how to add twitter feed to shopify website

How to Embed Twitter Feed on Shopify (2022) Hi guys welcome back to another Shopify  tutorial I'm yo


Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to Embed Twitter Feed on Shopify (2022)

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How to Embed Twitter Feed on Shopify (2022)

Hi guys welcome back to another Shopify  tutorial I'm your host Bilal Naseer and  ,today we'll be learning how to embed a Twitter  feed without using any app or any paid app  ,in Shopify so after completing the tutorial  after following the tutorial you will be able to  ,embed the Twitter feed just  like you're seeing it here,and it will be without using any app so without  further ado let's jump into the tutorial,guys before getting into it I would like to have a  small favor from you guys If you're seeing a small  ,red color button that says subscribe just press  it so you can be notified whenever I create new  ,tutorial videos and it's free right so you can  do the small favor right okay let's get into  ,uh embedding the Twitter feed so in order to  embed the Twitter feed we'll be using a free  ,website widget which is called elf site e-l-f-s-i and we can embed our Twitter widget  ,with a feed without using any coding and without  any technical knowledge so it's a simple process  ,click on widgets and then search for  uh Twitter Twitter feed click on that,and then click on create a widget,and from there select any layout which you like  the most so we have a hashtag feed where you can  ,uh embed all of the posts from one  specific hashtag you have a sidebar widget  ,which is a little sleek to add in on your  sidebar you have a grid which i showed you guys  ,and we have profile timeline so in this one  we'll go with the profile timeline and once  ,you click there click on this red color button  pink color button which says continue with this  ,template so just click on that and once you do  that you will have an option to connect to twitter  ,so click make sure you're already logged  into your Twitter account so in order to  ,uh add the Twitter feed you should have a Twitter  account right uh so click on connect to Twitter  ,i'm already logged in to my Twitter account  and I'm going to click on authorize the app,and here we go as you can see our twitter  account has been connected and now we can simply  ,copy the code and in order to  do that click on join to stall  ,so we can use a free account which  allows one website and about 200  ,views so it's good enough to start with  right so click on sign up with google,okay after signing up with google you will  see something like this on the back end,and now click on save,from there click on light plan  which is the free one select,and here you have code showing up which we  will be pasting on our shopify website and in  ,order to do that we'll go back to our shopify  website and go to the admin area of shopify,and after going to the admin  area click on online store,and then click on customize,okay from customize screen go to  the bottom and click on add section  ,and from there search for custom liquid,so i'm using i'm currently using dawn theme  if you're using debut theme or any other theme  ,where you are not seeing the custom liquid  option you will have to follow a tutorial  ,and create a custom section for adding raw html  in order to teach you guys i've already created  ,a tutorial for that you'll find the link in the  description or somewhere in the screen where you  ,can learn how to add a custom section for adding  raw html in your debut theme or in any other theme  ,where you don't find an option to have a custom  liquid okay in our case we are using drawn theme  ,this is the latest version of dom theme where  we have option to add custom html by using  ,widget which is called custom liquid so i'm  going to click on that and here i'll paste  ,the code which is provided by outside apps  so just click to copy and then paste it here,okay now as you can see we are seeing the  twitter profile we can change the profile  ,from the dashboard so here's our dashboard and  this is a widget so we can simply edit the widget,and from here we can replace the twitter username  and embed the profile uh from for our website  ,or for your own company so let's try changing it  to let's find a twitter profile which we can embed,so i'm currently using one of our client twitter  profile for them uh we do social media marketing  ,we manage all of their uh social media stuff  like posting on twitter facebook and managing  ,some of the ads in facebook and google that  so that's what we do for them so as you can  ,see here we have our twitter handle so we'll  simply copy the twitter handle and paste it here,and click save,and now click again to copy the code,on add to website and here we are seeing  the updated code i'll click to copy  ,and then paste on our  shopify custom liquid section,it's gonna take a while to update the profile,let's try refreshing and  try updating the code again,okay let's scroll down to the bottom and as you  can see we are seeing the updated twitter profile  ,and we have already saved now if we go  to the front end of our shopify store,we can see that our twitter profile  have been embedded looks good right  ,so it was a pretty easy tutorial to follow without  using any additional quarter app you can simply  ,follow it to embed your twitter profile if you  like it if you like the tutorial which i create  ,for you guys don't forget to subscribe comment on  the video below until next video have a great day

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