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IShowSpeed Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game did,come on you gotta do it no,B what's up man ho

Kick Game

Updated on Jan 08,2023

IShowSpeed Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game

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IShowSpeed Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game

did,come on you gotta do it no,B what's up man how's it going bro what,are you saying bro how are you goodbye,bro the young legend in the making,himself yes sir bro where did you bro,where did you get this from oh this a,friend of mine actually gave it to me he,gave it to his wife but his wife didn't,like it so he gave it to me it wasn't a,wreck you know he just gave me the,present straight like that like that so,you're ripping Ronaldo straight off the,roof yep I love that man thanks for the,comments kick game bro it's a pleasure,to have you here I'm not gonna lie this,one has been requested like big time,yeah I see a lot of sneakers you got the,Jordan uh what's these the Jordan eights,right there,Jordan fours you got fours yeah okay you,got this these are Jordan Ones okay,they're the threes oh I know these,Eights,seven six six,11 Retro robros no shut up,Jordan 11's low cut,what did Michael Jordan play in that,game what game what game his dad died,and he won a championship,I don't know but the Jordan 7,championships I mean yeah you got a lot,of sneakers here bro we go quite a bit,we got quite a bit all right listen it's,better to talk to him man where'd you,want to go where do I want to go where,do you want to go we're going to follow,you this is your store today so it's my,store it's your store,yes,give it to me give it to me,free pair what whatever wait wait wait,wait what did you say he said oh wait no,no no no no you said over 870 or 80,something right and I got to that right,yo talk why are you not talking,you know that's why I said you know what,just go go go yeah it's a deal okay yeah,if I beat you all right all right I,don't know I will I'll say You must be,better than Ronaldo you'll say Messi's,about Ronaldo yeah you get past that,thank you,yo yo yo you gotta say it speed you're,gonna say,I need some water you get me some water,yeah,all right we'll come back today let's go,let's go we'll come back today,has your voice didn't speak it's doing,fine yeah you're gonna be good you get a,good shot boom oh yeah I'm good I'm good,I'm good it's all the Barking yeah I,gotta you know get off the mucus all up,in that throat you know as a boy yeah I,know men has longer throats than girls,that's the reason why um you know in,1884 you know the planet of apes you,know that came out no so what are shoes,made out of like oh these are was he,Fruity Pebbles,they are fruity these aren't Fruity,Pebbles these These are Fruity Pebbles I,mean this is you know your yeah,these are the Fruity Pebble low ones are,you into dogs dunks yeah these are dunks,oh these are dunks yeah why do you call,them dunks I don't know that's what Nike,called them bro I mean you got on what,are those these are the these are the,Drake,you don't like Drake,yeah I did uh well cops here yep the,World Cup is here what team do you think,is going to win let's get your early,prediction straight off the gate what,nation I might have to go Argentina on,this one to be honest,with the team Lionel Messi plays for,yeah I might be a lot yeah why,the reason I might have to say that is,because the fact this guy believes me,when I said that you know it actually,makes me kind of hurt that he the fact,that he thought I really meant that,Portugal is winning the World Cup this,guy is a complete Airhead you know what,I'm saying I don't know Portugal is,winning the World Cup and that's facts I,don't know when his video dropping,Lionel Messi could definitely win the,World Cup though let's be real nah he's,too short you know you need a more,capable guy you know he's not really of,a playmaker you know he's just a little,short guy passing about over and over,Ronaldo he makes plays he,left wing right wing Striker whatever,but Messi's mobile team player than,Ronaldo he's not bro he only dribble bro,dribble is not all yes you mean dribble,yeah I said dribble he said dribble,that's American you're just London,come on now bro I ain't gonna talk about,my action you don't you got the weird,ass you're speaking our language English,a guy who's dressed like this should,never have an opinion on football in my,opinion,look how your address look what are we,talking about right this is like this is,a series basic you know Yeezys Juventus,Juventus and Ronaldo Juventus simple,like why are you like why do you have an,opinion bro like what do you mean why do,I have an opinion like I'm a football,guy bro you don't know you're not you're,more of a pretty boy shoes guy bro I'm a,pretty boy,so you don't know anything about,football bro all right what's your beef,with Messy we need to get to the bottom,of