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How to Customize Your Shopify Website in Minutes! what's good YouTube it's your boy no,life Simon we

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Customize Your Shopify Website in Minutes!

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How to Customize Your Shopify Website in Minutes!

what's good YouTube it's your boy no,life Simon we back with another video,and as you can tell by the title this is,going to be the Shopify part 2 video,um if you guys did miss the first one,I'm gonna pop it up somewhere over here,somewhere so you guys can see it um we,basically talked about how to add a,product,um whether if it was a shirt a hoodie,pants shoes whatever it is I showed you,how to add that to the website in this,video we're going to be customizing the,website like the theme and um,the colors that type of stuff that's,what we're doing in this video you could,get a web designer if you want but we're,trying to go the cheapest way possible,the freest way possible because you know,we're all starting our clothing brands,and we want to be able to save as much,money as possible and save up money for,our bulk orders our samples that's what,we need to be spending money on,um all these other things it's really,good to spend money on but if we could,avoid it it would be best if we could,right so why not try to learn at the,freeway so that's basically what I'm,here for to show you guys how to do a,lot of these things the freeway so we're,gonna head back over to Shopify,um quick quick little note guys I was,editing this video and I felt like I,should have you know put this in the,start I will be raiding you guys close,send you send me your Instagram pages to,y'all brand,um your clothing brand pages to my,Instagram DM and I'll be rating it for a,video I think that'll be pretty cool if,you do have a clothing brand page just,send it to me on my Ig link is in the,description I will be rating it for a,video uh that's pretty much it back to,the video I have it tabbed right here,this is the same exact website I was,using before,um,basically you want to come over here if,you come on the home page it'll show you,this right it'll show brand assets it'll,show customized theme or you can just go,to online store,and then to the right right here it will,say customize we'll just click customize,now this is why Shopify uh let me,minimize me a little bit more,that should be fine this is why Shopify,is the best store to make,um or the best app or website to make,your store run because it's just laid,out so perfectly for you so up here we,have the announcement bar on the left it,shows all the tabs of what we could,customize it shows everything here so on,the left it says announcement bar which,will be the top as you can see it says,Welcome to our store,we can click here and customize that you,see we can put it to the left,boom we can put it to the right and we,can put it to the center we can change,the background color to Black like it's,so much things we can do so,um I'm kind of Gonna Leave This here I'm,Gonna Change it to Black because I love,like a black accent color I love that,um we'll leave it like that we'll click,save right there right then we can go,over to the header which would be,absolute value home catalog contact,um just a rule of thumb I would say this,is since we're doing this and we don't,really have an idea we're trying to do,it ourselves it would be best in my,opinion to mimic a website,um it's plenty of websites you know when,you go to a website the shop and you'll,be like wow this looks nice pop that up,in another Tab and try to mimic it it's,not hard,um it will just give us an idea of what,we want our site to look like if you,don't have an idea already pop up,another site and try to mimic it try to,make your site look it's clean it's,clear to understand it's possible so in,this video,um I used this example a lot I like,using you love SK look this is his home,page you come to the website and,everything's just here for you you don't,even really have to search if you want,to be specific there's a hamburger bar,to the top left,with the facts Shop full zip zip UPS,hoodies belt jeans pants just to get,organized and then the socials in the,bottle right real simple to understand,nothing complex nice white background he,has the mock-ups to display all his all,his clothes the full Zips hoodies pants,real simple nice little 3D logo if you,have not checked out the last video I,showed you guys how to make the 3D logo,in this video I will be showing you how,to put it on the website so,we're probably gonna do that right now,that same logo right here I'm going to,show you guys how to do that,um let's say we don't want absolute,value there which is my brand name we,want the logo there this is how you,would do it so first things first you'll,go to header right header on the left,side right here then you'll go over to,the right we'll change the the accent,because I just I just love black it,looks,um real calm real simple I love black,we'll go to logo image and then edit and,then we'll click the brand thing right,here brand,boom it's gonna take us to the brand,right here we can add a default logo,plus I have all of Mines loaded in right,here because I was doing stuff earlier,to make sure everything was smooth but,if you,um