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Shopify Website List | Shopify Stores List - Shopify Sites List hey friend this is Ameen and welcome

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Shopify Website List | Shopify Stores List - Shopify Sites List

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Shopify Website List | Shopify Stores List - Shopify Sites List

hey friend this is Ameen and welcome,back to my youtube channel web scraping,service in this YouTube channel now I,will show you how to find the lot of lot,of Shopify website list and how we can,easily scrap this kind of Shopify,website list okay before starting that,you triol i am requesting you if you are,new in my youtube channel please,subscribe to my youtube channel,and after watching this video if you can,do this job by your own cells and it is,better but if you need this kind of,service then please feel free to contact,me,I have already scraped all this list,from from that website and I will show,you how I can scrap this list and and in,the video description I will also,provide a sample if you watch this video,very attentively then you can learn a,lot of things and if you need this list,please contact me so you see that this,is the Shopify website list you'll see,that I will provide this in my,video description and here you see that,I scrapped total 50 list 50 website,which are built with Shopify,now I will show you one or two website,as they prove that these are superior,okay for example randomly I just chose,this one I just use T I just silly and,just opened it and also I just want to,this one and these are randomly website,I have to show you that it is builded,chicken okay to check this website which,are built with Shopify we need an,extension the name of the extension is,built with technology profiler you can,easily get this extension in Google,Chrome Web Store and also I will give,the link of that extension in my video,description okay,so friends when the website is,successfully loaded then just click on,here build with everything it built with,I have already installed this expansion,in my Google Chrome browser then when,the website is loaded successfully then,click on here okay when they click on,here it will a pop-up window will open,and in that pop-up window you will see,lot of tab here and intersection text,section click on take and when you click,on tech tech tip then at the bottom of,the page here you will see that in in,the e-commerce section you see that in,the e-commerce section there is Shopify,you see that this is build it should be,faced a lot of information about that,Shopify you will get the same thing is,happening I also want to check this,website and after loaded this for,successfully,bail to it and the same thing is intact,and in a text section and go to the,e-commerce and we'll see that this is,also a Shopify website so friends now I,have understand that I we get this kind,of these two website or our Shopify,website now I'll show you how we can get,all these lot of you see that is a,number this is a lot of works that you,see that one lakh forty eight thousand,eight hundred forty top-5 webs at least,I'll share with you okay so thanks for,that we will need a help of website the,name of that website is my IP dot ms you,have to build it this way certain my IP,dot ms and in that website here,you see that lot of lot of web that,these are the top website here and you,see that lot of lot of wasted here but,we need only the here from this roof,that you will get lot of website from,your according to your category but in,this case we just need the Shopify,website so I will choose from the,exception IQ owner or parent IP own are,hosting just click on here Shopify okay,just,occupy finally click on here Shopify hi,and see if it'll be fancy then click on,here such and click on start then you,see that it is now loaded and within few,second use that you see that within few,second we get to tell this number one,lakh forty eight thousand eight hundred,forty three records this is the huge,Shopify website let you see that in the,first page you will see fifty website,top fifty website are appeared on the,first page then when you go to the,second page and go to the second page,you see that it is now loaded and get,the same it started from fifty one and,it started from fifty this one one,hundred so friends you see that there,are total to two thousand nine hundred,seventy seven days so we have to scrape,all these number this is really a very,highly functional website it contains,lot of lot of web site JavaScript Ajax,and lot of effort also sometimes it,creates capture because we cannot,provide the automation for this website,but I have lot of I have already scraped,this website so if anyone need all the,website please contact me I because of,the privacy I don't want to share the,full list with anyone so you have to,contact me I will get all my contact,details in my youtube channel here and I,also I also see a teach you some basic,technique how you can get all these,website very easily okay,in this first of all what I have to do I,want to show you the method how you can,get this list okay so for that I just,want to open seed I just I just want to,show you in a new sheet okay this one is,a new trick I just opened their a Google,spreadsheet here and I just should write,this clear that I just write the,name of this is taste okay I just want,to make it taste and yeah you see that I,just want to copy this one I already,teach you a lot of meditate method and,this is one of the easiest method able,to share and here hmm,I just want to write the formula here,you see there just click on here import,HTML import HTML,sorry okay import HTML then what you,have to do then just choose this one and,here I have to write that okay this,table this is a table of the table and,here we have provide the title because,this is the thirteen tables did that,this table of Harkin are you still in,the thirteenth number table in on that,web that there are a lot of tables on,that website but you can get this in,heart in okay so here you see that we,get all this information here but now I,don't want to be this one here a lot of,unwanted data is appeared here,although these data is really useful but,here this data if you click on on this,path we will sit lot of extra data is a,pair here and all this data is,automatically crap on the air to excel,okay,but I don't want to show this one for,this reason I just want to I just want,to this website I just want to make a,filter here,here this work construction and from the,filter by condition and here still there,is not empty okay then click on here,okay and when we click on OK you see,that we get our targeted data,so we get to tell 50 here you see that,we get to tell 50 okay,so we get our total target 50 website of,Shopify so then then is the process I,just wanted to show you this one of the,process with this process you can easily,collect all the web such slowly and,slowly but if you want to get all the,website fast and accurately then please,contact me I have large team and we do,this kind of projects for our clients,and I have already grabbed all the,website I have already stored in my,computer so if you want to get these all,these website within a 5 minute then,please contact me thank you so much for,watching this video please take care and,pray for me bye

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