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How To Add A Wholesale Area To Your Shopify Store 2023 - No Coding - Shopify Online Store 2.0 so you

Rihab Seb - eCommerce Coach

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Add A Wholesale Area To Your Shopify Store 2023 - No Coding - Shopify Online Store 2.0

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How To Add A Wholesale Area To Your Shopify Store 2023 - No Coding - Shopify Online Store 2.0

so you want to have a wholesale area on,your shopify store but the solution,provided by shopify is extremely,expensive,and all the available apps are either,very complicated very expensive or even,worse they don't do the basic things,that you essentially need well the,struggle is real but you don't have to,worry anymore because in this video i'm,going to show you how to create a,wholesale area on your store in the,easiest and cheapest way possible hi,there i am rehab and e-commerce coach,and on this youtube channel i share with,you videos related to e-commerce,entrepreneurship and more and in this,video i'm going to show you how to,create a wholesale channel on your,shopify store so wholesalers can come to,your store apply to your wholesale,channel and only when you accept them,they can come back log in and get access,to unique offers products collections,and even pages that your normal,customers can't see or get access to in,this way you will be able to manage all,your inventories your sales within,shopify and not only that you will be,able to give your wholesalers a totally,different experience than your normal,customers i will start this video by,showing you how to create the sunup page,for your wholesalers,then i will show you how to add them to,your store and how to give them the,right access and finally i will show you,how you can hide or show products,collections or even pages for your,wholesalers or your normal customers,after watching this video you will be,able to create a wholesale area on your,shopify store and you will be able to,give your wholesalers a totally,different experience than your normal,customers they will get access to,different products different offers and,different pricing so if this is,something you are looking to create i,highly recommend you to watch this video,up until the end before moving further,with our topic and since you are already,watching this video so this means you,are very serious about your business i,want to invite you to sign up to the,free workshop i'm currently offering in,this workshop i show you the exact,framework that you should be applying to,your business in order to make it,sustainable and strong so if you are,looking to grow your sales and attract,and convert more customers i highly,recommend you to check out this free,workshop you will find the link below in,the description just click on the link,and sign up it's 100 free and now let's,get back to our topic so now i'm going,to show you how to create the wholesale,area on your shopify store this is an,example store that i'm using for this,tutorial as you can see in the menu bar,in here i have two pages the first one,is a page where people can go to apply,to become wholesalers and the second,page in here is a non-sailor,non-wholesaler collection,only customers who didn't sign in or,customers who are normal customers,non-wholesalers can see this,collection when a wholesaler sign in,this collection will be hidden and,instead,wholesalers will see a collection that's,only dedicated for wholesalers this can,be helpful if you want to remove,distractions from your wholesaler,dashboard so instead of allowing,wholesalers to see all collections they,can only see the collection dedicated,for them with the offers the bundles and,so on,let me take you first to the page where,the wholesalers can apply,so this is a page that i have created,it's a very simple page in here you have,an application form that a business need,to fill in order to apply to become a,wholesaler on our store after filling,this application and sending it you will,be receiving an email from shopify,telling you that someone has submitted,this form you can then check their,information and if you want to add them,as customers on your store you can do,that and you must give them the tag,wholesalers if you want them to become,wholesalers when you do that you can,invite them to create an account and,they will be receiving an email from,your site asking them to create an,account and then this way,they will have their own email and,password and account on your store i'm,going to show you how to do all of that,in a few seconds,now as i told you this collection is,only available for customers before,signing in or for normal customers i'm,gonna sign in to a wholesaler account to,show you how this collection will be,hidden and instead of it i will be only,seeing the wholesale collection,so from here i will click in order to,sign in to my wholesaler account,after signing in you can see that this,page,disappeared and instead of it we have,now the wholesale collection you can,also hide this page if you wish it's,something very easy to do once we move,to the part where i'm going to show you,how to hide and show collections and the,pages now let's start with the first,thing we need to do in this tutorial and,it is to create this page and in here we,have two different options if you are,using a professional theme a paid theme,you will have a different way to create,this page than if you have a free theme,like the dawn theme for example i'm,going to show you two different examples,the first example i'm going to create a,page on a professional theme and in the,second example i'm going to create this,page on the dawn theme if you are using,another free theme from shopify you just,need to follow that don't thin tutorial,and get inspired from it and if you have,any question