if you watched the video last time I,showed you guys how to do it go check,that out to make sure you know how to do,this part,um we're gonna get it from 3D GIF maker,like we did in the last video,mine's gonna be right here I'm gonna,open it and it's gonna load you see,right here on the far left it's loading,these are all our 3D logos it's gonna,load you to click it you're gonna click,done,just like that,um it might take a while to load here,but if you don't want to wait you can,just click save in the top right,it'll save it and then,um,we can click view our online store and,then it should pop up in the the top,left as it loads it's loading right now,boom and just like that it's right there,now this is a little small I believe,there's definitely a way to make this,bigger so we can go back here,after we already viewed it in our lawn,store we can go back to our store right,okay all right go back to where you can,customize your store and we're back here,right you see it abs-v 3D logo just like,just like how,um while SK has it you love SK and,we can make it bigger,look how big it could get this right,here if you didn't notice on the right,hand this tab right here shows that we,can make it really big,so I would make it like this size this,size pretty cool and then you could,position where you want it so it could,be top left it could be middle left,a middle Center this is oh I'm sorry,this is for the um,yeah this is for the logo,top Center you see,so I'm gonna go with,kind of like this I kind of like this,this isn't bad I kind of like this so we,could we could literally just do it like,that right,um the menu,this right here is gonna be I believe,the hamburger thing yep the home the,catalog and the contact which is right,here we could edit that so if you don't,want it to be like,uh normally I would leave it as home,page home is always cool people,understand this you don't want to make,up things that people do not understand,when you go to a website home is very,common everybody knows what that is,catalog is common they know if they,click that they go to see all your,clothing that you have so catalog is,very cool if you want to switch this,stuff up you can it's um it gives you,the option to edit and you can just,switch it up you know what I'm saying uh,you can switch this to apparel you could,put it to whatever commonly people call,clothes right I'm gonna exit that out,I'm gonna leave it like that,um let's see what this is a drop down,menu or a mega menu I'm not menu,typically I'm not too sure what that is,so I'll leave that,um mobile oh yeah you can also view this,on how it would look on a mobile phone,so it'll be kind of like the same thing,so there's a Windows version to view it,on,and there's a mobile version to view it,on you see boom and we'll view it how it,would look on the mobile so you see how,to the top left it has a hamburger menu,now home catalog contact because it's,too big,um to show on the mobile like it would,be on the desktop so it shows like this,remember last time we added our product,this is what our product looks like,right here,right there it actually looks really,pretty cool I'm not gonna lie it looks,pretty cool right there,um you could also click directly from,here to edit and it will jump instead of,you going tab by tab on the left you can,also click here to edit it but we were,just going to order just to show so we,can go to the image Banner like I said,in the last video this is where you,would want to put maybe people modeling,in your clothes and then a nice little,quote here it'll be something pretty,cool but this is where I would put,somebody to model for my clothes but I,don't have that yet but if you do I,would go ahead and add that in there you,can also talk about the brand right here,so I'll scroll down let me put it back,in desktop mode for you guys so this is,how it looks in desktop mode you can,scroll down,um right here and then you edit to the,far right just take that out,you put absolute,right value,you can put the size of how you want it,then I would go down to the text,and I would put something inspirational,sharing about it so I my quote is speech,is silver,let me do that again,yeah speech,is silver,something like this just something you,could you know and then you could have,your featured products we only have um,we only have two pants on here honestly,and truly we could add some more,even in this video I do have some pretty,mock-ups I can show and then over here,you can do your collections so like I,can have a collections of like a fall,collection a Christmas collection spring,collection uh Valentine's Day collection,and I could preview it here uh according,to the theme so y'all know Thanksgiving,just ended which was yesterday Christmas,is coming up right here you could put a,Christmas theme and I don't have none of,that set up but in the next video I,could definitely show you like we're,already running on 10 minutes like time,flies and mind you also if you don't,want all this stuff you could 100 delete,it like if you don't want your site,looking this full with a bunch of stuff,you could delete it so like a lot of,things a lot of these things I'm not,going to use delete,um this all starts to show off a video,you know if you want to get real fancy,on your website you can show off a video,add a video here you would just