but obviously for ease i'm just going to,pop in eight into the quantity of this,so i can find out roughly how much it,will cost,okay so let's go into our basket and see,how much this will cost us,so that is going to cost 191 pounds and,92 pence,okay so that gives us everything that we,are going to need in order to,sell our candles effectively and legally,as well which is of course,so important so our total for phase two,is 398 pounds and 47,pounds now obviously as you can see the,most expensive things that we are,looking at,is our fragrance oils our wax and,postage and packaging,and i would say honestly that is just,about what i would expect from when,we've been buying,wax and fragrance oil and specifically,in,the recent months we've seen some of,those go up by,quite a significant chunk of money,unfortunately um,due to supply and demand and brexit and,all of those kinds of things,and we're seeing that wax is just,costing us much much more than it did in,the offset,but yeah it is what it is i guess okay,so now i'm going to add together the,total cost from,phase one and phase two so 231 pounds 83,plus 398 pounds 47,gives us a total of 630 pounds and,30 pounds so that might seem like an,awful lot of money however i would say,that that is actually a pretty,realistic amount of money that it could,cost someone to,buy all of those different supplies and,equipment and software etc,in order to be able to get ready to sell,their candles,in a business format and i think it's,really important that we,raise awareness of all of these,different costs involved,i've certainly seen a fair amount of,kind of click-baity,articles and social media posts since i,started of people saying,i've managed to grow my business into,the millions and it cost me only,50 pounds to get started yeah so my only,hope here is that i have just kind of,raised,awareness as i said of how much it could,cost you,and hopefully that number doesn't seem,too daunting of course there are no hard,and fast rules,as to how long it has to take you,obviously it completely depends on your,own personal circumstances,but there's nothing to say that you,couldn't buy all those initial supplies,and equipment etc,over you know six months to a year if,that is what suits you,i've had a look online at etsy and,various other different websites,just to kind of see how much a candle of,that exact size,will generally sell for and it seems,pretty reasonable for me to be able to,say that,the average price that people will,charge for that is about,10 pounds so let's say that you do sell,all 100 of those candles which you have,made initially for your business,obviously that will give you a revenue,of one thousand pounds,and let's say that we take that one,thousand and minus all of those initial,costs that we've just spoken about,of 630 pounds and 30 pence then that,will give you a total,profit of 369 pounds and 70 pence,which of course you can then reinvest,back into your business and,buy further supplies and equipment and,all that kind of thing,in order to continue growing your,business full disclosure actually was a,little bit skeptical about making this,video because i didn't want to give you,guys like a daunting set,of costs involved that wasn't the aim of,this video by any means,so i hope that you have found this,useful and i'd be really interested to,know if these costs are what you had,imagined or if they're less or more,please do let me know in the comment,section below i would love to hear your,thoughts and opinions and as i said at,the start if you did enjoy this video,and found it,useful then please do give it a big,thumbs up it would really help me and my,channel,i hope you have a lovely day and thank,you so much for watching,and i will see you in the next one bye,guys

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