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Updated on Jan 17,2023


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listen up it is time to start making,some sales on your online store and the,way you're going to do that all,throughout November is by having a,product that is trending and scalable,with that being said I'm about to give,you the top 10 winning products that you,need to be selling this November but I'm,not gonna just leave it there I'm going,to be giving you absolutely everything,that you need to start selling these,products today from the competitor,Facebook advertisement the ad copy the,headlines the competitors website the,AliExpress link five interested tests,profit margins and so much more so that,you have absolutely everything that you,need to start selling these products,today and not just starting but making,some serious profits throughout this,month without further Ado let's go ahead,and jump right into it what's going on,everyone my name is AC Hampton I'm an,eight figure marketer who gets to help,students from all across the world start,and continue their eCommerce Journey,successfully now some of these winning,products that you need to be selling,today in this list of products that you,need to be selling this November I found,through my own product research methods,and I'm currently selling my current,students are scaling or I found them,training on the market today on top of,this I've dug deep into product research,and validation using methods like ad spy,AliExpress Google Trends and more market,research to give you these top 10,winning products that you need to be,selling right now now as you can see I'm,currently on the Google Document that's,going to give you everything that you,need to start selling these products,today from the Facebook ad the ad copy,the headlines the competitor product,page the AliExpress link five interested,tests profit margins and so much more so,if you want to take advantage of this,list and this cheat sheet smash that,like button down below because once this,video reaches 2 000 likes I'll give you,full access completely to the sheet and,before I dive in as you guys know I give,out a free one-on-one Consulting call,every single week to one lucky winner,who's looking to have all their,questions answered and streamlining,their success while doing so and if you,want the opportunity winning this week,all you have to do is in the comment,section below comment the word Supreme,November with your goal for your online,business this November and trust me I,will be announcing the winner from last,week somewhere inside this video so make,sure you stay tuned with that being said,let's go ahead and jump right into,product number one so Prime number one,I've been seeing absolutely everywhere,it's a giant Leaf blanket let's go ahead,and check out the advertisement and see,what we're working with all right so it,looks like it's a big heavy blanket it,has plants as pillows which is,automatically going to be a great upsell,if you do sell this blanket it,definitely solves the problem we know,the winter time's here so we're going to,need some big blankets it has a wow,factor and definitely giftable for the,upcoming season with Christmas when I,say I've been seeing this product,everywhere I mean Tick Tock Instagram,Facebook it's everywhere right now and,trust me you do not have to listen to me,look at this 1.3 000 comments and 1.4,000 shares with 6.7 000 likes and it's,only been on the market for two weeks,and trust me you do not have to listen,to me if you want to validate that this,is somebody who's actually running these,advertisements today you just need to,check out the comment section so you're,coming over here to most relevant you,would go to newest and you can see it's,been having comments in the last 24,minutes two hours two hours three hours,four hours is getting comments literally,every single hour and this is a product,that's going crazy it's time for you to,take full advantage of it let's go ahead,and check out the competitor product,page to see where you're gonna be,selling this item for it alright so here,we are you can see that they're selling,this product for 139 dollars with free,shipping remember how I literally just,said in that advertisement that you need,to be upselling those pillows as well,they're taking advantage of it so now,taking a selling price from 139 now up,to 179 dollars by upselling other,cross-related items and this is one of,my favorite apps that I definitely,recommend you use on your store it's,called frequently bought together but I,will say there is a lot of images that,are just sitting here right on the left,side of the store which is making people,scroll forever without actually seeing,the product description which shows that,right away you can go ahead and wipe out,the competition while doing so let's go,ahead and check out AliExpress and see,what we're gonna be getting this item,for alright so on AliExpress you can see,that we're gonna get this item for,twenty dollars and eleven cents and this,is the biggest and most costly variant,and you're still making some serious,profit off of this which actually they,have this size right here this size,right here which ultimately changes the,cost of goods as well which I definitely,recommend if they do have other sizes,that you upsell with that too and you,can see that this flyer is going to give,us free shipping hey they even have,videos that you can use as well with,that being said the competitor was not,charging shipping so the selling price,stayed at 139 the product cost was 20,and 11 cents with free shipping which