how to connect paypal to shopify

How To Add PayPal payments to Shopify Store there are so many different payment,methods your custome

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Add PayPal payments to Shopify Store

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How To Add PayPal payments to Shopify Store

there are so many different payment,methods your customers can use to check,out on your shopify store they can,either use credit card debit card or,even paypal hey guys happiness here,welcome back to my channel and in,today's video i am going to be showing,you guys how to add a paper payment,method on your shopify style that way if,you don't have a paypal um,payment method on your shopify so your,customer will be able to use it because,i am going to be showing you how to add,it,so that way you can give your customer,different uh methods to choose from you,when they are checking out from your,store so if you want to know how to add,a paper method on your shopify store,then stick around until the end of this,video but don't forget to like this,video subscribe for more video like this,and,let's jump in today's tutorial so as you,can see right now i am on the back of my,shopify admin page and i am going to,show you how you can add your shop your,paypal payment method so let's go to the,settings down here,and in here on the setting you can pick,like so many different things you want,to,um customize or set them up,uh for today we are going to do a paper,payment so let's select payment,and as you can see here shopify has so,many different payment method um so if,you want to activate shopify payments,like credit debit card and other method,uh make sure to watch the tutorial i,will link the video on this video here,uh,somewhere around here on top of the,screen so you can know how to add other,different shopify method but in today's,video i am going to show you how you can,add paper and if we scroll down here you,can see here a paper is supported,by um,by,shopify so to complete your shopify,paper account setup you need and start,receiving payments um or pay out from,your paypal you need to complete account,setup,so to do that we have to click here,complete account setup so let's click,that,and,and then um when you get on this page,here this is the paypal express check,out so we're gonna have to complete um,the setup so this is the email that is,connected,with the account so if you want to use,this account this gmail then you can go,for it and you can activate your account,um but if you don't want to use this,gmail then you can edit it and select a,new email address that you want to use,but make sure you use the email address,that you know that you'll be using it,because that email will be connected,with your,paypal account that way you can finish a,setup,so to do that let's click here complete,setup so you can see here there's,amazing like a paypal account has been,created with,an email which is this one you will need,to log into paypal with these,email address to complete your account,setup so let's click here complete setup,and this will,will bring us straight to the paypal,accounts page,so we're gonna have to put the email,address that we use uh to connect uh the,paypal account from shopify so i'm going,to type in my email,so,john sovereign,,and then of course i am located in the,united states so you have to select a,country where you are basically located,and where you'll be running your,business okay,and then once you selected your,region or country click next,and then you're going to create a,password so create a password that,you're going to use um when you are,logging in,so i am going to type in the password,okay and then after that i am going to,click next,and then,here you're going to add,more information you're going to tell,people about your business and then,they'll confirm your information,um so to keep your account secure and,safe so first you're gonna have to put,your first legal name your legal last,name um your business name,uh your phone number the business,address and then you are going to agree,and,stuff like that so i am going to add,everything,okay so once you added everything your,name your store name your phone number,and your business address then click,here,you agreed and you also give permission,to shopify to perform the necessary,action to integrate your paypal,and stuff like that and then after that,click agree and then paper will be,creating your account so it can be ready,to be used okay and then the next step,you are going to have to describe your,business so you can click there,and select the business type either,you're doing partnership corporation,non-profit organization or as an,individual or a sole proprietor so you,can click that,and also you're gonna have to provide,the product or service or,what kind of product are you going to,offer how many accessories and what are,your month results so you can pick what,is your monthly series so you can pick,um which ranges um you are,uh for your business so i'm just gonna,pick that,and it's optional to add your website so,you can either add your website or not,and then click next and,there you are paypal will ask you more,um information so over here you are,gonna have to put your social security,number date of birth um,your address zip code and then you're,going to click submit once you're done,setting up everything then you'll be,good to go so basically,um for social security number this is,for those who are uh doing their,business like in the usa and stuff like,that not everybody will be required to,add the social security number um so,this is why it was very important for,you to select a country,uh when we were setting up the account,on the previous step to put where you're,planning to run your business so,the social security number this is for,irs because they're required,require paper to ask you for your social,card number so they can use these to get,your account verified but also prepare a,tax form that you can use during the tax,time season comes um so you're gonna,have to fill your secret number your,date of birth um your home address and,everything and click submit and this,will be your last step on,creating your paypal account and that,account will be connected here um in,shopify and you'll be good to go from,there so once a paper um verified your,information and that your subsequent,number is true and everything is true,and that you are the person that you're,saying who you are then your account,will be connected with paper and your,customers will be able to check out with,people when they purchase things from,your store,so yeah guys this is it for today's,video i hope you liked today's tutorial,if you do please give me a big thumbs up,subscribe on my channel for more video,like this and i'll see you guys on the,next tutorial

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