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The Insane Origin Story of Shopify shopify imagine this you move to a new,country to make a name for

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

The Insane Origin Story of Shopify

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The Insane Origin Story of Shopify

shopify imagine this you move to a new,country to make a name for yourself,apply to dozens of jobs only to get,rejected,giving up you accept the mediocre nine,to five position,at xyz company but can get employed,why because you don't have a work permit,now you aren't really left with any,options,what would you do i am pretty sure,you'd panic but guess what tobias the,young entrepreneur does,he becomes a billionaire most of us are,familiar with shopify as the e-commerce,business platform,but the founding story wasn't really one,of intention but of pure,determination and opportunity here,is the story of an entrepreneur who is,worth,6 billion dollars as of today tobias,ludka,early life toby's story offers a,fascinating perspective,on what perseverance and hard work looks,like,in the long run his journey begins in,germany,tobias ludka was born in 1981,in a city called kablinz when he was,about six years old,toby received something known as the,schneider cpc,which is a german brand of the amstrad,cpc,a computer of sorts from his parents,fast forward a few years at the age of,11,toby picked up an interesting hobby he,rewrote the code,of the games he played and modified the,computer hardware,following his growing passion toby,dropped out of high school,and entered an apprenticeship program at,the kablenzo,carl bend school to become a computer,programmer,this opened up a great opportunity for,toby,he got a job at a subsidiary of siemens,with jurgen starr,as his boss a man who toby came to,idolize,and be inspired by he later moved to,canada in 2003,after meeting his future wife an ottawa,native,on a snowboarding trip to whistler this,was the turning point in his life that,set a new,path for his career founding story,in ottawa toby started looking for a,permanent job,and was deep in the tail end of,agreements with the local company,but when the time came to sign the,papers they realized toby didn't have a,work permit,now most people would be petrified alone,in a new country blocked from starting a,new life,but toby refused to back down he called,his family lawyer,who confirmed that indeed he couldn't,really work in canada but,he can start his own company and that,was it,in 2004 toby started a snowboard,business out of a fondness for the sport,with one plan to sell,his own branded boards snow devils,online,scouring the web for an e-commerce,platform toby couldn't find one that was,easy and affordable to use,they all were complicated in both design,and mechanics,often requiring the use of third-party,services,technology back then wasn't really,developed ebay and yahoo,were the only prominent ones that were,easy to use but not really affordable,of course there was the option to get an,online store build,which wasn't exactly economical with the,stakes stacked against him,what could toby do he started to,brainstorm a few ideas,trying to find a solution and then it,hit him,he could build his own online store,toby partnered with his friend scott,lake and started working,they used the open source web,application framework,ruby on rails to build snow devils,online store,the snow devil founders raised about 450,000 from family friends and investors,and launched the platform as shopify in,june 2006,an online customizable store builder,shortly after the launch,scott left the company but around that,time toby hired,danielle winand as chief design officer,making the founder trifecta of shopify,tobias ludka,daniel winan and scott lake this whole,journey was really,toby exploring his love for programming,he was even quoted,i really really love the idea of,constructing,something in your brain having this idea,it's a little bit like painting,you have an idea for something and the,programming language,ends up becoming the mechanism for,translating this idea you have in your,head,onto a canvas if you have an amazing,landscape but they give you crayons,it's possible to build a massive,landscape with crayons,but it always is a crayons painting so,this was sort of,in the way like java and others they,just didn't match up with the way my,brain ended up constructing the,relationships that make up,software shopify,toby didn't stop at just this in fact he,was determined to keep hustling and,create a user-friendly,platform in every way possible in june,2009,shopify launched an application,programming interface,or api platform and app store,allowing developers to create,applications for shopify,online stores which are then sold at the,store,in april 2010 shopify launched a free,mobile app,on the apple app store that lets shopify,store owners,view and manage their stores from ios,mobile devices,at their convenience now you might,wonder how is this possible,at no cost on an ios system right,well toby always wanted to make his,products,and services absolutely convenient for,his customers,and so he bore all the expenses himself,in 2010 shopify started its build a,business competition,in which participants create a business,using its commerce,platform offering the cash prizes and a,mentorship with entrepreneurs,like richard branson eric rice and,others,within no time shopify was named,ottawa's fastest growing company by the,ottawa business journal in the year,2010.,the company received 7 million dollars,from an,initial series a round of venture,capital financing,in december 2010 its series b round,raised 15 million dollars over double of,the previous amount,in october 2011 opening up the gates to,a variety of opportunities for the,company,being an entrepreneur requires trusting,your gut and having faith that you will,prevail,toby and david never really compromised,and made sure they,always went with your instincts growing,the brand to an,unimaginable level in february 2012,shopify acquired select start studios,inc,s3 a mobile software developer along,with 20 of the company's mobile,engineers,and designers in august 2013,shopify acquired jet cooper a 25-person,design studio based in toronto,that year they announced the launch of,shopify payments,which allowed their merchants to accept,credit cards without a third-party,payment gateway,shopify also announced the launch of an,ipad-centric,pos system that uses an ipad to accept,payments,from credit cards all paving the path,for the company,to receive a hundred million dollars in,series c,funding in december and the milestones,didn't stop there,by 2014 the platform had hosted,approximately a hundred and twenty,thousand online retailers and was listed,as number three,in deloitte's fast 50 in canada as well,as number seven,in deloitte's fast 500 of north america,shopify earned 105 million dollars in,revenue in 2014,twice as much as the previous year in,february 2014,shopify released its enterprise solution,shopify plus,for large e-commerce businesses with,access to additional features,and support they took the e-commerce,world by storm,even announced it would be,closing its amazon web store service for,merchants,selecting shopify as the preferred,migration provider,today more than 275 000,businesses located in more than 150,countries around the world,live on shopify the company today has,more than 1 000 employees,earning 1 billion dollars in 2018,alone over the years they have even,partnered with e-commerce titans like,amazon facebook twitter pinterest,and uber today brands like kylie,cosmetics,brought these and all birds all use,shopify for their online stores,fun fact every 52 seconds on shopify,someone has the experience of getting,their first sale,shopify has become the platform where,one goes from being a builder to,being an entrepreneur in fact toby has,his,own side hustle selling socks if you,could believe that,unfortunately he refuses to reveal what,its brand name is,if you enjoyed this video consider,hitting the like and subscribe buttons,it does wonders for the youtube,algorithm so more people can see,our videos and so that you can be,notified when we launch our next video,we try and put out at least one new 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