don't hesitate to leave a,comment below and i would be more than,happy to help you out,now let me show you this example store,from here it's using the focal theme,which is a very professional shopify,theme i like this theme so much and i,have talked about it so many times on,this youtube channel,so as you can see i have created this,page in here it's my wholesale page and,here i have included my unique selling,propositions a way to allow people to,log in if they want and then here i have,the contact form with all of these,information required information you can,add as many feeds as you wish but be,reasonable you don't want to overwhelm,your wholesalers with a lot of questions,so keep it short and ask the most,important questions,now let me tell you or show you how i,have created this page and this is,almost the same thing that you need to,do if you are using a professional theme,from the shopify theme store,from here you go to pages and you click,on create a template what we are doing,in here is to create a template for the,wholesale page so you can call this,template in here i'm gonna call it trial,because i have already created my,wholesale page so i'm gonna create name,it trial,i can start by giving it the contact,page template as a like as a base,okay i don't care a lot about the,content in here because i'm going to,hide it anyway but you are seeing this,because we didn't assign yet this,template to any page so shopify is,showing this by default anyway i'm gonna,hide this part because i want to create,my own sections so this is the default,contact,form with the default like required,information but i want to add more,fields to it,so what i'm going to do is to go in here,to this section which called contact you,can in here change the heading and add,content near it near to it these options,in here will be different depending on,the theme you are using but let's start,in here for example by,by,changing the heading we can put for,example,apply to become a partner,and in here you can fill the other,information if you wish i'm not going to,do that but from here if i want to add a,field the only thing i need to do is to,click on add block when i do that i have,two options either i choose to add a,text field or or a drop down i'm gonna,go with the text field first and let's,say that the first information i want is,the business name,so as you can see now i have a new field,on this contact form and it is the,business name i can make it required and,i can make it big if i wish i'm gonna,keep it as it is,i can go back in here and add another,text field let's say this time i'm gonna,ask about the website,and also i'm gonna make it required,you can keep adding as much blocks as,you wish for example if you want to add,the phone number you can do that so,let's say i want to add,phone number,and make it also required,after finishing as you can see you have,this form in here and you can add as,many as many fields as you wish in,addition to that you can go in here to,the section and add any section you wish,so you can create something similar to,this page for example this is a page,from a well-known brand so this is a the,page where wholesalers can apply you can,be as creative as you wish using all the,sections in here you can add images you,can add a rich text to add a,title and so on,so now after we create this template and,save it what we need to do is to go back,to our shopify backend and to create a,page and assign this template to this,page okay to make it live on the store,so you go back in here you go to pages,you click on add a page i'm also going,to call it a trial,and in here you give it a template which,is the trial template and you click on,save,the second thing you need to do is to go,back to the navigation in here,and from the menu main menu you need to,link to this navigation to this page i'm,gonna link to my original,uh wholesale page,so from here i will search for wholesale,and click on add and i will save the,menu,item i can move it up if i wish in here,for example and click on save,i will go back in here click on,customize,and as you can see now i have a new page,if i click on it this is my wholesale,page,okay so this is how you create a,wholesale application page using a,professional theme like the focal theme,for example now let's see how you can do,the same exact thing if you are using,the don't theme and you need to know,that it's a little bit more complicated,okay now moving to this store and this,is actually a store made using the don,theme if you go for example in here and,you click on create a new page,let's call it also trial,and we will start with a contact page as,default,i will hide this part as you can see,when you click here on the contact form,you can't actually add fields so you,can't add any fields inside of this,contact form you can only change the,heading and change a little bit about,the,css to how the heading looks like but,that's it so how are we going to add,more fields to this contact form,well we are going to play around a,little bit with the code so you go back,in here,and instead of clicking on customize you,are going to click on actions and on,edit code,from the search bar in here i need you,to search for contact,and as you can see in here you have the,contact form.liquid this is a contact,form that i have created myself in order,to create my wholesale page which is,this page in here but in your case you,will only find this one so you need to,look at the contact form you will find,under the sections what i need you to do,is to click on add a new section,you need to name the section in my case,i'm going to name it trial because i,have already created my wholesaler's,contact form in your case you can call,it contact form,dash wholesalers like this one,so what i needed to do is now to remove,all of this code from here,go back in here copy all