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Best Shopify Translation Apps Reviewed [With Pricing] hi guys in today's video you'll learn,about th


Updated on Jan 07,2023

Best Shopify Translation Apps Reviewed [With Pricing]

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Best Shopify Translation Apps Reviewed [With Pricing]

hi guys in today's video you'll learn,about the best shopify translation,apps the perfect apps for selling,internationally for multi-language,stores,you'll also learn about the huge,opportunity that awaits merchants,expanding with multi-region e-commerce,and why you should grow a cross-border,e-commerce business too,my name is roy hughes and i am from,acquire convert,the place where entrepreneurs go to,learn shopify growth,and in this video you'll learn which app,is better langify,or wii glot and we're also going to show,you how to set up your store with wiglot,in a follow-along tutorial so keep on,watching,why internationalization so why should,you expand your ecommerce business to,new countries,a study by can't read won't buy showed,that 55 percent of people,prefer to buy in their own language and,that 60,of people rarely or never buy on,english-only websites the international,cross-border e-commerce market,is estimated to surpass the 994,billion us dollar mark in 221 which is,quite impressive growth,in just six years when you,internationalize,you open up to new markets and reduce,your dependency to a single market,which is often quite risky less,developed ecommerce markets,outside of the us are also less,competitive especially from an seo,perspective,also seasonable products can perform,much better when you follow seasons,around the globe too,we glot shopify app the wiglot shopify,translation app,gives you a reliable and easy way to,automatically display,and translate your store in just five,minutes we glot,allows you to customize and manage all,of your translations,of all of your shopify content even,everything you've created,using other shopify translation apps,during the simple setup process,you'll just need to enter your email to,connect your shopify site to the weblog,platform,after that it will ask you which,language your site is currently in,and which language you would like to,translate it to then use we glot's,simplified interface to manage and edit,any of your translations or order,additional professional translations,if needed other notable features include,multilingual seo optimized with,translated metadata,dedicated urls and ahref flying tags,automatically implemented language auto,redirection,to display the page in the visitors,language automatically,customizable switch your language button,and last but not least,a dedicated support service the,translation process,also extends to checkouts and email,translations,including seamless intervoice,integration to send the documents,in the customer's language plans start,from 9 euros and 90 cents,per month for one language and 10 000,words,a free version of the app is available,for one language and 2,000 words langify,langify is a translation app that,displays your translated content,on your shopify store without the need,for multiple sites,per language it does not however,translate your website content,automatically,like we got the app manages only,pre-translated content,so you'll have to provide the,translations yourself,therefore the setup process may be time,consuming for the average user,notable features include automatic,language detection,customers will be automatically,redirected to their preferred language,and a new domain for each language with,href flying tags,and translated metadata however with,langify,not all of the checkout process can be,translated,the product name and the customer's,payment information,will remain in the original language,including any notifications,plans start from 17 and a half us,dollars,per month follow along tutorial,for setting up wii glot step 1,log in to your shopify account and under,apps click on,visit the shopify app store step 2,type weglot into the search bar,step 3. click on the wiglot app and add,the app,step 4 install the app,insert your email address choose a,password and sign up,step 5 choose your site's default,language,and the language you wish to translate,your site into and voila,your site is now multilingual,so did you enjoy today's video then make,sure to like the video,and subscribe to the acquire convert,youtube channel right now,all you have to do is click on the,subscribe button that is located below,the video,then click on the notification bell to,make sure you never miss our free videos,if you want exclusive shopify app,discounts and shopify marketing,tutorials that we only share with our,subscribers,then head over to yes,and sign up for a newsletter,it's completely free of charge so,there's literally no reason you wouldn't,sign up,now it's completely over to you which,app from today's video will you try,langify or wii glot got more questions,leave a comment below the video and,we'll get back to you with more free,advice,see you soon

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