how to put an item on sale on shopify

Shopify Tutorial - How to put products On Sale hi today I'm going to show you how to,put an item int

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Shopify Tutorial - How to put products On Sale

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how to put an item on sale on shopify catalogs

Shopify Tutorial - How to put products On Sale

hi today I'm going to show you how to,put an item into a special navigation,collection called on sale so I am going,to show you my development site here,this is for a wine store we're on our,homepage,and this is what the website looks like,right now the home page shows the,regular things and this is the wine,that's for on sale right now it's under,the category wine for winos this is one,of the collections I made on the home,page now you can take a look at the menu,here and I created a navigation called,on sale now as well as a navigation,drop-down for the different types of,wines and this particular wine is,happens to be under wine for winos and,there's the collection it has three,wines in it the already on sale is the,Carlo Rossi wine so that's my starting,point so I am going to endeavor today to,show you how to put another wine for,wine on sale so I'm going to go back up,to my my home page and I'm going to pick,out a product and I am going to make the,product expensive delicious port to be,on sale today so to do this I am going,to go in here and add a headline and the,headline is going to be on sale till,Sunday and I am going to make this each,one so it's nice and bold and I'm also,going to change the color to red,now the sale price is very important to,change the sale price I'm going to make,it let's say $42 and the original price,was 50 so having done that I'm also,going to go here to tags and I'm going,to tag this as on sale on sale and I'm,going to save that the reason I tagged,it on sale is that the collection is,marked as on sale so I'll show you how I,built that collect,here's the collection and I made a,special collection page and the,important condition here is that the,product tag is on sale product tag is,equal to on sale and that's well that'll,do the trick for you so now let's go,back to the home page and get that,refreshed okay now we're going to go to,the menu on sale now and there is the,port it's delicious,port wine on sale if I open that you'll,see the h1 tag here h1 made it large and,bold and in red and I always put the,sale date here that way when you go back,and you look at your website that cues,you in and this is the important part,that Clues you in to the fact that you,need to go back to that product and,remove that tag now I'm just going to,show you by removing the tag from let's,go back up to the product here by going,back to this product and you remove this,tag on sale then it'll remove it from,that collection so it's as easy as that,you come to the page you take the tag,off and you erase your h1 headline,delete that and you go back here and you,change the price back to 50 bucks,remove the compare price out and then if,you save it now the product was saved if,you go back to this page the on sale,page the product is gone and if you go,back to wine under port and you look at,the port wine now it is removed the on,sale information from the script and the,price is now back to 50 bucks and you're,all set,so that's a simple way a system that you,can adopt to use and Shopify for placing,items on,sale thanks a lot for watching if you,have any comments questions I'd be happy,to answer them shoot me a line under the,comments thank you

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