this we know you love Ronaldo but,does that mean you have to dislike Messi,you like I didn't tell you but me and,messy actually did you know grew up in,the same neighborhood and we got a lot,of history you know and I just grew up,in Buenos Aires yeah you know he grew up,in the ends you know like like in my,hands okay so we got a lot of bad,history and I just didn't like that you,know he grew up as you know change fake,on me you know so now we're just here,now you know all right let's move down,wait wait wait wait who wears these bro,like imagine having a shoe size this big,like I know you have a big oh my gosh a,big what big dick man,like look at these bro God,yeah I hope you look at somewhere else,bro I was like what's going on here I,was just looking down that was,yo brother what's going on no I'm,looking at the show oh okay I'm just um,Air Jordan 4 retro Zen master from 290,from 290 dh7 damn that's too much ,when it comes to kicks do you spend a,lot of money on kicks are you a kickman,um,I like the ah bro yeah I like the word,kicks I like and comfortable I don't,like to wear like kicks yeah like they,were like kicks that's comfortable like,you know that can do a lot of this you,know whoa what is what is this movie,that you always do what is that what is,it where you squat it's like this,what what about it you do it nah it's,comfortable,come here come here come here come on,come on,Oh my days did you just fall,what is that smell,oh my God,bro what did you eat today Nando's spicy,chicken spicy rice yeah it made sense,spicy take a spicy rice seasoned fries,on there what are you think of the,Nando's God bro God it stings,bro did you fart honestly,that's a my point I wonder if I have my,dream show here what's up what is your,dream oh it's these but the low,ones them always dog my dreams for,always one of those when I was like in,fourth grade nine years old you know so,you can get them though no no I'd be,better if I get in the store but I'm not,ordering them you know I hate you feel,me I don't like the order truths I like,to get them in hand you know I feel you,off for you let's talk about your,astronomic rise man I swear what,astronomic rise,astronomic oh like like Wars and Earth,and yeah along those lines you've,been doing YouTube you've been streaming,but it feels like the last year it's,gone like,crazy yeah 2022 what why do you think,this year's it's gone this man what's,what's changed what's changed,um football I think tank yeah football,football see about me I got different,errors you know like there's always a,different era between me so what was the,first error the first era was 2K okay,the second era are you good at 2K,um yeah yeah honors don't play no more,no matter I'm kind of skipping the,errors first 2K La Aiden and all that,yeah second find it to Freddy you know,scary games I did yeah Five Nights at,Freddy's getting over it third then,talking but you know Talking Ben yeah,yeah he's right here,you could actually go inside that's,crazy man the fourth was football and,football was like,you know it was like you talk to me,about Bradley yeah he's actually I'm,actually about to meet him today,was he from the UK mm-hmm yeah so for,anyone I don't know explain explain the,Bradley all right Bradley is a guy I was,streaming he donated well a dollar 79,pounds I think that's two dollars in USA,I was just chilling yeah playing,fortnite and he says who's your favorite,football you know who's her favorite,what do you say football club who's your,favorite football club team yeah in the,world I said Christian Ronaldo,that's your favorite football club yeah,so wherever Ronaldo goes you will go,obviously bro so what if he goes like,Miami whatever that's cool David Beckham,see you oh he's going to be in America,so yeah no no that's a dumb you know I,can go down like any time you know if he,goes to MLS,um these are like the 95s I think it's,making me six three so yeah yeah,bro no messy five seven and he's 34. so,what are you so what are you doing I'm,six one I'll tell you six four I'm six,you're six foot I'm six foot yeah so you,might be at least you're not six foot,I'm six foot G look he's not six foot,I know exactly you look like Jason Tatum,you like Jason tato bro everyone says,that they always say it in the comments,like in the chat that's what they would,like Jason Tatum right how much,like 80 yeah but I'm older than him so,you know me technically they say I'm 25,so you're 28.,27 you're 27 27. damn I know you picked,them up you talk about them all the time,how did you form that connection because,they ride for you bro no matter what you,do you see they're everywhere they,support you when you're out here in,London you see people running around the,street trying to find out your location,how did you build that such a strong,connection with your viewers oh I'm,taking this hat off,the dreads my fault but chat oh because,you just because I spend most of my time,with them you know and they probably,spend most of their