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Verify your Shopify Domain in Facebook Business Manager hey guys,today i just want to talk about a c

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

Verify your Shopify Domain in Facebook Business Manager

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how to add meta tag to shopify catalogs

Verify your Shopify Domain in Facebook Business Manager

hey guys,today i just want to talk about a couple,things with some changes going on with,facebook,and some of the restrictions they're,putting into place and some actions that,you can take to go ahead and get ahead,of anything before uh facebook puts,changes or restricts your account for,any reason and the big thing we're,looking at is domain,verification and uh you're in luck,because as a shopify user,this is actually going to be relatively,easy for you to do,i'm going to go ahead and just walk you,through the process so you can see,exactly,how to do it and to make sure you're,doing it correctly,so what i'm going to do is go ahead and,pull up my facebook business account,business manager and we will get started,right inside of there,okay so here i am inside of my facebook,business manager i've gone ahead into my,uh account that i will be verifying and,the where we want to scroll is down here,to brand,safety into domains i currently have not,verified,any of my domains that i use this,account,i'm going to focus on one domain there's,you can,verify more domains so if you're running,ads to different domains from the same,account,i'm not a huge fan of that i prefer to,have one account,one site um or you know,one one site per account and not have an,account that's run into multiple sites,but that's,if you are doing that you can do this,but we're going to go ahead and hit add,and it's asking you to put in your url,so i'm going to put in,a url that i have for a random uh,test store that we use um and i'm gonna,hit add domain,and um that's great,so give me just a second and we will get,into the next steps okay,so after updating the page we are,showing this here um and,it's basically telling you there's a,couple there's three different ways that,you can go about,verifying your domain they,are a dns uh record,which is you putting that in um,your hosting basically there's an html,file upload where you basically upload,this,to the root folder of your site,and uh you upload a certain this file,that you can download and it will detect,that file,and then there's the meta tag version,where you can actually,just add this meta tag to the head,section,of your home page and,facebook will detect that i'm going to,walk you through,um what i think is the easiest and then,i will give directions,on all of them so to me,the meta tag verification is going to be,the easiest,and um simplest way for,you to do this uh it doesn't involve,having to log into a cpanel or deal with,your hosting it just,involves dropping a simple line of code,in the theme of your shopify store,so what i'm going to do is,um i'm going to go ahead and i'll wait,to copy this,until i'm ready for it what i am going,to do is go ahead,and open up my um,shopify store um oh man,brought me in a weird way hold on,shopify,there we go log in to,the store that's on that url which is,this test store here,um this is going to open and we can go,to our online store,we're in our themes the section that,we're looking for,is the head section which is the very,top that holds all of your metadata,and information like that for for google,and all that to know what,what's going on so all we have to do is,go into actions,go to edit code and the file we are,looking for is,theme dot liquid this is like 99 percent,of times this is where you're going to,find the head,um unless you have some sort of weird,theme,but it should be right here and what,you're going to see is this head that,means,you are in the right section so,we can go over here and it just says you,can add this to the head section,of your home page so we're going to copy,that,we can come over here we can,scroll down it's always good i like to,find the end,of the head right here and,drop down a couple lines and,drop in our facebook verification and,hit,save so i have now added that line,to the head of our site and now that,we've added our,that that metadata to our head,on our site we can come back here and it,says,um let's go and look at it and confirm,that it exists there,we come here um get rid of that,oh my gosh uh come in here and we can,view the page source,and we are going to come to our head and,let's scroll down till we get to the,bottom of our head,section,you get lots of javascript in here,facebook domain verification,right there so that means it exists on,our page right,perfect so now i'm going to come back,here and i'm going to click,verify and we're going to see what it,does look,done we're verified we have,we have set it up it's that quick and,easy that being said if for some reason,you don't want to do this method and you,would like to go down,the road of these other methods um,when you go in to your,uh hosting you should be able to get,into a cpanel uh,and it will have a file management,system,and you should be able to open that up,and you go into your root folder which,should be named,backsplash or backslash with nothing,behind it,that's generally your root folder and,you're just going to upload this file,that you download,there now there's not um,basically the way you would get there,now is this is that link,so if you think you have added it you,should click this,link and it should bring up a page that,it just it's going to be like facebook,verification,and then you can click verify if you're,doing dns,it's the same thing you're adding this,text,into your dns configuration this is a,little bit,um not the best way to do it,even like it says here it could take up,to 72 hours for your changes to actually,take into effect where you can actually,go,and verify it so that's why i really,don't recommend this way,um so i'm just not going to really tell,you how to do it if you want to do it,you can look it up on,youtube i'm sure but i think the meta,tag verification should be the simplest,way for anybody to get out there,and get your site verified and ready to,go,so that's it to get your domain,verification set up with facebook,um there's some other things they're,rolling out with some of their changes,coming and we'll address them as we get,there,this however was one of our main,concerns something we wanted to make,sure we were drawing,all of our sellers attention to this to,make sure that their accounts are not,going to be affected in any negative way,and they are fully set up and ready to,go for any changes that might be coming,thanks for joining us and we'll see you,in our next video

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