the content,like this and paste it in here,after pasting it the second thing we,need to do is to click on save,okay,now we need to start changing the,content of this,contact form so now we have like a,second contact form which is exactly the,same one as the original one what i need,to do is to add more fields like in in,here to this contact form so you go back,in here to your contact form and you,search for something like this dev class,equal contact fields,so i know that you don't want to,learn about coding it's totally fine i,don't need you to do that even me i'm,not a web developer but i know a little,bit how to tweak some uh codes in order,to get what i need and this is exactly,what i'm teaching you,so you go in here to contact fields you,can by the way click on search and,search for it so you type it and you,will find it,okay as you can see this is the first,field this is the one starting with the,div and ending with the div this is the,first field we have and it is the name,field so this is the first field you,have originally on the contact page of,the store if you go back in here to,contact,as you can see this is the first field,which is the name,okay but in my case in here i have added,more fields below it that's exactly what,i want you to do,i want you to copy this in here this,section from the div to the div you copy,it and you simply scroll down,until you find the,let's see what was the second field it,was done phone number so you find the,phone number which is this one and you,paste your code before the div okay,so like this,you've not you never cropped the div in,the middle you paste your code above the,div now if you,save this i'm by the way changing the,default contact form if i refresh this,page in here,i should have a new field below above,the phone number actually which is also,a name field,as you can see i have now a new field,but i don't want this field to be name i,want it to be business name so i need to,change a little bit this code that i,have just added in order to be a,business name,so this is what you need to change this,is the original code and all the things,in yellow should be changed this is the,after code this is the code with the,business name as you can see i have,changed everything related to the name,and made it business name and this,section in here,this is the label the placeholder label,i've also changed it to business name,if you want to get a hold of this code,please let me know in the comment,section below and i will leave this code,for you so you change everything in,yellow to be business name and i have,changed the same exact thing and made it,for websites so as you can see all the,things involved have been changed okay i,will copy these two new codes and paste,them,inside of my contact form in your case,you need you need to be pasting them in,the trial one so you don't mess around,with your original contact form,okay so i'm gonna paste them in here and,click on save,and now when i go back in here and click,on refresh i would be seeing,two new fields,one for the business name and one for,the website,so as you can see i have added these two,new fields and i can repeat the same,thing adding new fields as long as i,wish and i can't keep doing the same,thing until i have all the fields i need,okay after finishing that what i need,you to do is to go in here,and to click to create also a new page,like we have done,and this time instead of adding your,contact form the original one you click,on add section and as you can see now i,have three different contact form this,is the default one this is the one i,have created previously so this is the,one you find in here on this page,and this is the one we have just created,okay this is the oldest and this is the,newest i'm gonna choose the second one,because this is the one i have created,and i will click on save and as you can,see now i have my wholesaler contact,form you can definitely remove this one,which is the old one and that's it,okay i'm going back to my default,contact form and i'm gonna make it,or as it as it was let me go to the,older version actually,so it's gonna be this one click on save,i will remove the trial one,because i we didn't actually use it so i,will delete the file,okay so in your case you will have,exactly this you will have your original,contact form not touched and you will,have the contact form you have played,around with where you have added that to,contact the two new fields okay i'm,going back in here i will refresh,without saving,and in here i will remove this one,and remove also this one,if you click now on add section you have,two contact forms you pick the newest,one and this this is gonna be the one,with the wholesale and wholesalers,information okay and you can create as,many sections as you wish and you just,need to go back to your pages create a,page and assign this template to this,page and that's it the same thing we,have done with the professional theme,now after creating your page you need to,link to it on the header like we have,done in here and we need to start hiding,products and locking products depending,on the customers type,so,let me go back in here,and under customers i will show you how,you can add a customer when someone,applies your wholesale,to your wholesale you click here on add,customer,you enter the name the email the phone,number and everything,and you add the tag which is the,wholesaler if this is your first,wholesaler you need to write down the,tag because the tag wouldn't be,available so you need to write it down,after that you just need to select it,i'm gonna just use a random email to,create this invitation to show you how,it looks like,so you click on save and after doing,that what you need to do is to actually,click on send account invitation,otherwise the person you just added will,never know that you have added them to,the store