how to deal with high risk orders on shopify

The Best Way to Handle High Risk Orders on Your Shopify Store (Step by Step Tutorial) high risk orde

Gabriel Meneses

Updated on Jan 14,2023

The Best Way to Handle High Risk Orders on Your Shopify Store (Step by Step Tutorial)

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The Best Way to Handle High Risk Orders on Your Shopify Store (Step by Step Tutorial)

high risk orders this will happen in,your e-commerce journey and you need to,learn how to handle it an order is,marked high risk whenever shopify,detects that this order might be,fraudulent shopify uses high-end,algorithms and codes that let them know,whenever an order might be fragile they,have so much data and so many years of,experience in the e-commerce space that,they already know exactly when you need,to pay close attention to an order and,the best part they are always improving,these algorithms by the day just to give,you an example shopify knows that,whenever there is a difference between a,billing and a chipping address most,likely this order might be fraudulent,and you'll start noticing in your,e-commerce journey that this type of,orders will start getting flat that is,why you need to pay close attention with,fulfilling this type of orders because,most likely you will be getting a charge,back this happens when the credit card,owner notices a charge on his or her car,and if they didn't make the purchase,they will dispute the charge and the,worst part about this as a business,owner is that the bank can reverse the,funds taking them from your account to,the credit cards holder this decision is,only made by the bank and not by shopify,so the only thing that you have left is,to wait and also be aware that if you,start getting a ton of charge packs on,your store shopify will deactivate,shopify payments from your store the,same will happen with any type of,payment processing that you're using on,your store as soon as they start seeing,that you're getting a ton of chargebacks,they will get suspicious and then,suspend your account i know you're,getting penalized from chargebacks but,if you're getting too many of them,obviously this sends a signal that,something is happening with your,products and services and people are not,satisfied with them so you have two,sides one of them is the person trying,to take advantage from the store trying,to use a credit card from another person,or you have the business trying to take,advantage from their customers selling,them faulty products or no products at,all these scenarios will cause you to,lose money and inventory so make sure,you pay close attention the first thing,that you need to do whenever you get a,high-risk order is to investigate the,case so go ahead open the order and go,to the order front analysis just go all,the way down and click view full,analysis when you open the window you,will see a low medium or high rating and,also find indicators with more,information if you're in the basic plan,or not using shopify payments you won't,be able to see the actual low medium or,high rating but you'll be able to see,the indicators inside the indicator,section you will be able to see,different colors the green ones are,actually a good sign for legitimal,orders the red one is an indicator for,fraudulent orders and the gray indicator,may give you some extra information that,might be useful during investigation,number two is to verify the ip address,associated with the order under the,indicator section you will be able to,see additional information right there,you can take the ip address of the,transaction you can use several websites,to scan an ip address just go to google,and write ip address lookup the first,question that you need to ask yourself,after looking the ip address is to see,the location of the ip address matches,with the billing address the second,thing that you need to check is if this,ip address is from a hosting company and,the third one is if this ip address is,actually coming from a proxy type of,service if any of these holds to be true,you need to contact the customer before,shipping the product that is why you,need to ask for a phone number inside,the checkout fraudulent orders usually,use fake numbers so most likely if,you're not able to contact this person,after everything that you did you,shouldn't ship the item and also refund,the order if this person answers the,phone just ask a few questions like the,phone email or address if they are the,actual owner of the car they should know,this you can also look for the phone,number to see if the actual area,corresponds to the actual location of,the billing address now after doing all,of this investigation it's up to you to,decide if you want to actually chip this,order if not go to your order page open,the fraudulent order click more actions,and then click cancel order on the,pop-up window select refund and the,reason for cancellation select,fraudulent order then you can select if,you want to notify the customer and then,click cancel order now you know how to,handle a high-risk order if you want to,learn more about shopify e-commerce or,digital marketing go to, to grab all of my,free resources to take your store to the,next level thank you for watching and i,will see you in the next one

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