time with me I,stream every day for hours you know and,that's how you build that strong,connection by seeing them and every day,you know you talk to them every day so,when you talk to somebody every day,obviously they ride for you he rap for,them you know it's a deeper deeper,connections this is this is simple you,know that's how streamers really are you,know streamers fan bases is like the,strongest you know like streamer fan,base are way stronger than rappers fan,bases streamers probably got the most,strongest fan base in any anybody do you,think that's why rappers are now,starting to come to the streamers yeah,as I've seen I've seen Kai he's having,he had like a couple who had little baby,on there you're gonna have more rappers,when I see a little noise X recently,yeah I did that how was that no it was,fun it was fun I don't really do rapper,stream that much you know how comes,I don't know it's not really me I like,to like really keep it just simple all,right let's go over to this one the main,rule here,all right speed this is the this is the,big boy wall,this is where the goat trainers are,The Heavy Hitters,fire,you know what I'm saying the loud packs,are you copying me,all right are you covering me now okay,good I,ah,where are your hands going what is my,number like no this is my new dance then,okay okay me and JC did,come on you gotta do it no I'm doing,that bro no no why would I do that this,is it's fine is it what is that fun yeah,it's funny just do it,you just do it no we're not doing that,that's cool let's talk let's talk about,kicks all right Jesus let's talk about,kicks so like do you love kicks a lot I,do love kicks you ever like get your,shoe and get the tip of it and just,I've licked the bottom of the shoe,a fresh shoot no but you've never seen,Fat Joe do that no see you how you don't,get mad at me for doing things but,trespass never been worn though your,hands been all over that bro do you know,if you find Joe is do you even know if I,joke,he's fat and his name is Joe right,I'm talking about music I'm gonna get to,the kicks you're making music bro your,videos have got crazy amounts of views,streams you're just part of the World,Cup song yeah World Cup I like it you,like that it's dope it's music something,you're going to be taking more seriously,is that something you want to delve into,more because you do make the tracks and,like I said they're getting see I make,songs for really content I don't really,see it as like you know like I put out a,song but probably later on I'ma start,making songs for like my footage okay,itch my foot,oh okay but yeah I make songs like just,for Content I'm gonna probably start to,make it sound like serious though it,makes it yeah probably yeah probably,like when I'm older a little bit older,do you know what those are those,Luke 10 18. do you know who made them I,do not know me those little nose X whoa,I might gotta get those he's put real,blood in them oh no, no what the hell that's what he did,he put blood in them real blood yeah the,apparently there's like blood inside the,bubble,oh 306 666. what the hell is that ,he needs to ask him that's your guy,said oh hell no I'm like nah bro no I,might get up anything else from the wall,we'll be saying on the travesties you're,into Travis's now um I like those though,don't fire Grateful Dead don't fire okay,no fire all right though all right let's,come across hits me all right,all right let's come over to the Yeezy,War you're familiar with these my,favorite,my favorite yup my favorite bro EG's are,my all-time favorite I love Yeezys what,is it about the foam Runners that you,love so much because you're always in,the phone Runners because they're like,shoes but flip-flops you know they're,just so comfortable hey I could just,slide them on you know all right so we,got you these boots before we get into,the Yeezys mini mint I came through we,had this idea we had him in the shop and,he was like you know we'll be sick speed,plane in the charity match it would,actually be sick if we could get these,made into boots and we was like yo we,can do that yeah we had them here how,did y'all build this like it's the,magical kick game bro this is what we,did have you played in them yet yeah I,did how did it feel when you was playing,in them it felt good it's hard to do,kickoff Sunday though yeah how did it,feel when the goal was ruled offside,I quite like I was upset for you man I,wouldn't was just like,the heart like my heart just dropped,like no way this just happened like,some big lots of men just put it up like,like bro like he had glasses on too he,was a nerd I had some nerd lines have,been put up the flag and just ruined my,whole day you know my whole freaking,I still got that moment of like feeling,like what it feels like of seeing soon,exactly the chunks came over to me was,like,yeah he was like it's offside I'm like,what it's offside bro it's offside I'm,like bro no way bro,yeah I'm looking around like bro no way,bro like this