is,going to give us a crazy profit margin,of,118.99 every single time you just sell,one of these and the five interest I,would test out with this product is,winter blanket nature natural,environment and leave and before you,guys talk about all the long shipping,times and what suppliers you should be,using to get the most competitive,shipping with these products check out,this video right here where I break down,all this in complete detail make sure to,go and check it out after this video and,we have officially opened up 10 more,limited spots for my one-on-one,mentorship so if you're ready to learn,tested and proven strategies that can,help you generate results just like my,students right here I'm taking 10 10,dedicated people who are ready to take,action and learn how to create a side,hustle that can bring in an extra five,to ten thousand dollars back into your,pocket every single month if you're,looking to apply for these limited spots,head over to my Instagram AC underscore,Hampton DM me the word mentorship or,apply with the link down in my,description all right we're officially,on product number two product number two,is a liquid lash extension mascara it's,growing crazy on Tick Tock let's go,ahead and check out this product when I,say this product is going crazy I mean,look at all of these different,advertisements that are going out for it,it is never ending and there's huge,demand behind this here's one example,right here the best mascara on the,market this is like a review ad that's,working really well on Tick Tock these,beauty products that actually solve a,problem always have huge demand as this,one has magical mascara that makes your,eyelashes look longer and any woman,would love this product I'm not gonna,lie I might know somebody who's selling,this right now as you can see on their,website they are selling this item for,24 plus shipping as you can see it says,free shipping on orders over 35 one,thing I really love is that they have a,gift showing how the product actually,works so nobody including myself and,most likely you want to go to a website,and just see all texts we want to see,the product working and how it can work,for us so not that they just have text,explaining the product but they also,show how the product works what which is,very very important to do to continue to,keep convincing the customers to shop,from you now one thing they can,definitely improve on is the reviews,though yes these reviews have text but,it doesn't convince me that somebody,actually bought the product so all of,your views should have images in them,and they should be reiterating the main,reason that people actually buy the,product not just amazing product love it,but if the reviews have some of these,features and benefits in here this would,convince the customer more on AliExpress,you can see we're gonna get this item,for six dollars with free shipping and,yes this might look like a brand new,website but you guys have to understand,this is where Drop Shipping is getting,oh you thought this competitor was using,all branded images no they're just,taking advantage of what's available on,AliExpress but for example you can see,this image right here right what image,is right on their website the exact same,thing so I'm trying to tell you take,advantage of what AliExpress provides,you so with that being said the,competitor was charging shipping so the,selling price came out to 29.95 the,product cost was six dollars with free,shipping which gives us a great profit,margin of 23.95,in the five entries I would test out,with this product is beauty Personal,Care apps appliances and travel product,number three is a product that works,every single year right around this time,frame and it's going to be amazing if,you take advantage of it this is a,pregnancy seat belt let's go ahead and,check out the advertisement alrighty,here's a better way to travel for,expected moms solves a problem no more,seat belt discomfort redirects the lab,belt to the thighs so you're protecting,your baby and ultimately having a huge,wow factor for the customers protects,the unborn baby takes pressure off the,belly and the most comfortable way for,expected moms to travel and please when,I say this you do not have to listen to,me look at the engagement of these,products 25 000 comments 13 000 shares,33 000 likes comments within the last,six minutes one hour nine hours this,product is still in huge demand right,now so with that being said on the,competitors website you can see that,they're selling this item for 29.95 one,thing I really love about what they're,doing is show off the product is it has,a white background behind every image,and even when I click on an image like,black or go to Pink it shows me the,corresponding image as well now this is,very important because using images with,white backgrounds help pop the product,out even more and it just gives a simple,simplistic design too and I will just,say one thing I would improve on the,store is just the color scheme so on all,my stores always use three colors Max,black white and one separate color and,you can see that did okay with it they,have black and pink and white basically,throughout their entire store but then,they have this random green add to cart,and when I scroll down they have it here,as well with the sticky added car app,this is just throwing off the color,scheme and I would either have this pink,or black to go with everything else on,the store on AliExpress you can see,we're gonna get this item for 7.45 plus,2.68 cents for shipping has a 4.8 star,rating so we know the quality is,definitely there and over 600 orders so,we can see