how to put shopify store on vacation

How to Pause Shopify Store: What To Do When on Vacation? Password Protect or Pause? you need a vacat

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Pause Shopify Store: What To Do When on Vacation? Password Protect or Pause?

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How to Pause Shopify Store: What To Do When on Vacation? Password Protect or Pause?

you need a vacation but i know that for,a lot of you guys,when you're not working you're not,making any money because,many of us are one-woman shows,who own our stores either while working,full-time and another job part time on,another job or even full time with our,own store,we don't have a lot of help to help us,out when we,have the need to either go out of town,or let's say for a family event a,wedding,something like that or simply to just,take a vacation with your family or,loved ones so what do you do well today,i'm going to share with you,three different ideas or ways you can,put your store temporarily on hold or,just let your customers know what's,going on,and that way you can take that much much,much needed vacation and,still have your store when you get back,so option number one is to pause your,shopify store,so what pausing your shopify store will,do,is it will disable the checkout so,customers aren't,able to actually make purchases but it,still keeps your,website open and accessible to visitors,so they can still view your website but,they can't make purchases,so this is a great option if you know,you will not be able to ship for some,amount of time,but you still want your website active,and,what this also does is it reduces your,monthly fee,to 14 instead of your,whatever price point you're currently at,so it will reduce your fee,but it will still keep your website,active,so option number two is to password,protect,your store so what password protecting,your store does,is it makes it so that your customers,are not able to view your website,access your products or check out any,products at all,unless they have the password to your,store so,in most cases if you turn password,protection on you wouldn't be giving out,the password to customers,but let's say you had a certain group or,population of people that you wanted to,provide the password to,so they can still check out your website,you can do that,people mostly password protect their,store when they're either getting ready,to launch,and they're making they're building out,their website or maybe they're doing a,rebranding effort for,a short amount of time something like,that so password protecting your store,it's really only a,short-term solution it's not something,you want to do for a long term,so if you're only going to be gone for a,week maybe it's a good idea for you,you can put a password on your website,no one can check out your products,and when you get back you can turn the,password off,and lastly for those of you who do not,want to pause your store,or password protect your store because,you do not want to,miss out on potential income,due to a lapse of period that your store,would be open and available to the,public to,make purchases what you could do is let,your customers know that you are,extending,your ship times so what you would want,to do here is,make a big notice on your home page or,making it make it an announcement a lot,of shopify themes have an announcement,section,and you can also update your shipping,policy to let your customers know,that shipping times are currently,delayed and you can even explain why,that's up to you how much detail you,want to go into some of your customers,and especially your,loyal customers they will respect the,fact that you need a vacation or you,have a family emergency,and they'll be cool with it so,the point here though is that you want,to make sure your customers are aware,so an example would be let's say that,your shipping policy is normally that,you will ship products out within two,days,well now you can update that message to,say that you will ship products out,within seven days,or you can set a specific date and say,that on,from june 1st through june,6th there will be no shipping but on,june 7th,you will be shipping out all products,you can just let your customers,know that that is happening and,just make it clear to them because you,don't want people to come back and,complain,that your product wasn't shipped for a,week,you also might want to consider setting,up an automated email to go out if,people email you,make sure you have that automated,message that will send out that says,that you,will not return to the office until x,date,that way people know that you're not,just ignoring them and that you will get,back to them in a timely manner once you,return,and here's a bonus tip for those of you,who are drop shippers what you might,want to consider doing if you do have to,go,out of town or somewhere for an extended,period of time you could,simply hire a virtual assistant to,continue to move things along for you,with your drop shipping practices while,you're out,and that's it for today's video i hope,you guys enjoyed let me know what other,type of,shopify videos you would like to see,what you'd like to learn about,any topic with shopify just let me know,and i will help you guys out,and with that don't forget to subscribe,and give this video a thumbs up if you,enjoyed,and i will see you guys next time

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