how to set up flat rate shipping on shopify

How to setup Flat Rate Shipping in Shopify and we're back with another video here,related everything

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to setup Flat Rate Shipping in Shopify

The above is a brief introduction to how to set up flat rate shipping on shopify

Let's move on to the first section of how to set up flat rate shipping on shopify

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how to set up flat rate shipping on shopify catalogs

How to setup Flat Rate Shipping in Shopify

and we're back with another video here,related everything to shopify this is,another tutorial video this is not a,business video all right guys so in this,video what we're going to learn today is,how to set up flat rate,shipping so we want to set up shipping,for flat rate and the reason why i'm,making this video,is because,you guys asked for it and so here we,have,somebody right madison,and cell,shout outs to you said i'd like to know,how to set up flat rate with usps so in,the last video if you guys haven't seen,it i'll post it in the upper right hand,corner whatnot uh there's a video that i,made that's 15 minutes it talks about,setting up shipping with usps and in,that video if you guys want like the,calculated thing and automatically with,usps you guys could go ahead and watch,that video,in this video instead what we're going,to talk about is how to create,flat rate shipping so that you could,charge your clients something flat rate,and again if you like this type of,content,all i ask is go ahead and subscribe turn,on that notification bell so that you,were the first ones to hear these videos,and also put down in the comments,exactly what is it that you want to,learn next or if you have any questions,that's what i'm here for,so let's get started right away let's,let's do this,all right so as you guys know i'm in the,shipping settings but for all of you,guys who do not know i'm going to start,from the top so let's pretend that we,are in our website on the back end we're,in,the admin page and on the admin page,what you're gonna do,is that you're gonna go to the bottom,left where it says settings so here's my,mouse we're gonna go right here where it,says settings,and one of the first things that very,important that you guys need to check,out is make sure that your locations is,pretty much good to go,so,make sure that your locations is the,address of your company such as you know,it could be your home address your,facility address but just make sure that,location is properly set and set to,default again i go over that,details in that previous video that i,shared before,so making sure that your settings is all,set we're going to go into shipping so,again it's in settings and shipping and,we're going to go right here where it,says manage rates,and we're going to scroll down and your,screen could look different than mines,i'm just going to put that full,disclosure for one reason shopify is,always changing stuff and then for,second reasons i don't know what level,you're at with your store if it brought,a whole bunch of stuff in or if it's,from an old business i really don't know,but bottom line is is that if you're,trying to follow this instructions from,exactly like what i'm doing whatever it,is that you had before if it looks kind,of weird and you're like okay no i never,approved any of this then all you have,to do is delete everything that you have,there and you know i'm going to do that,myself like right here i have free,shipping this is a flat rate just to,show you i have free shipping so on and,so forth i'm going to go ahead and i'm,going to delete this i'm going to click,on the three dots delete it so that it,starts from scratch,a very quick overview as far as what,we're looking at right now you see that,it says shipping to and it's focusing on,domestic that is because i'm located in,the united states and therefore domestic,is the united states and so anything,within the united states that i put as,rates will fall under that however if,you want to have a different shipping,policy or different rates for another,country let's say for example canada you,could do that too it's just that you,don't bulk all that stuff in underneath,where it says domestic i'm going to show,you that in a few let's focus first on,domestic right so what we're going to do,is click right here where it says add,rate,and right here we have several options,we have set up your own rates or use,carrier as calculated rates,in the previous video i was using,something similar to the use the carrier,as calculated rates because what that,does is that uh your shopify store then,connects to usps's database in order to,figure out how much your products weigh,and based off of that these are the,different services for usps so on and so,forth so that's all nice and dandy again,i covered that in the other video which,you could watch but this one we're not,going to do that even though you're,working with usps so i want to mention,and emphasize that especially to,uh,forget forgive me madison so want to,make sure that for the folks just like,madison right,with this question regardless if you're,working with usps,ups fedex it doesn't matter,we're trying to set up a flat rate to,charge your customers,based on certain conditions and yes we,could say that it's from whatever,carrier let's get to it,set up your own rates the carrier the,rate name,so here we're going to come up with,different scenarios so the first one i'm,going to say is,we're going to call this standard,delivery,okay,standard delivery and standard delivery,we're gonna put you know like this,five,to seven,business days,right because i'm more or less gauging,how long is it going to take in order to,ship from here over to your customers,doors no matter where they live inside,of the united states okay so you have to,think worst case scenario shipping to,hawaii let's say how long at most will,that take take that into consideration,so the range is minimum it could be in,the same state or maximum the most,farthest state from where you're at how,long is that going to take so in this,case i put five to seven business days i,say business days to exclude weekends,otherwise your customers are gonna count,the weekends they're gonna be like where,is my order right you don't want that so,five to seven business days i'm gonna,make sure that that this is uh,capitalized right and then i'm also,going to say who i'm using as a carrier,so in this case i'm gonna say usps,all right i'm going to click on that and,that whole thing they get to see what,type of shipping it is how long it's,going to take and what carrier they're,choosing based off of this and so from,that right here i'm going to say look,no matter what it is this is the price,the price is let's hypothetically call,it 8.99,uh let's see we could also add,conditions to this price so,is this price based on weight or is this,price based on price,this work things get interesting because,let's pretend that you have you're,selling um i don't know,uh cell phones and each cell phone,hypothetically weighs let's say a pound,i don't know how much cell phone weighs,but if an item weighs a pound and you,want to say okay i'm gonna offer you,standard shipping right for 8.99 okay,but the maximum amount of cell phones i,could