the demand behind this,product out the gate with that being,said the competitor was charging,shipping so the selling price came out,to 34.95 the product cost after shipping,came out to ten dollars and 13 cents,which gives us another great profit,margin of 24.82 cents and the five,interest I would test out with this,product is baby shower diapers baby shop,Johnson's Baby and newborn product,number four is going to be a great gift,this season product number four is a dog,carrot patch let's go ahead and check,out the advertisement alrighty so,keeping your dog entertained for hours,perfect for dog owners who are trying to,treat boredom and separation anxiety,from their dog it's fun it's interactive,again think of the upcoming season with,Christmas is another great product to go,ahead and sell and it probably,eliminates destructive Behavior as this,is going to entertain them for hours so,again a great Problem Solver trying to,tell you guys man I'm trying to tell you,guys look at this engagement look at,these comments I'm not playing with,these products on the competitor's,website they're selling this item for,39.95 one thing I really love about the,store is they have this frequently asked,questions section now this is great to,improve your customer experience and,save yourself hours answering customer,emails as all these main problems that,people have before they go ahead and buy,them product they can get it answered,right here and they even highlighted the,main problem that people have right at,the top of their product description,that's always great to do as well,overall besides that with everything,being orange and I scroll down and see a,little bit of blue this would be,basically the only thing I would change,on AliExpress you can see we're gonna,get this item for,16.26 with free shipping one thing I,will say right when I saw the supplier,and I see this image right here showing,a cat and dog it just woke a spark,inside of me this competitor is only,showing dogs you can show cats and dogs,and tap into a whole other audience as,well and they have other things that you,can be upselling with the product too,alright so with that being said the,competitor was not charging shipping so,the selling price stayed at 39.95 the,product cost was 16.26 with free,shipping which gives us a profit margin,of 23.69 and the five interest I would,test out with this product is dogs dog,park dog breed dog training and Dog,Daycare product number five is going to,be an educational magnet kids toy let's,go ahead and check out the advertisement,perfect for children's imagination and X,exercising their hand-eye coordination,ability keeping them entertained for,hours honestly this would be something,that'd be really great for their,fundamentals you see he's been getting,comments all throughout today and,there's multiple different ways that you,can build this out I mean look at all,these different ones here which is,awesome as well and that just gives it a,great wow factor too on the competitor's,website they're selling this item for,33.87 and you see that they're going to,charge shipping as it's free shipping,over 49 one thing I will say is there's,way too many detailed features and,benefits inside the image on the store,you want to make sure that you're,putting your features and benefits in,the actual product description and for,the images that you're using you just,want to keep those very simple one thing,I would definitely recommend is starting,all of your product descriptions with,what the main reason somebody would come,buy your product for so for this,specifically I might say are you looking,to entertain your kid for hours while,developing their fundamental skills,something where you know is going to,have that emotional attachment to it but,saying something like this is,automatically going to throw me off the,store and you should never start a,description like that on AliExpress you,can see we're gonna get this item for,13.75 with free shipping has about 1400,orders 218 reviews and a 4.5 star rating,so again the quality is definitely there,and again more videos that you guys can,use with that being said the competitor,did charge shipping so the selling price,came out to 38.86 the product cost,stayed at 13.75 with free shipping which,gives us a profit margin of 25 and 11,cents every time we sell one of these,and the five interest I would test out,with this product is toys educational,toy Toy Kingdom Lego toys and hot toys,and don't forget if you're having any,questions about this video at all or any,questions about how you can get started,successfully my DMs are always open to,help you out as much as possible just,head over to my Instagram AC underscore,Hampton DM me the word YouTube so I can,reach out and help you out with any,questions that you may be having as it's,not about how much money you can make in,this world but how much knowledge you,can teach others to change your life DM,me YouTube if you're feeling stuck at,all and we are officially on product,number six product number six is a 360,degree rotational adjustable mop let's,go ahead and check out the advertisement,and see what we're working with all,right so it looks like you can go,absolutely everywhere with this you can,clean the walls you can clean the floor,oh wow whoa do you just see that that,thing can actually push the water out,itself that's actually crazy you can,actually use on Windows makes it very,easy to clean up any type of mess let's,say again I know somebody else who's,scaling this product like crazy right,now and at this point just look at the,chat section you know exactly what's,going on when you