so you need to click on send,account invitation you review the email,and you send the invitation when you,send the invitation the wholesalers will,be receiving an email from your part so,they can create an account provide a,password and sign in to their account,there is also something important that,you need to make sure of you need to,make sure that when you go to settings,under checkout,you have the accounts as optional i,don't want you to make the accounts,required just make them optional so,wholesalers can log in and access their,unique collection,now in order to uh,now the second thing i need you to,create is to go to products and to,create a collection for your wholesalers,this is my wholesale collection okay so,this is the collection i need,wholesalers to see and these are the,other collections i need to hide from,wholesalers so how i'm going to do that,you are going to do that using using an,app called locksmith locksmith is a very,good app and it's actually very cheap,i'm gonna show it to you,i guess it's only for nine dollars per,month and not only that it comes with,two days free two weeks free trial okay,this app will allow you to lock and hide,products from your store and,change access to products and,collections depending on customers tags,and you can even make create passwords,for pages and so on,so when you install this app on your,shopify store you will have access to a,dashboard similar to this one,okay i have already created some logs in,here i will recreate them with you so,you can understand more how this app,works,so this is my store and as you can see i,have a wholesale collection and a,non-wholesale collection let's click on,view,so now i'm not signed in,and if you go in here you can see that,i'm not signed in and i can see all of,these tabs i can see the wholesale,collection and the non-wholesale,collection,what i want to do is to hide this,collection for wholesalers when they,sign in and i want to hide this,collection from normal customers or from,people who didn't sign in,so i will be going in here to my,locksmith,and i will start by creating a lock the,lock would be for the wholesale,collection,so i will make it locked unless a,customer,has a special special tag which is the,wholesale,okay so now only wholesalers can see,this,uh this collection,if i don't choose these two options in,here,customers will still be able to see the,tab in here but they wouldn't have,access to it okay so let me show you,i will click on save,and refresh this page,so as you can see now it's telling me,that the content is protected but if i,go in here and i choose these two,options,the app will be even hiding the link for,me so if i click here on refresh,as like as you can see i can no longer,see the wholesale collection if i sign,in to my wholesale account i will be,able to see it so let me show you,now after signing in i can see the,wholesale collection when i sign out i,can see the wholesale collection anymore,now let's say i want wholesalers when,they sign in to be uh able to only see,the wholesale collection and i want to,hide this collection from them so i,don't like create distractions for them,or bore them with so many products and,so on or maybe you don't want,wholesalers to be able to order single,products or single items so i'm gonna go,in here back to my,application,and then here i'm gonna create a new,look,i guess this is the collection number,two i guess yeah i'm gonna create a lock,for the candles collection which is the,collection i want to hide,and i will click on create lock,i will create it with the same way as if,i'm creating a log,that only allows wholesaler to access a,a page,then i will invert this lock okay so,before it was only allowing the people,with attack wholesaler to see the,product now when i click on invert it,means that i'm not allowing people,tagged with wholesaler to see the,product and you do the same in here and,you click on save,now going back in here to our home page,so this is me as a normal customer i,didn't sign in i had i can see,everything i can see the non-wholesaler,collection i can apply to wholesale if i,click in here and i sign in to my,account,i can see the wholesale collection but i,can't see the non-wholesaler collection,now let's say i want also to hide this,page so i will just it's the wholesale,page so i will go back in here and,create a rock for the wholesale page,i'm not sure what why i'm not finding it,so this is the page,i'm gonna create,and i will,allow only wholesalers to see it then,i will invert this look and i will hide,everything,now i'm going back to my store i will,refresh it,so now i'm a normal customer i didn't,sign in i can see the apply to wholesale,and i can see the normal collection i'm,gonna sign in to my wholesaler account,from here,and now as you can see i can only see,the wholesale collection i can't see,anymore the apply to wholesale,page,okay so as you can see it's very simple,this app is very simple it's,it's very straightforward and you can,easily work with it,thank you so much for watching this,video and for staying up until the end i,truly appreciate that before leaving i,want to remind you to sign up to the,free workshop i'm currently offering in,this workshop i show you the exact,framework that you should be applying to,your business in order to make it strong,and sustainable and in order to be able,to grow your business by attracting,converting and retaining more customers,so if you are interested in that don't,forget to sign up using the link you,will find in the description below thank,you again for watching this video and,before leaving don't forget to smash the,like button to subscribe to my channel,and to hit the notification bell because,in this way you will get notified each,time i publish a new video see you next,week bye,you

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