what is shopify used for

What is Shopify? A Shopify explanation for beginners this is my shopify seller dashboard i've,made o

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

What is Shopify? A Shopify explanation for beginners

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What is Shopify? A Shopify explanation for beginners

this is my shopify seller dashboard i've,made over 3 500,in revenue over a three month period,since i've had my shopify account up and,running,there seems to be a lot of confusion,about what shopify is and what it isn't,so i've created this video in hopes of,clarifying some of that information,shopify is an e-commerce platform,through which you can create your own,website to sell your products online,it is not an online marketplace like,amazon,ebay or etsy when you post your products,for sale,on an online marketplace you're selling,to an already existing,customer base hundreds and thousands of,customers who shop on,or can potentially view and,purchase,your product by contrast when you create,your own website through shopify,you have to actively promote your,website and products,to drive traffic and potential customers,to your site,if you take the time to create a shopify,website and post your products on there,but don't take the time to promote and,spread the word about your site,you won't get any sales because nobody,knows that it exists,there are multiple ways to promote your,shopify site,first and foremost create an instagram,or facebook page for the products that,you intend to sell,make sure you have a link to your,shopify site posted in a visible place,in all of your social media platforms,you can also create google and facebook,ad campaigns,within the shopify platform to promote,your products,most importantly create an ebay,and amazon seller account and link them,to your shopify account using the,shopify,channels feature by linking the social,media,and external seller accounts to your,shopify account,you will greatly increase your,visibility and chances of making sales,i have my ebay amazon facebook and,instagram account,all connected to my shopify account so,that every time i post a new item for,sale it will simultaneously also be,posted,on all of these other platforms and i,can handle,all of the orders that i receive from,these other sites,within my shopify seller platform,let me show you a quick example of how,this works,this is a onesie and t-shirt set that i,was selling for father's day,i posted the item for sale on my shopify,website,and because i have my other seller,accounts and social media accounts,linked you'll see that it also posted to,all of my other accounts including,facebook instagram and amazon,when i get a sale on any of these other,accounts shopify will notify me and i,can log into my shopify platform,and print the shipping label to ship out,the item,this saves me the trouble of having to,log into multiple accounts to handle my,orders,taking advantage of this integration and,the shopify channels feature,is what has generated over 90 percent of,my revenue,this is my shopify website i sell mostly,handmade or hand altered items like,custom t-shirts invitations,banners mugs etcetera but you do not,have to create your own products to have,a successful shopify business,you can start a drop shipping business,by buying your products from a,wholesaler,like aliexpress or,you can start making money online today,by taking advantage of all the features,that shopify has to offer,if you found this video helpful and want,to create a shopify website you can use,my referral link below to get a free,two-week trial,let me know if you have any questions or,comments and be sure to like,and subscribe for more content

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