see this type of,Engagement let's go and check out the,competitor product page and see what,we're working with on the competitor's,website they're selling this on it for,32.97 and it looks like they are,charging shipping as it literally says,free shipping on orders over 75 dollars,they're definitely doing really well,with trying to upsell increase their,average order value as I definitely,recommend having this type of app on,your store which is called quantity,Break by discount this just allows you,to add more of a discount when people,buy more from you which is only going to,increase your average order value and,this 48 left in stock countdown timer,and is guaranteed safe check out all,this I definitely would not recommend,having on your store but because,ultimately this just looks spammy and,this is like all 2018 all 2019 Drop,Shipping on AliExpress you can see we're,gonna get this item for twelve dollars,and four cents with free shipping again,do not sleep on what AliExpress can,provide you look at all these images,look at these videos that you can take,that are non-copyrighted and add to your,advertisement right now pretty good,images on here as well with that being,said the competitor was charging,shipping so the item came out to 39.97,the product cost was twelve dollars and,four cents with free shipping which,gives us a profit margin of 27.93 every,time we just sell one of these and the,five interest I would test out with this,product is bathroom spring cleaning,spring mop and Christmas product number,seven is a pumpkin pet brush let's go,ahead and check out the advertisement,and see what we're working with all,right this brush will change your life,finally a brush your cat won't run away,from feels like a massage say goodbye to,shedding and hairballs around the house,so this is a problem solving product and,I mean this advert is going crazy I mean,look at all these different ads that,they're putting out now with that being,said on the competitor potty page they,are selling this item for,29.99 now one thing I really do love,about the product page is they have high,quality images I mean none of these are,pixelated at all it shows that they're,putting emphasis behind the actual,product that they're selling I mean even,the gifts over here on the right are,high quality and overall I mean it has a,nice clean professional store layout,even all the way down to the questions,we got you covered now the reviews could,use some work now if I'm going to show,off a product I'm going to show the,product actually being used so you see,how like all three of these images kind,of just show the product what I would,actually do is show the product being,used in real time actually on a cat and,I mean none of the reviews show that at,all now on AliExpress you can see that,we're going to get this item for four,dollars and 16 cents with free shipping,and they have multiple different,variations available I mean there's blue,there's green there's gray orange I mean,there's literally so many different,options that you can work with that even,the competitor was not showing other,videos as well with that being said the,competitor was not charging shipping so,the selling price stayed at 29.99 the,product cost was four dollars and 16,cents with free shipping which gives us,a great profit margin of,25.83 and the five interest I would test,out with this product is shedding winter,dogs cats and pets and we're back with,another Banger on Tick Tock for product,number eight and product number eight,has been going crazy it's an intelligent,laser leveler let's go ahead and check,out the advertisement let me introduce,you to my favorite tool in my toolbox,you can see how it basically levels,everything out helps out with plumbing,helps out with DYI helps out with,construction and I can aim a lot more,careers and people who would definitely,need this product who's not trying to,save time doing a job on the competitor,website they're selling this item for,169.95 now one thing I really like that,they did is with their product,description comparing their product,against other people in the industry,which allows you to stand out as a,competitor and have some type of,advantage and you can see that right,here with this image and this text right,here how is our laser different than,others and all the features and benefits,that go with it I will say that this GIF,right here is kind of low resolution so,I would probably try to improve that and,I really don't like blue backgrounds,with my text I like to keep all my,backgrounds on my product description,always white to keep it nice Simple and,Clean on AliExpress you can see we're,gonna get this item for,55.90 with free shipping it does have a,4.8 star rating over 500 orders over 250,reviews the quality is definitely there,looks like they have a bunch of other,images that you can use as well now I'm,trying to tell you you are not ready for,this profit margin with the competitors,selling this product at,169.95 they did not charge shipping the,product cost was,55.90 with an amazing profit margin of a,hundred and fourteen dollars and five,cents every time you just sell one of,these hey these profit margins are only,going to continue to keep getting better,now the five interest I would test out,with this product is home and,Improvement appliances Business Services,DYI and Contracting we are officially on,product number nine product number nine,is the snowboarding ski impact shorts,let's go ahead and check out the ad back,here with another Tick Tock product okay,when snowboarding I used to fall down a,lot absolutely crucify myself it was,painful