go to,your,your files and drag it in there we're,not going to use that so I'm going to,remove it I'm not going to use the,collection so I'm going to remove it I,want my site to look nice short and com,compactful because we are just starting,out for our first our first brand so I,don't want too many things going on you,get what I'm saying,um we're also don't have a photo shoot,so I'm just going to remove this but if,you do have it you could use that there,you know what I'm saying so I'm going to,remove that,um this is kinda the look I'm going for,because I am kind of mimicking this one,so this is the look this is the look I'm,going for so the minute you come in here,we have the 3D logo spinning up top,which can also take a star home page we,have the home page here the catalog the,contact,UM for contact you want to make sure you,add in um this is so people can contact,you,uh in maybe in the next video I can show,you guys how to set up your email so,people can contact that stuff a lot of,these things you're gonna have to do,before you launch your website so a lot,of these things you can't even launch,your website if these things aren't,enough you get what I'm saying,so that'll be like that we can go back,to the home page,um info this could tell you about more,about the brand like you could tell how,y'all got established the journey,whatever quick links could be like,Instagram Twitter just so people can,scroll down here and get your Instagram,Twitter Tick Tock uh there's another way,to Brand yourself for new customers and,our mission you could put that there but,I probably wouldn't have that there so,I'll delete that box and just leave it,too,so this is how you would kind of set up,your website it just depends on how you,would like to,what website you would like to mimic so,this is the website that I would be,mimicking this one right here and you,see how simple it is but it's still nice,and clean like this is a professional,website right here right here this is a,professional website and all we did was,kind of mimic it and we weren't even,like far off at all so we could also I'm,gonna view it now I'm gonna exit and I'm,gonna just view as a customer basically,I'm gonna preview it this is how it,would look when you would come to my,page we have the flare pants for 50,bucks 50 bucks if I just want to see all,the clothes I have I would click the,catalog and boom it'll pop up the,clothes right here click it and it'll,show you,see and then you can go back in and edit,this part,um in the,when you go to customize you can edit,this this is where a lot of the things,would also you can put like images of,people modeling and specifically this,color that's what I would put there so,um other people could see but okay,that's how that looks or we could even,go here and see what he did with it he,didn't even have a page here you see he,deleted that so what we have here uh the,page that we're making he doesn't even,have it you know what I'm saying so a,lot of these things you don't even need,as long as the website looks nice simple,clean easy to understand that is that is,what people be looking for you know a,lot of the extra stuff you don't have to,do,so you literally just click here and it,literally looks exactly like mine,literally it looks exactly like mine,I'm just kind of I'm just zoomed in a,little bit this is the original size,right here 100 and it looks very similar,to mine I would just have multiple,photos,to so people could see the back the side,and maybe somebody modeling in it but,you don't have to you know what I'm,saying,he only had front and back that's what I,would have here front and back,and that's pretty much it,that's pretty much it,um that's how you would design the theme,that's how you would add things in here,um well last video I did show you guys,how to do that so I would 100,recommending that,um how to add things in there uh I don't,know maybe I could do a couple more,videos on here you know these are like,analytics and things like that I would,just a hundred percent uh recommend you,guys come in here and just play around,with it you know it's Shopify is so good,it's self-explanatory guys I would,recommend you guys hop in here and just,play around with it a little bit you,guys could send me your custom pieces,that y'all made and I would rate them,like send me your brand pages and I'll,rate your clothes I think that'll be,pretty cool for a video,just send me your,um what you made your mock-ups send me,your IG Pages link me your IG pages and,I would rate them,I think that might be I'll probably film,that next week if we get a good a lot of,entries let me let me know if you guys,would like something like that while I,rate you guys,um clothing clothing brand,other than that it's been your boy no,life Simi if this video did indeed help,you guys make sure you sub up man,subscribe to the channel like the video,click the Bell notification so you do,not miss when I post you will get,notified when I post if you click the,Bell notification,um,trying to push out three videos a week,thank you guys so much for 500,subscribers,we're going up the next goal is a,thousand I hope I can hit it by next,week you guys have been going crazy,thank you so much for the support it's,been able to know like send me and I'm,going

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