how to export subscribers from woo subscriptions into recharge in shopify.

How to Offer Subscriptions on Your Shopify Store hey guys it's the ecom bull here and,today i'm goin


Updated on Jan 03,2023

How to Offer Subscriptions on Your Shopify Store

The above is a brief introduction to how to export subscribers from woo subscriptions into recharge in shopify.

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how to export subscribers from woo subscriptions into recharge in shopify. catalogs

How to Offer Subscriptions on Your Shopify Store

hey guys it's the ecom bull here and,today i'm going to show you how to offer,subscriptions on your shopify store we,will be adding a product that customers,can subscribe to on a monthly or weekly,basis but first let me tell you the,advantages of a subscription business,model and why you should consider it no,matter what you're selling the most,obvious reason to have a subscription,business model is that you can,accurately predict how much revenue your,business will regenerate the following,month you will also be able to,anticipate future demand and produce or,order products based on guaranteed sales,that you will get from your,subscriptions pretty much all of the big,companies rely on subscriptions for,continuous growth and small companies,should too but ecombol subscriptions is,not a native feature of shopify you need,a huge development team to be able to do,this my friend is actually easier than,you think well show me how then of,course i will that's what i'm here for,let's get started to have a subscription,business model and offer subscription,boxes and have recurring payments you're,gonna need an app and the app that i,like is the app still subscriptions and,loyalty and i like it for a few reasons,let me show you first of all and the,most important thing it has zero percent,transaction fees a lot of other apps,they get a cut of every sale that you,make and i don't like that business,model it's just bad for growth and also,the good thing is that it is free until,you have at least,dollars in monthly subscription sales,then after that you just pay twenty,dollars per month and you have up to ten,thousand monthly subscription sales so i,think it's very well priced especially,because of all the features that it has,and i'm gonna leave a link in the,description so that you can download it,directly but let's go and see the back,end of the app alright so here is where,you will handle all of your,subscriptions where you will see your,analytics where you will see your,customers you know the ones that are,active the ones that are paying every,month and the orders get imported to,shopify and you just see them as a,regular order so you know you can just,ship it seamlessly and very cool that,this has is the when you go to shop,settings you can add just so many things,and also you can integrate it to your,theme so you will get the colors they,will get the layout the format so it,will look super native and now let's,create a product so we can offer it as a,subscription so we're gonna go to,products,and add products and you're gonna add a,product just like you normally do just,add the title at the description add a,few images at the options if it has some,different variations like size or colors,let's add some images to this variance,really quickly,add images and it would be like that all,right and now let's view the product all,right so the product is right here we,got the images the description the,customer will be able to select the size,and add it to the card just as normal,but now we're gonna add the subscription,option so let's go to the app store app,and let's look for,manage plans inside the subscription,plans you're gonna click on subscription,plans and create your first subscription,plan let's give this plan a name and now,we're gonna select the products that,will have this subscription plan so,let's look for the product that we just,added,and it will be this one right here so,we'll select all of the variations,and click on add,so now we have it here we have the,product and now we have to choose the,frequency so monthly bi-weekly daily if,you want you know let's first do the,monthly,and let's choose the pay as you go plan,and basically the difference between the,plans is that the pay as you go they,charge them immediately all right and,then you also have prepaid one-time plan,where a customer will pay for a few,deliveries right so multiple periods of,future orders at the same time so just,at the beginning but what happens with,the prepaid one-time plan that it,doesn't automatically renew but you also,have prepaid auto renew which will allow,you for example to charge the customer,for three months and after the three,months you will charge them for three,more months but we're gonna go for the,standard pay as you go now for the,frequency plan description this is what,your customers will actually see on the,product page let's explain the plan,we're gonna just put receive one black,and one white f3 gym shirts every month,and the frequency will be every one and,months alright you can choose specific,order dates in case that for example you,want to ship all of the subscriptions on,the first of every month but i don't,want to do that i want to start the,subscription whenever they actually buy,the subscription if they buy the fifth,and they choose a monthly plan the next,fifth of the next month i'm gonna send,them another pack of shirts now let's,choose a few advanced options so the,minimum number of orders i'm just