everybody's problems when they,first started snowboarding or skiing,which I know this product can grab a lot,of people's attention there's now these,impact shorts that you can use that are,going to be a game changer absorbing the,shock of the impact tough and durable,keep you protected and an overall,amazing product for the upcoming winner,on the competitors website you can see,that they're selling this item for 44.99,I do like adding some really small,features and benefits right at the top,of my product page this is actually,really nice that they did this so even,without having to scroll you can see why,somebody's gonna buy this product in the,first place and I also like how they're,cross-selling cross-related items all,these products right here will go,together but this featured in section,right here this definitely has to go,it's just taking up space on the product,description and similar to like the,guaranteed safe checkup on AliExpress,we're getting this item for 15.17 with,free shipping again 4.7 star rating over,250 orders another great quality product,they even have the upsells right here,that you can take advantage of the knee,pads and the elbow pads too so his,competitor was not charging shipping so,the selling price stayed at 49.99 the,product cost was 15.17 with free,shipping which gave us another amazing,profit margin of,34.82 and the five interest I would test,out with this product is winter,snowboarding skiing Sports and Outdoors,and travel hey we are officially on,product number 10 and wait till you see,the engagement on this product I'm,telling you you're lucky that you stayed,the entire way through Pride number 10,is a wooden jigsaw puzzle amazing for,the upcoming holiday let's go ahead and,check out the ad alrighty so it's like a,jigsaw puzzle this is something that's,probably gonna be very giftable with,Christmas coming up there's multiple,different shapes there's multiple,different for animals that you can use,it's interactive it's wooden so it's not,easy to be broken and definitely has,been going crazy on the market I mean,look at this 5.4 000 comments 4.5,000 shares this has only been out on the,market for three weeks even if I come,over here to the newest comments I mean,look at this 51 minutes one hour two,hours four hours six hours eight hours I,mean it is not stopping let's go ahead,and check out the competitor party page,and see what they're selling this item,for on the competitor's website you can,see that we're selling this item for,34.99 and this product definitely has,great upsell capability to continue to,keep increasing your average order value,yes you can sell this draft right here,but you can sell this one you can sell,this one you can sell this one there's,just so much capability to sell so many,different variants but one app I,definitely recommend having on your,store is called sticky add to cart this,allows you to add this project car at,any moment of scrolling on your product,page so if I'm scrolling past this added,cart right now I can't even add this,product car unless I scroll all the way,back up but that app definitely solves,that problem on AliExpress you can see,we're gonna get this item for eight,dollars and 71 cents with free shipping,again look at the reviews look at the,orders another great product and so many,variants to work with this is something,that you can go crazy with all holiday,season so like I said the competitor is,selling this product for 34.99 the,product cost was eight dollars and 71,cents with free shipping which gives us,an amazing profit margin of 25.28 and,the five interest I would test out with,this product is puzzles board game,children Christmas and date night and we,have officially made it through the top,10 winning products that you need to be,selling November 2022. now before you,just rush to go ahead and test those,products also make sure to go ahead and,watch this video right here so you can,avoid any costly mistakes that could,affect your profitability with these,products now the products that we just,went over are some products that are,going to get your job stream store off,the ground and running and you need to,be taken advantage of them right now now,before I leave you all to it I have have,to mention the winner of the free,Consulting call winner from last week's,video and the winner from last week's,video is George luaz congratulations on,winning reach out to me on my Instagram,at AC underscore Hampton we can hop on a,one-on-one Zoom calls share your screen,look over your ads look over your,products and answer any questions you,may be having and if you want the exact,same chance to win a free one-on-one,Consulting call for next week's video,make sure to do the requirements that I,mentioned at the very beginning of this,one which is commenting the word Supreme,November in the comment section down,below with your goal this November and,smashing that like button down below as,well now you officially have 10 of the,most training products that you should,be selling this upcoming month and I,hope that you take full advantage of,these products and take off with your,online business this November and don't,forget if you're wanting that product,cheat sheet they give you all these,products and everything you need to,start testing them today smash that like,button down below get this video to 2,000 likes and I can't wait to share all,this value you know I have never missed,a single week dropping a video on this,platform and I cannot wait to continue,to keep creating this generational world,this is AC with Supreme Ecom and I'm out

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