how to start a subscription box business with shopify

How To Start a Subscription Box Business on Shopify (Step by Step) i recently made a video talking a

Johnathon Zamora

Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Start a Subscription Box Business on Shopify (Step by Step)

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How To Start a Subscription Box Business on Shopify (Step by Step)

i recently made a video talking about,how i see dropshipping changing in 2021,and inside that video i mentioned that i,thought subscription boxes or custom,products,are going to be what is going on you,guys jonathan zamora here in this video,i'm going to be showing you step by step,exactly how to find your product,source your product build your website,and start to get your first,sales we have seen a ton of subscription,box companies,absolutely explode over the last few,years and the dollar shave club i think,is a perfect example of this,they grew insanely fast and they provide,a product that people,actually love you pair that with the,fact that shopify a multi-billion dollar,company,put out that they are going to be adding,a ton of additional frameworks to their,software,to make it so that they support,subscription model businesses,what does that tell us that tells us,that shopify is going to be creating a,lot more tools to support,reoccurring revenue business models,which tells us that shopify believes,that there is going to be more of a,push of these structure of businesses,heading into,the future which i personally think is,great there's so many different niches,that you could create a subscription box,around for example there's one called,yum box,that basically just delivers unique,snacks to you from different parts of,the world who would have thought that,there was a niche for that but,i personally think it's really cool,especially since right now i can't,travel,i still get to have that travel vibe all,from the comfort of my own home,it sounds like i'm creating an ad for,that but there's a ton of different,niches that you could create boxes for,you just have to get a little bit,creative okay without any further ado,let's talk about exactly how you can get,your subscription,box business set up quick number one,you need to start with product research,now this is no different than drop,shipping you just have to find,a good website where there's a lot of,subscription based models,that you could take some inspiration,from the best place that i think you,could personally look,right now is etsy etsy is a place where,people are building custom products from,their own homes,and a lot of these people are creating,subscription based boxes,for a variety of different things and,you can see here we have subscription,box for women for kids,subscription box supplies for teens for,men,for girls you could even build a,subscription-based business for people,that are starting subscription-based,business,and sell them the supplies sell them the,boxes sell them the different containers,that they put their products in,literally the possibilities are,limitless but you can see here that this,isn't just one size fits all you could,do it for self-care you could do it for,food,you could do it for pets literally any,niche that is very very passionate you,could capitalize on with a,subscription-based business now why,would you want a subscription-based,business,subscription-based businesses have,reoccurring revenue,or the technical term for it is mrr,monthly reoccurring revenue this,essentially is just going to be a,baseline for how much revenue you are,generating so if you have a shopify drop,shipping store,say one month you do 20 000 the next,month you do 100,000 then the following month you could,do 20 000 again the revenue is at some,level,a little bit unpredictable with a,business that has an mrr a monthly,reoccurring revenue,you know roughly if your mrr is twenty,thousand dollars that next month,you're going to make roughly twenty,thousand dollars and you can increase,that number but it's more of a snowball,something that you sort of stack on top,of itself to build a bigger business,over time,which is kind of the fun part of it it's,a little bit more stable than some other,models but a quick search on etsy will,give you a ton,of different really unique ideas it,could be cookies it could be different,recipes it could be crystals it could be,literally just about,anything number two once you have your,product all hashed out and you know,exactly what your subscription box is,going to be the second thing is going to,be finding a good place to source it,now since this isn't going to be the,typical drop shipping model you're not,going to look on alibaba or aliexpress,at least immediately i would recommend,taking a look on etsy,finding some people that are doing,something very similar or the same exact,thing that you are wanting to do and,reaching out to them what you could do,is you could work out a small,partnership with them where they are,white labeling their product this,essentially means that they are going,through and doing all of the sourcing,getting the product ready and then,slapping your label on it all you have,to do is reach out to a few sellers i,would recommend starting with some,smaller,sellers they're typically the ones that,are a little bit easier to work with,because if they already have a big shop,they probably won't be interested in,this sort of deal,but after you get somebody to say yes at,that point all you're going to be doing,is sending your orders to that one,person they're going to prep the product,and,send it to your customers this is,essentially the same sort of drop,shipping model that we are all very,familiar with,except it's just on a subscription-based,model and it's gonna be from somebody,from etsy a pro tip here is to send them,labels for your product once they say,yes and they've agreed to the terms and,the conditions order some labels you,could get 50 or 100 of them for,25 30 bucks and then send it to them,that way whenever they're prepping your,products,they could just slap your sticker on,there and now it's your brand,number three you want to set up shop now,i would 100 recommend shopify,if you want a 14 day free trial there,will be a link down below,so that you could go ahead and use it,and i also have a tutorial to show you,exactly how to build,a branded shopify drop shipping store,now this shouldn't take too long but you,do want to focus on the brand and making,sure,that it looks nice a couple of tools,that i would recommend using is, this is just a place,that you could find different palettes,so that you can make your brand,really stand out and fit whatever sort,of vibe you are going with and then, to make your logos and designs,step number four is going to be,start running ads the biggest part that,is typically missing from any business,is the marketing that's what a lot of,people really get hung up on,and never really figure out here you,could start with a real influencers i,would not recommend hopping on meme,pages but if you find an influencer,that's in your niche say you're selling,beauty products and you find a beauty,influencer that has,150 000 followers on instagram maybe you,could work out a couple months,subscription with them,in exchange for a couple of posts over,those few months,here the key is if you're going to use,influencers i would recommend using,somebody that has,actual influence don't use somebody that,is a really small,influencer you want them to actually,have a little bit of an audience and,have some people that really care about,what they care about and then b you,don't want to overspend if somebody is,asking a thousand two thousand dollars,to do this promotion,i wouldn't recommend doing it and that's,kind of the danger of using instagram,influencers for something like this,especially when you're just trying to,kind of tease out the idea,and make sure that it is a good idea,which leaves me for option number b,and honestly this would be my number one,place to start with something like this,which is tick talk ads,i've been saying it i'm going to,continue to say it just because we've,been seeing it tick tock ads are,ridiculously underpriced right now i,don't think people realize just how good,they are and that's not going to last,for a very long time,and so if you're not on tick tock ads,and you're trying to start your,subscription based model,i think this is a beautiful place to,start getting some of those initial,sales,and start to build up some momentum in,my mind tick tock adds in this moment is,something that you don't want to miss,and if you do miss it you'll probably,wish that you didn't,now at this point after you followed,step number four you should be getting,some of those beginning,sales step number five is going to be,grow adapt evolve,a lot of people just start their,business and get it going and then once,it's going they say,cool i'm done at this point you want to,be thinking about new product lines how,you could keep your customers engaged,and what different things you could,start to do to build a moat,around your business and make it so that,you are different than any other,business out there and with all that,being said if you follow these five,steps you will be well on your way to,building your first,six or seven figure subscription based,model i think that this is going to be a,massive,massive business in 2021 and in the,future heading forward we've seen,some businesses absolutely crush it like,dollar shave club,with this model and i think this is just,the beginning of an exponential chart,if you enjoyed this video make sure you,smash that thumbs up button and if this,is the first or second time that you've,seen me and you've not subscribed yet,what are you waiting for make sure you,hit that red subscribe button and join,the freaking family that's it for this,one though guys i will see you on the,next video,peace,cool i figure a good way to start this,is just by saying

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