gonna,leave it at one order they just have to,buy the subscription for one month,and the maximum number of orders it,doesn't matter,so let's offer a free trial no not for,this kind of product and let's offer a,discount for the subscription yeah so,we're gonna offer them 20 off if instead,of just buying the product once they,actually sign for a subscription,all right,that's good let's click on save now it,shows right here on the subscription,plans but let's check the product all,right so this was the product let's just,refresh the page,and yes you can see it right here the,customer can just buy the product or,they can subscribe and save so yeah,monthly delivery receive one black one,white every month and you're saving 20,percent so it's very compelling right,now let's add a bi-weekly option so,let's go back,to the,subscriptions plan and let's edit the,plan again we're gonna go down here,where we made the monthly and we're,gonna add more frequency and this one is,gonna be bi-weekly,and it's gonna be also pay as you go and,the description will be,a the same but just every two,weeks,the frequency will be,so let's put,two weeks and advanced options is gonna,have the same offer discount it's gonna,be the same discount all right 20 off,minimum orders one and save now let's go,and check on the shirt again let's,refresh the page so they have one-time,purchase or they have subscribe and save,and they can choose monthly or bi-weekly,see i need updates now let's see what,happens when the customer buys the shirt,and also what the merchant will see in,their back end and speaking about,subscriptions how about you subscribe to,this channel for more e-commerce content,thank you for that let's continue,alright so let's just make a test order,i'm gonna go for the monthly and well,you can also hover on subscription,details and it just tells you you know,how the subscriptions work but let's add,to cart you're buying the f3 bundle on,double excel and it's gonna be a monthly,plan let's check out we fill up all of,the information and we click on,subscribe now you see how it's not by,now it says subscribe now and now we,arrive at the thank you page and look,because there's gonna be a few things,that are different from a normal,checkout first of all you have this,element here the subscription continue,to your account to view and manage your,subscriptions please use the same email,that you use to buy the subscription,this is just in case the customer,doesn't have an account already on the,website you know so they can just sign,up and manage their subscription and you,see here it says recurring total 31,every month all right let's click on,manage your subscription and this is,what the customer will see you see one,month subscription is active i made a,test before and i closed the,subscription so this is how it will also,show if you have subscriptions that are,already closed or you can see the,details of that subscription right so,okay this is what you're getting the,shipping information you know the,payment details and you can of course,cancel the subscription if you want as a,customer right now let's see how it,looks on the back end as a merchant,on the back end of the app still app,you're just gonna go to subscriptions,and here you can see all of the,subscriptions that you have and as you,can see this is the one that i tested,and i cancel it and then this is the one,that is active that we just created so,you can see you know the details of the,people and when you click on,subscription details you can see,everything right here and let's say that,the customer needs to change something,and you know they just email you instead,of changing it themselves you can of,course edit anything that you need in,here on the back end without needing the,customer to go and change the stuff,let's see how it looks in your actual,shopify orders page you see right here,this is the order that we just received,and the delivery method is subscription,and you also have the tag app store,subscription so you can easily go and,filter by for example tags and you just,put you know app still subscription and,you will be able to you know just to see,all of the subscriptions that are coming,up all right we're gonna close that and,when you open the actual order you can,see the details of the subscription and,of course if you click on view,subscription you automatically go to the,back end of the app store app and you,have it you know right there so i think,it's pretty easy to add subscriptions to,your store and you can add subscriptions,to a bunch of products and do different,product combinations you can even do,build a box is a feature that they have,where a customer can select different,kinds of subscriptions and if they,combine different types of subscriptions,for different products you can even give,them a higher discount so there's a lot,of options what i'm going to do is add a,bunch of subscription options on my,store for different kinds of products on,different categories and to make it,legit i bought a bunch of subscription,boxes from alibaba i designed them and i,think they cost me like about three,dollars per box and i got about 500,boxes they are pretty big so depending,on the size of your products you know,you can probably save a little bit of,money or spend more i'm very excited for,the future of my store now that i have,this subscription options it used to be,impossible but now with this app it's,super simple thank you thank you thank,you i'm out

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