how to tell if a website is shopify

How to Find out What Platform a Website Uses hey guys it's peggy dean of the pigeon,letters where i

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Find out What Platform a Website Uses

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How to Find out What Platform a Website Uses

hey guys it's peggy dean of the pigeon,letters where i provide,random tutorials of all kinds of things,creative in this video we're going to be,going over,how to find out what web platform,somebody is using so you might be on a,site and you're like gosh i really love,this you might be looking to build your,site or even switch over to something,that's less confusing than wordpress,sorry for all your wordpress lifers but,i'm going to show you exactly how to do,it i'm going to show you how to do it on,two different browsers both chrome,and on safari so without further ado,let's jump right into it,i've gotten permission from a few of my,friends to show you some examples so,the first browser i'm using is chrome,and then i'm also going to show you in,safari but for chrome all you need to do,is go to the website of the person or,you know company or whatever that you're,wanting to find out the platform of and,then you're going to anywhere on the,page,right click and say inspect this is,going to,create this pop-up code situation and a,lot of you are not going to know what,any of this means and don't worry you do,not have to,all you have to do is toggle over to,sources right here,in this top menu of the developer tab,once you're in sources it's going to,pull up all of these drop down arrows,and you will see,right away that you'll see,wp content wp here and oftentimes toward,the bottom it should also,oftentimes will have a folder similar,but just seeing this right here wp,that means wordpress i know that cassie,yost is using,wordpress on her site so if you're ever,on a site that you absolutely love,you can see exactly where they're,hosting or how they're hosting it since,wordpress is one of those ones that can,be iffy for a lot of people,you can also take note of other websites,like for instance paper playgrounds,is brook glacier's site it's,friendly it's nice it's well laid out,and i'm going to right click,on an empty space here say inspect same,thing i'm going to go over to,sources so that's the one thing that a,lot of people forget to do is actually,go over and navigate to sources,and they'll be looking through elements,they'll try to figure it out not sure,what's going on,so go to sources from sources,you can now see that you have,squarespace popping up all over the,place,on the left hand side brooke is using,squarespace for her site,so now you know exactly where she builds,this,last example is my own website,you will pull this up here you see,everything that's going on i'm going to,right click somewhere,go down to inspect and,from there go to sources,from here i can see kajabi kajabi so i,know,that the pigeon also peggy,dean which is me,i am using kajabi and there are many,reasons,why people use different things and so,it's really important that you also go,in and read every you know read up on,what's going to work best for your,workflow etc but,this is going to give you a very easy,way to just check and see what somebody,is using,so now i'm going to show you the same,thing in safari so i have safari open,here i'm going to show you the exact,same websites in the exact same order, i'm going to right-click,inspect element you'll see that the,developer tab shows up on the bottom,all i need to do here's sources right,here,and then i can see exactly what's going,on it doesn't have,the obvious scripts here on the left you,can also just,look down a little bit so i see she's,using the yoast plugin, wordpress so there's an easy,tell that she is using wordpress so it's,usually right in the beginning somewhere,i'm going to do the same thing,with paper playgrounds i don't have to,exit i'm pointing at my computer like,you can see it but,i don't have to exit out of this,developer tab either i can just keep it,open if i know the site i want to go to,and it will automatically pull that up,for me so sources that i just had to,load and i can see,right here squarespace so i know she's,using squarespace,and then lastly my website,i'm just showing you different ones so,that you can see how they might show up,depending on the code that's in the,website itself just because,it will show up differently depending on,what they have going on on their front,page and whatnot,but i can see let's see if i go okay so,i scrolled down just a tad kajabi,storefronts so i know that i am using,kajabi so if this was helpful stay tuned,because my next video is going to be,going over how to find out,fonts that are used on websites i can't,wait to give you guys more tips and,tricks be sure to come over to, to snag all of your,freebies,and learn all the more things because,more things are fun to learn okay i'll,see you next time turn your,notifications on see ya bye

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