ship you,is going to be two that's it okay so in,this case,you got to make sure that on shopify you,set up the weight values of every item,like let's hypothetically call it every,item weighs one pound,and so if every item weighs one pound,and you want to offer 8.99,flat rate for those customers who,purchase at least,two,items that weigh one pound then we say,maximum weight two,minimum weight zero,because once they surpass two,then there's a different flat rate that,kicks in,all right so you're gonna it's gonna,make sense in a second so we're gonna go,right here we're gonna say done on that,and as you could see standard delivery,five to seven business days usps but,it's from zero to two pounds,now let's say we're not working we're,pounds we're working with uh how do you,call it currency where it's like well,if you spend,less than fifty dollars i'm going to,charge you 8.99 for standard shipping,usps five to seven days if that's the,case then let's change our condition,over here right i'm going to edit the,rate and i'm going to say it's going to,be based on a price,and the maximum price is going to be,49.99 because the moment that they hit,50 something nice is going to happen so,minimum price from zero to 49.99 i'm,going to charge you 8.99 and i'm going,to use usps,now i'm going to create another rate,because what happens if it's over 50,bucks this is another flat rate right so,right here i'm going to say,standard,free shipping,five to seven,business days,usps because i'm telling them that it's,the same thing i'm using the same,carrier right and the condition,is is that this is free that's it i'm um,it's going to be based on price,when the minimum price is 50,okay because remember how i stopped that,49.99 on that last one and then maximum,price is just whatever it doesn't matter,so i'm setting up a free shipping based,on a condition again these are flat rate,fees right so if you look at it between,zero to 49.99 i'm going to charge you,nine bucks right but for those that are,free shipping,if your cart is over fifty dollars you,get free shipping okay now i'm gonna,give a third option just to so you could,see the ideas that you could go with,this let's say someone doesn't wanna,waste time on the order they don't want,to wait five to seven business days they,want it to be priority they want it to,be overnight right so if you guys offer,that service then here's our next rate,you could say priority or you could say,overnight,overnight delivery,here we go,one to two,business days,get ready for this,fedex,notice i'm using a different,right,but,this one cost,25.99,and the condition,is nothing you don't put a condition,because regardless if it's over 50 bucks,or under 50 bucks in this case this is a,premium thing that you're offering,you're saying look,you want overnight delivery no matter,what your card is,i could give it to you one or two,business days but we're choosing fedex,but you got to pay 25.99,this price of 25.99 is it literally the,carrier's price,it could be if you wanted to,but you don't have to,so let's pretend that fedex really,charges,anywhere around the world they have,different prices they're like well to,florida it only costs this much,overnight but to hawaii it costs this,much in order to be overnight,to be more descriptive to florida it,costs let's say 12 but to hawaii it,costs 20,you're like oh wow that's a big range,overnight i'm gonna charge the maximum,price as if it would be to hawaii and,i'm gonna add an extra six bucks to it,for my handling fees,that's where i came up with the 25.99,you see how that math kind of adds up so,regardless wherever they are in the,united states it could be as far as,hawaii or it could be as close as the,next door,if they want overnight you charge the,most premium and you'll be amazed people,will pay they will pay they don't care,they just want it fast right due to,whatever reason,so,once this is all said and done don't,forget to press save,so i think that's probably the most,important thing otherwise you know,things get carried away,and remember what i told you about if,you have different flat rates for,different countries um if we have flat,rates set up in the united states well,what about let's say canada so the first,thing you want to do right away is,create a new shipping zone so you create,a new shipping zone and you're going to,call this canada,and then here on the search box here,you're going to type canada again,and then from here you click on canada,and it chooses all of the provinces and,you press done and then press save again,so now you notice that you have almost,like two dimensions here you have,flat rate shippings that's considering,the united states but if your customers,are from canada you could set different,flat rates just for that country and you,could continue doing this over and over,again the real question is do you really,have to well,to finalize this video the the answer to,that question is it depends on how much,international sales you get so if you,look at your analytics or you look at,you know your sales in shopify and you,see all your orders are domestic let's,pretend that you have 70 percent of all,orders are domestic but then that last,30 percent pay attention to that 30,percent,where is the majority going as far as,international sales goes,in many stores i've noticed is i've,noticed that people go to canada that,rather people from canada they're big,buyers internationally in fact they're,probably the number one international,buyers,right after the united states when it,comes to sales but depending on your,store it might not be canada it might be,the uk or it might be australia because,those are also heavy hitters when it,comes to e-commerce shopping so,make this decision about splitting up,dimensions on countries,only based on data only based on facts,if your canada sales are high and you,notice that uh international sales,canada is number one then make something,for them or if it's australia make,something for australia but if you only,had like let's say just one or two sales,within the last year or the last six,months just something very minuscule,right,from a country let's say i don't know,spain just to throw something out there,then don't make one of these because you,don't get a lot of spain clients you,just instead create a final one called,the rest of the world right and you make,a flat rate just for the rest of the,world and just to show you i create,right here and see where it says rest of,the world and right here i'll type rest,of the world,which means considering the policies,that i haven't created yet i want you to,consider that,if you're going to do the rest of the,world obviously and you don't have,anything here what you want to do is,just delete this,delete that zone the rest of the world,will also now consider canada and it'll,be a flat rate across everybody anyways,that's it for me hope this helped let me,know if you like this video i hope that,i answered um madison's question on this,and again if you have questions for me,please don't forget to put your uh,questions down in the comments as to,what you need to learn and then,obviously based on requests i'll go,ahead and make that video out for you,guys anyways have a great rest of your,week talk to you soon

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