how much is shopify premium

PREMIUM Shopify Themes in 2021. How much should you pay? i will tell you why you should never buy,a

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

PREMIUM Shopify Themes in 2021. How much should you pay?

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PREMIUM Shopify Themes in 2021. How much should you pay?

i will tell you why you should never buy,a theme from the shopify store,it takes a while because the client has,700 000,products,in this video we're reviewing shopify,teams we will start with some basic,teams from 29 dollars which have a lot,of functionalities and we will move on,to,more premium teams upwards to 450,dollars we will look through them i will,leave you all the links in the,description,i will show you the features so you can,decide which one is best for you and i,will tell you why,you should never buy a theme from the,shopify store they are very expensive,and most of them are very very limited,most themes we are talking about today,will have a lot of pre-built,applications in them in the shopify,store you will find themes,but shopify will want you to use their,apps as well,so that's why probably you will pay a,hundred and eighty dollars,for a team and then you'll end up,spending 200 to 250,for apps normally when i look for a team,the first place i'm going to is team,forest i have been using,this website for a long time now they do,have,a lot of beautiful themes in the,bestsellers you will see,wookie well i bought wookie a few weeks,ago,and i asked for a refund because they,lack a basic functionality you cannot,set on how many columns you want the,products display on a collection page,on mobile and on desktop so if you,choose two columns on desktop that will,appear automatically in mobile,i think in this day and age this is,something essential for a website to,have but the five or ten percent of,people that go online,from a desktop device should be able to,see products in more than just two,columns so we will skip,wookie for now and we will go to the,cheapest theme available which is,lucian let's see some of the features,you got product color swatch,product quick review ax product filter,sticky add to cart sales pop-up search,autocomplete,built-in mega menu recommended products,and you have some hover styles here you,have here a few examples of the category,page,very simple team and for just 29 it's,basically free,if you're just starting out you might,want to pay the 29 instead of using a,free shopify team because you have a lot,more features,don't be fooled by the fact that shopify,has some free themes,you probably start your store with a,free team and then ending up,using a lot of apps which will cost you,monthly and besides that you will,lower the speed of your store so be very,aware of that moving on to the next one,which is,velouria here you have 28 homepage,designs,that you can choose from or you feel,free to customize it yourself as you,wish let's move on to the themes i'm,using most at the moment,which are the themes built by the four,link in the description the four dot co,the cheapest one,is bazel for 69 and the most expensive,one is 99,most complex one i'm using would be,gecko you got different home designs,here,in this team you also have optimized,product pages upsell by hurry countdown,full width add to cart,upsell by visitor and sold absolutely by,trust seal and you got product variation,swatches,lots of header variations and they say,you can save,up to 1500 in app fees,a year for the 99 dollar price these,teams do a lot more than,the ones from the shopify store which,are almost double the price they are,highly customizable,and if you cannot do it by yourself or,you don't have the time to then reach,out and we will be able to help you with,that process,because these teams have a lot of,features i will let you explore them,i'll leave the link in the description,and we will move on to the next one,here we will have a quick look at pixel,union they have some beautifully,designed themes one of them we are using,now for development store i will show in,a second how it looks but first,let's look at what they have on their,website the cheapest one which is a,hundred dollars,edition and then we move on,to superstore which is 280 dollars,this is the one we bought and we are,using right now you do have a special,14-day guarantee if you're not happy you,get a full refund,one thing i have to say about pixel,union is that their support is very good,they usually reply in about 24,maximum 48 hours and they will fix any,issue we got,a very clean mega menu and a unique,design,these are very good themes for shopify,plus stores as well okay let's go in the,best seller category and let's see the,product page which is,pretty simple pretty clean you obviously,have the freedom to change,anything around any design any color,fonts and so on the other,interesting thing about their website is,that you have a mobile view here,and the way the filters look on mobile,now that i showed you the theme,let's show you the store we're working,on this is a store,if you see anything that you like wait,until the website launches,we will be finished in about two weeks i,hope and,it takes a while because the client has,700 000 products we have to make sure,everything is running smoothly before we,launch it it will take a while but this,is a,free sneak peek now moving on to the,most expensive theme on the roster this,one is made by out of the sandbox,which is the same company as pixel union,these cater more to developers because,they are highly customizable,we have again themes from uh 180,we have a few that are 350 and then we,have the flex team which is 450,okay most configurable theme on the,market multiple layout and section,option,easy addition of custom css plus 13,unique style variants to get you started,and this is a shop that is using,flex at the moment to be honest i'm not,impressed,look at these colors you can barely,understand anything here,this yellow with this pink no no,get yourself a designer these themes are,our picks for today if you're going for,a clean look,then superstore is a very good theme for,you if you have a beautifully designed,store and beautiful pictures,then your business will look big and,customer will trust it and they will,want to buy more from you i left the,links in the description for each and,every one of them for pixel union and,for out of the sandbox i also have a 10,discount code for you i will leave that,in the description below,for the other teams i do not have a,discount code but i use them and i paid,full price,even though i'm using them as a,developer these ones i showed you today,i highly recommend and they do have,everything a website needs watch the,other videos on the channel for,some other tips and tricks that i'm,using in my agency and my business,if you have any questions comment down,below if you need help with building,your store or,changing the shopify team making your,store look more professional,or installing apps or you just need an,audit of your website,and see how we can improve it feel free,to reach out by email or leave a comment,and we will get back to you thank you,for watching,see you next time ciao,you

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