how to tell if a shopify store is legit

How To Know If A Website Is A Scam Or Not | Is it Legit or Fake ? hello everyone welcome to on how c


Updated on Jan 08,2023

How To Know If A Website Is A Scam Or Not | Is it Legit or Fake ?

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How To Know If A Website Is A Scam Or Not | Is it Legit or Fake ?

hello everyone welcome to on how channel,the place where every day you learn,something new today we'll be showing you,how you can know if a website is a scam,or not,because this is a really common problem,i know there is a lot of websites that,either,provide services or sell products or,even give away a free cryptocurrencies,and that's actually a big red flag right,who will give you a free,cryptocurrencies right now and i did,personally see one of those websites,in order to send you a free,cryptocurrencies you will have to pay,for the fees,and that's basically the scam you will,pay the fees with your own,cryptocurrencies and you will see,nothing back,that's another subject for another video,what we are talking about here,every website how you can detect it if a,scam or not no matter if it says,products or provide services or give,away free things,how can you tell if their website is,legit or not and without any more,talking,let's get to it so for this,demonstration i do have a website that's,actually a scam,and i will show you how i detected it as,a scam and for the clean website that's,not a scam,well i don't have one yet so just like i,usually do this kind of tutorials i will,search for a random thing on google,search engine and we will pick a random,website from the search result and we,will do demonstration on and we'll see,if it's actually a scam or not and after,that we will do the same test,on the website that's actually a scam,and you will see the difference between,them,so for example let's just search for uh,by using graphic cards,and let's just scroll down to pick some,website because the first ones are,amazon and so on,and they just go for this one right here,it's called sale and keep in,mind guys that i'm not saying that this,website is a scam or anything and this,is actually a legit website,that we will do demonstration on and you,will see that's actually a legit and by,the way if you see this badge on any,shopping website,that means that this is actually a legit,company that's registered in united,states,this is just a side note so in order to,find out if a website is a scam or not,the first thing you're going to do,is to check out when the domain name was,registered if it was,registered in the last 3 months or 6,months maybe or even two amounts that's,a red flag you should be aware of,and to do that open up a new tab and,type in who,dot is just like you see on the screen,right now and i will also put the link,for it in the description box and after,you did access the website you should,see the search,bar right here click on it and type in,the website that you want to check out,which is in our case is the,gpu website which is still,and after that hit enter and after that,you should see this page right here,and the important part is right here,what it says registered on and as you,can see this domain name was registered,in 2014,which is almost seven years now and,basically why is this a good thing or a,bad thing so for example if your website,is more than,five years old and is still running and,provides services,or still sell products that means that,it doesn't have much complaints and,there is no scam report for it because,if there were people,reporting it as a scam or anything,sooner or later the domain name will be,taken down or the hosting company will,kick out their website,so when you see a website that's more,than five years old and still running,and provide services on sale products,that means that it didn't have any,problem with people complaining about,scam or anything,because it will only take months for the,website to be kicked,out by the domain register or the,hosting company if it was a scam or,anything,and that's why usually the scam websites,they don't last long,and by saying this i'm not saying that,every new website is a scam,even if it was registered in the last,couple of months or anything it doesn't,mean that scam,and that's what exactly i'm about to,show you next and to check out if a,website is a scam or not even if it's,new and was registered recently the,first thing you're going to do,is access this website it's called, and as i said i will put the,link also in the description box,and this is also the part where i'm,going to show you the scam website,but first let's just test out the legit,website by just typing here the name for,the website just like the first one,and after that click on scan website and,if it was clean it will show you this,green wall right here,and the blacklist statue right here it,says zero from 34,so basically no search engine has,detected this website as a scam or,anything,just like you see right now all of them,says nothing found,and right now let's just test out the,scam website to show you how it looks,and let's just type in the url for it,and hit enter and here we go as you can,see,the green bar in the previous website,becomes red right now and from the,blacklist status there is two search,engines that did detect this website as,a scam,and let's just scroll down to see them,and here they are as you can see right,now it says detected so that's how you,tell if a website is safe to use or not,and as i said they will put links for,every website they did use in the,description box,otherwise i think my job is done i hope,this video was helpful if it was please,consider joining the family by hitting,the subscribe button it's completely,free and if you are interested in,learning new tricks and expanding your,knowledge i daily post videos on how to,do stuff now so if you are interested,make sure to join the family,and thanks for watching and catch your,next one

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