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HOW TO ADD FREE SHIPPING AT CHECKOUT ON SHOPIFY! hey guys welcome back to my channel my,name is tia

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Updated on Jan 09,2023


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hey guys welcome back to my channel my,name is tia and if you're new please,don't forget to subscribe so today,i'm back with a business video i'm gonna,be showing you guys how you can,add free shipping to orders over 50,or over whatever amount you choose so,yeah let's just get right into this,video,okay so the first thing you want to do,is go into your shopify admin,and you're gonna look at the panel on,the left go to settings,once you get to settings you're just,gonna click shipping and delivery,i may have to like blur some of these,stuff out but once you get here to the,shipping and delivery screen you're,gonna go to manage rates,it's going to be in that first box the,one that says shipping,so you're just gonna click manage rates,and then you're gonna scroll all the way,down to,domestic united states or whatever,country you're in,so um you're going to you see how i,already have mine here,and it says free shipping on orders over,50 and,50 and up and the price is free for the,customers,so you guys won't have anything so i'm,going to show you how to get this,so you're going to click add rate and,then you're going to see,set up your own rates and that's what,you're going to want to click and,you're going to put the rate name my,right name is free shipping on orders,over 50,but again you can make it anything that,you want it to be so for instance if you,want it to be,free shipping on orders over a hundred,dollars you can add that,or if you want to do,i don't know free shipping on whatever,you can pick that,once you decide on the price that you,want the free shipping to apply to,you're just going to put that price in,here so,i'm just going to add the 50 because,that's what's here,and by the way this rate name your,customers can see that so you want to,make sure that it looks,professional and it says everything like,it's clear,so that when they're checking out they,don't have any questions,about if it's free shipping or not and,all you want to do is just click,done and that's pretty much it like,literally that's it,and it's just gonna be applied and this,will only,be applied so i'm just gonna assume,everyone or,whoever's watching this video is located,in the us so,it's going to be free shipping to,everyone who orders,in the us however if you do want to make,the free shipping applied to,international like internationally you,can also go in here where it says rest,of the world,and just literally do the same thing,that i just said,and it'll do that so,that's pretty much it this is really,like probably the shortest business,video i'll ever do,but to check to show you guys that it,did work,and just so you guys can see from a,customer's point of view,how it's going to look i'm going to show,you guys so let's go to my website,and i'm going to do this times 3 so that,the free shipping can apply,and view cart oh it's actually four,anyways,it's eighty dollars for four so we're,going to check out and this is a bundle,by the way,and check out oh and this is a way for,your customers to not have to put in a,discount code however if you do,want to apply free shipping like for,like,a sale or something a random sale like,let's say you are doing a sale for,father's day and you want to apply free,shipping for,order 75 and up you're gonna go into,your discounts panel,and that's where you're gonna go and add,that discount,um i'm just gonna put like my email,okay i'm definitely gonna have to blur,this out because that's all my info,and we're just gonna continue to,shipping so this is the shipping screen,and as you guys can see it shows the,free shipping on orders over fifty,dollars,okay so this is a perfect way to not,have to worry about your customers,applying discount code or,trying to keep track of all the,automatic discounts that you have,so i do prefer this way and obviously,every website every store is different,so depending on how much your products,are for that's how much you would want,to make,the free shipping over and it's just a,nice thing especially for a customer to,order from you,a lot so that they know like if i order,over a specific amount i get free,shipping and they can just purchase all,the stuff that they want,and yeah so it just says free shipping,on orders on 50 and it literally says,free,and of course if they want to pay for,shipping they can like,if they want to do like overnight,shipping or whatever but,most people are definitely going to,click the free shipping,and that's it if you guys want to see a,separate video,on how to create discount codes like if,you're,super new to shopify and you're a,beginner and you want to see that,let me know down below and i'll,definitely do that video for you guys,anyways i hope that you guys found this,video helpful,and that you learned something new and,if you have any questions,of course comment down below and i'll,respond back and yeah that's pretty much,it don't forget to like,comment and subscribe if you're new and,i'll see you guys in my next video bye,you

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