how to switch domain from squarespace to shopify

How to migrate from Squarespace to Shopify hey what's up it's omari harebin uh,today we're going to

Omari Harebin

Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to migrate from Squarespace to Shopify

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how to switch domain from squarespace to shopify catalogs

How to migrate from Squarespace to Shopify

hey what's up it's omari harebin uh,today we're going to talk about how to,migrate,from squarespace to shopify uh this is,something that we do,at and i thought it,would be useful,to share how we actually go about that,process just in case,you wanted to do it yourself or maybe,you want us to do it for you at least,you know,what goes into it so here's the process,as i've outlined it the first step is to,migrate your store data,and to do that we use lit extension i,made a video on that which i'll link to,and i'll talk more about that in a,moment,and then once you've got all of your,stored data in shopify,you're going to want to customize your,shopify theme maybe you want to,upgrade it and buy a premium theme or,maybe you want to just customize one of,the default themes it's up to you,then you can recreate your pages your,squarespace pages,in shopify and there are some seo,considerations that you want to make,spelled that wrong there are some,seo considerations you want to make and,we'll talk about that in a moment,and then from there you want to turn on,your payments apps,and then switch to domain all right so,jump into the process um step one,so when you use lit extension it takes,your products your customers your orders,your categories and it sends all that to,shopify even your store coupons and,discounts,as well as blog posts what it doesn't,migrate is it doesn't migrate all of,your pages,it doesn't migrate the additional info,sections,if you have any content there for your,products,yeah that you'll have to recreate,manually,now once you've got that data over right,now you're going to log into shopify all,of your products are going to be there,collections now you need a shopify theme,now if you don't if you're not super,attached to your squarespace design,and you don't mind using one of the,shopify themes,i recommend buying one from the theme,store or,a site called out of the sandbox,but if you want to do it yourself,perhaps,and you like the page builder aspect of,squarespace then there are some page,builders,for shopify that you can use one of them,being shogun the other pagefly,i think i prefer shogun over pagefly but,they're both pretty flexible and what,they allow you to do,now if you want to mimic your,squarespace site and shopify exactly,um and you don't want to do it yourself,when that's where uh square genie would,come in or you could hire developer on,somewhere like,upwork or wherever else you can find,shopify developers,and now you're ready to recreate your,pages so you've got your,your customized theme your products are,already in there,the only thing missing at this point um,are your pages,and your your apps and stuff so you're,going to recreate your pages keep all,the content the same don't change,anything,copy over your legal pages,you want to customize your check out,test your forms and,for seo the lit extension tool that,migrates all your store data,it also um does redirects as well so all,of your product,and store redirects it'll do that but,for pages you're going to have to create,those redirects yourself,because the url structure in shopify is,a little different,so if you've got an about page on your,squarespace site and it's just,backslash about on shopify it's going to,be,backslash pages backslash about,so you'll have to create a redirect in,shopify,to account for that change your meta,descriptions you can use,a tool like scream and frog or you can,just,manually go through and copy and paste,your meta descriptions from,squarespace to shopify as well as your,image tags,and internal links,all right so now the final step,is to turn on your payment gateways,integrate any apps that you might have,set up your taxes your shipping and,delivery settings all in shopify,and then you're ready to go from there,you're ready to move your domain,over now if your domain is is,uh hosted by squarespace meaning you,bought your domain from squarespace,directly,then you're going to need to transfer it,but if you got your domain from a third,party,like godaddy or namecheap then you can,just,switch the domain,it's a lot easier to do that you can,just disconnect from squarespace and,then,connect that domain to shopify,once you've done that you're ready to,launch so hopefully you found this,helpful useful um you know as usual you,can leave me a comment,um i try to get to these uh youtube,questions a lot faster than i used to,so you can ask a question here um or you,can email me,omari at uh, peace

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