really that's really,happening to me but yeah,it's still it still it must be a surreal,feeling though it's still playing an Old,Trafford like think about you're from,America you've come all the way over,here you're playing in this big charity,man yeah no it was nice you know I,wasn't nervous though I was only I only,tell them this is why you did the first,time I got nervous for a long time is,when um KSI brought me on this concert,oh really yeah how was that it was just,kind of like,I don't know I don't know I just felt,nervous what was the reaction when you,came up,everybody was just screaming you know,you're used to that now doesn't it no,I'm used to that but it's different like,I stream like with like you know from a,lot of people played in a charity match,with a lot of people I like I wasn't,even nervous but concert is kind of,different to be honest but you got music,now so you might have to get ready for,that I know you're going to stop I want,like nervous I was just like my heart,dropped for a little bit and that's it I,just you know got into it you know what,I'm about to get right,I got this one this one,these and that's it no I got three yeah,I gotta get the real ones don't I the,red one I'll show you out man we just,get whatever you need did you get into,the slats no I don't have any slots,no my my socks like my feet is always,ashy for some reason why did you scream,them cream them cream,oh lotion so you guys,no no,that's what Americans say we say cream,that's weird that's so weird you know,you know what I should have put that in,this tree so,it's interesting yeah you didn't see the,freestyle you need to link up bro I'm,already in Hollywood bro I like his,music I'm gonna be gay,my is homophobic like come on now,bro,she knows it,we got this collab hoodie going on,broken planet's kit game,let's see what I see,am I the only one,Infinity Real infinite realities,realities,feet of the unknown oh,broke,bro I like this on it I like that one,you rock it with that one yeah I like,broken okay okay okay I like that one do,you wear hoodie too much yeah I do all,the time yeah hoodies but isn't it,Where'd you live now Ohio is it hot,there or call them cold cold this up,caught in here actually are you gonna,stay in Ohio is that you or are you,planning on moving it staying here you,know but when I gotta do like something,out yeah I just you know just book a,flight you know what about London London,maybe actually there's a lot of people,out there imagine having a place and not,looking raw yeah I do want to live in,London like later because I actually,help out with my content I tell you yeah,all right before we wrap it up I'm gonna,let you put your shoes and you go I just,want to ask you obviously Ronaldo I,don't know if you saw it,you recently had an interview appears,Morgan,came out he criticized Manchester United,your beloved Club but I don't know,because you said Ronaldo's your Club,so how did you feel did you see any of,it do you see the clips,I kind of felt betrayed you know bye,I felt betrayed by the Manchester United,and by the Manchester United staff you,know,like,what,you know we had to you know everything,stayed the same you know the pools was,the same you know,I,mean I don't really know about that I,don't,but man I don't know I I like them I,really liked it on my Manchester United,to me I did like them I mean I'll still,support Manchester United because,Anthony Yolanda you know nacho That's my,boy he's a young baller I mean I mess,with nacho Yolanda you know what about,rashford rashford he's Hollywood bro,but um,number nine now he's good,he's yeah he's Portugal so I have to,support yeah but no I'm not gonna just,I'm not just gonna stop liking,Manchester United but I have to follow,Ronaldo Ronaldo goes that's you ever,Ronaldo this guy is the number one run,out of fan everywhere he goes I,respected he's he's number two all the,time but I respect it he's actually,Brown song yeah all right cool that's,what we're gonna do pick out your kicks,you're gonna hit the cash stop cash up,my guy pleasure,I'm about to keep it plain and simple,you know,match the red for Portugal,Master black for Juventus because you,might go to Juventus man,what a store staff at,hurry up man,come on big man hurry up,come on Star staff,yeah why one give me a young sui young,sui what's the thing,hey calm down bro,come on bro welcome welcome what was,these hand sanitizer yeah I did just,shake your hand,hahaha,hey hurry up,all right speed is going slow,hey man,P4 yo what the is a p45,see what this is,smells just like you,p45,this is inside joke does not make no,sense to me bro be honest when you put a,couple in the show you all right,wow hey,and your turtle is,yeah please because your hand is dirty,as hell keep going,come on,shout out the kid game for giving me,these good kicks you know what I'm,saying,now where I'm about to go now is we're,not a room and,find his underwear let's go baby

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