how to capture payment on shopify

How to Capture Payments After Shipment with Shopify Flow || Shopify Plus hi everyone my name is a ne

P3 Media

Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to Capture Payments After Shipment with Shopify Flow || Shopify Plus

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How to Capture Payments After Shipment with Shopify Flow || Shopify Plus

hi everyone my name is a nerve Serena,and I am one of the founders of p3 media,one of the challenges of running an,e-commerce business is that every,e-commerce business is different there,are no standards there's no,specification then there really no,customizations that can work across each,and every single store one of those is,the ability to capture payments only,once an item has shipped if you're using,Shopify plus thankfully the ability to,do that is really straightforward for,that you need an app called Shopify flow,which is free for all plus merchants so,in this particular case I have loaded up,Shopify flow so once I go to create,workflow it will bring us to this screen,that allows us to build out a workflow,simply based on this visual triggering,system so I'm going to click on start,when and then click on the blue button,next to select trigger and I am going to,select it once an order has been,fulfilled so this means your order has,shipped and it is on its way to its,customer the condition is what happens,next so you collect conditions and if,you go here and then look for if this,particular order is capturable and if,you don't want to scroll all the way,through you can actually go in and,specifically just search for that item,so I'm going to click on capturable here,and say is true so that means the order,shipped you can still capture the,payment and then you move on to the next,step and then what you can do on the,action is you can simply select the,ability to capture payment right here so,I'm just going to click on capture,payment,that's it you are done so anytime and,order ships you capture the payment and,you are done the one important factor,here is to always make sure that you,capture your payment within seven days,of the customer placing the order,otherwise the authorization window will,expire and you will not be able to,capture that payment another way to work,this particular flow or perhaps as a new,flow is when you go to order fulfilled,and then the order capturable,is false so in this case you have,shipped an order but because it's been,after that seven day window or perhaps,you've already charged it then what,happens so in this case it would be,better if you're able to send yourself a,note or so that you can go to your,shipping department or this goes,automatically to your fulfillment,partners or the warehouse that says you,know send email so ship at p3 mediacom,subject to cancel or hold order and in,your message field you can add a bunch,of template variables that allow you to,provide as much information as possible,in order to get a hold of that,particular order so that it is resolved,on time to learn more visit the p3,Mediacom

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