how to update shopify theme without losing customization

How To Update Shopify Theme Without Losing Customization hey how's it going there the solutions,so t


Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Update Shopify Theme Without Losing Customization

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how to update shopify theme without losing customization catalogs

How To Update Shopify Theme Without Losing Customization

hey how's it going there the solutions,so today we have a client who you know,just having some issues they have a lot,of uh you know issues with their theme,you know where you know obviously a,loose load times and it's due to the,fact that they installed a lot of apps,previously and apps tenderly if you know,hold code behind its very own optimized,apps don't really care you know these,app companies don't care about your,store and how they install their app and,uninstall it you know they care about,you know getting that monthly payment,and also you know they want to install,everything globally they don't kind of,you know separate things so what we're,doing is I'm going to show you how to,you know handle that that exact issue we,optimized the store still not really,happy so I went back to the client and,said hey you know on I think we should,probably install a fresh copier theme,that way,you know only the apps are in actually,need and actually are using will be,installed on this theme it will also,remove that coat all those old codes,that were left behind now why do you,don't know but the proper way to,actually remove apps is to go into the,app and disable the settings wait a,little while because typically some apps,they have this they have what we call,cron job now runs in the background goes,through you know stores that are,disabled and more typically you know a,large majority of apps of ethics that,I've used in with this experience go and,remove the code that that's left behind,and then after once that's completed you,can actually go and delete the app most,of you don't do that you just go,straight up and delete the app don't,really blame you because no one told you,now I did so I'm gonna show you how to,install a fresh copy of the theme so I'm,gonna go in and delete this theme right,here and show you the steps of them and,then I took so does this particular,client is using district so what we're,gonna do is we're going to go down here,we're gonna go to shop by theme store,I'm gonna search up district and because,they paid for it we can actually go and,install the latest version so we're,gonna do that kind of looked at do its,thing,all right Wow Shopify you're actually,fast for once,all right so now we got having close out,of this window now we have the that we,have district so I'm gonna rename this,while it's doing this whole thing and,we're just saying this fresh copy so now,there's nothing here right there's,nothing no settings of MA no,customizations nothing nada zilch right,now a lot of people don't know this but,you know I've seen numerous people going,and have to redesign their store you,don't have to do that I really don't you,can go here we can edit the code you can,see I did a lot of different things here,so we're gonna go here and all the way,down to config settings data now mind,you this won't always copy everything,over but it's gonna save you a lot of,time time is everything so it's gonna go,here,copy the code I'm gonna go back here and,go to the fresh copy edit code open in a,new window or the top brother and we're,good we'll all we'll be down back down,here setting the beta control a now I'm,gonna paste that in right it's safe all,right so now there's some different,blocks that so these aren't really big,issues you know in dot type for block,bubble block so we're gonna go in and,find out which block that is and,probably just remove it entirely unless,of course he has some things that we did,for him let's see yeah data's gonna copy,this we make a new block called lazy,video we'll leave this open add a new,section lazy video so there's some,things like I know most likely that,there's some sections that we added that,aren't really that aren't there so we're,just gonna go in here Kurt lays a video,nine times out of ten that's usually,work but because most likely his client,had custom development made you know,I've done to a store that's why it's not,working so if we hit save I'm almost,positive that one error should go away,let me go here refresh because Shopify,really dumb with how they work go back,into here let me make sure that file got,created it did so it's giving us the,same error so what's going and find,which one they are no everything like,this is all like you know trial and,error trying to figure out where things,are so product template related products,related products so that is just not,working so where else is this number so,it's down it's only in two locations it,seems like about three locations and I,wish you would tell me the actual error,but we can go here and remove this block,entirely yeah no all right so we got to,go up here so product template related,products you need to weep that add a,comma all right so one of them's been,fixed all right so it seems like it's,the related product that's causing the,issue 6-2 6-2 yep so now we're just,gonna delete every instance of this,particular this particular block and,it's our section rather and the best way,to kind of figure out where you should,be deleting is you have this little,opening opening opening squirrely,bracket and it highlights the bottom so,we just have to go here and here and,we'll be good it's safe see if and again,we got another one right just keep going,down on the list it's very very easy,it's not difficult at all,just take some time and patience and we,have one more so now technically all we,have to do is compare and contrast the,differences between the the themes the,old theme and the new theme and that's,fixed so now here's that preview that we,had right,just like that back to how it was,there's probably a few things we got a,tweet but nothing major you know there,are some slight differences but overall,his colors everything he has is all here,you know we have this feature right here,that was added in right here I am there,you go so if we want to we can actually,check out and compare the differences,all right so we'll go open up an,incognito window we'll see what the big,difference is you know there's probably,some major differences because this is,an updated version of the theme so see,how already I can already notice one,that's different already so this this,header top was this top header looks a,little bit different so you got the,search here so it's missing the Currency,Converter you know we can kind of go,back and forth back and forth you can,tell it the images the images moved a,little bit you know he had a you know he,had two ghost dollars in the cart and,scroll down on this one as well let's,see so I have to scroll down on here and,we're just compare and contrast you know,obviously he doesn't have the he doesn't,have the judge me reviews Kara sort here,so these are all simple things we can,integrate I noticed that this is missing,as well so it just simple little things,that we have to go in and add back in,but that's not really that big of a deal,it really is you know but now you have a,nice clean theme it's not bloated with a,bunch of random apps that you installed,you know months ago you know nothing's,really slowing you down we can check the,the console log and see if there's any,errors you know there's this is one,error right now that can be easily fixed,but his other theme had a million,different errors million different hurts,so yeah that is the easiest way to,update your theme migrate your setting,so I'll having to do every single thing,over,and I highly suggest doing this now one,thing to note that some apps may,reinstall themselves just like this one,so you know that that's the that's the,good thing about this whole whole entire,thing is that the apps themselves will,eventually get reinstalled I did notice,that some apps when you go in and,reinstall them that don't reinstall all,you gonna do is go into the app click,Save and and also publish this theme,because the app will know that ok this,is the most this is the active theme,let's go and install our code you know,I'm not I'm not saying the old apps the,new apps they'll go in and sell their,code and things that you start working,again you know and I'm probably gonna do,that in just a minute but this was just,a quick video a little tip on how to you,know update your theme transfer your,settings to save you time and also have,a nice well optimized up-to-date fresh,theme,I hope it's helped you guys definitely,subscribe and definitely join the group,you know shop foreigners we're at over,15,000 members now and you know a lot of,valuable content in there and if you,guys need a store definitely go to nerdy,solutions comm where the guys the higher,we develop beautiful high converting,stores we have nothing but positive,reviews so definitely check that out,guys thanks for watching

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