how to set up afterpay on shopify

Shopify AfterPay setup Guide foreign,how does it work after pay is a digital,payment platform that l


Updated on Jan 09,2023

Shopify AfterPay setup Guide

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Shopify AfterPay setup Guide

foreign,how does it work after pay is a digital,payment platform that lets people buy,things online and pay for them later,users can pay for things they buy by,making weekly payments until they are,paid in full the payment platform acts,as an intermediary between the merchant,and the customer after a customer starts,a purchase after pays for the merchant,in full the customer then makes four,equal payments every two weeks to repay,the loan after pay Merchants can improve,the online shopping experience for their,customers and increase the number of,items added to their cart the average,order value and the number of repeat,purchases as people look for simple low,a commitment Solutions messaging on the,after-pay site about split payments will,improve people through the conversion,funnel with after pay a customer's,choice of bnpl will affect your Revenue,stream because you get paid up front no,matter which installment plan a customer,chooses how does after pay strengthen,Merchant offerings after becoming an,after Pay merchant you must integrate,after pay into your Shopify store check,out our business terminal to enable the,pay now pay later payment option when,using after paid clients can break down,their payments as desired but after pay,would pay you within days without credit,risk the impact that Shopify after-pay,setup can bring in increased sales with,flexible payment choices for up to six,weeks customers are more likely to make,a purchase High aov quickly drives,customers towards increasing their cart,value the after pay payment methods help,you establish a stronger consumer base,than many offers and discounts yes you,can narrow down your customers purchase,decisions with better beneficial,management options how does a Shopify,after pay setup ease customers purchase,decisions as mentioned flexible payment,options paid in stages over six weeks,lets customers enjoy your product after,pay enables clients to budget and spend,more freely the after pay fast check,Outlets customers enjoy your goods,without worrying about the price and,improving the customer experience your,in-store customers must use the afterpay,app and tap to pay with Apple pay or,Google pay while checking out which,businesses are using Shopify after pay,no matter how big your store is you need,to connect with your customers in a,meaningful way the Shopify after pay,setup for businesses will help you grow,your businesses and make your path,regardless of your targeted industry,quarter goals or strategies how to add,after pay to Shopify an after pay set up,for businesses you need first to set up,after pay Merchants account with this,link once the setup is done copy your,after pay Merchants account credentials,and paste them into your after pay,Shopify app now you are all set up to,offer your customers at afterpay,flexible payment option and of course,you can connect with one of our Shopify,experts for any custom Shopify checkout,Integrations you need one of the first,steps to navigate your Shopify admin go,to settings then General then after,store address the country must,correspond to the afterpig account,region finally on the same terms under,standards and formats you must set up,the currency accordingly head up to the,Shopify App Store integrate the Shopify,after pay app into your store Follow the,screen instructions like click connect,to link your afterpay account set up,Grant after pay permission to process,orders and funds click install apps to,continue after installing the app pick,your afterpay accounts country and enter,your Shopify after pay Merchants,credentials once verified you will need,to redirect to Shopify payment settings,where you need to click activate after,pay and you're done copy the code and,head up to your Shopify admin under,sales Channel go to online store and,themes navigate to actions and edit,codes Under the layout folder click on,theme liquid and scroll to the bottom of,the theme liquid file and paste the,copied code click save and navigate to,the website to review the product and,cart Pages for after pay assets,regarding the font by default Sans serif,will be the font used in after-pay site,messaging if you want to use a different,font according to your bin you can,specify the changes in the CSS rule to,adjust the size of the afterpay badge,set the CSS variable logo badge with,however use the data size feature to,adjust the batch and font size after pay,ads unleashes after pays popularity,among Millennials and gen Z Shoppers,after pay ads can boost consumer,interaction generate new leads and reach,more Shoppers in a few words using,Shopify after pay in your checkout will,increase your stores accessibility best,of all after pays cost-free interest,rate is over thanks for watching and,we'll see you in the next video,foreign

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