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How to Setup Shipping in Shopify 2022 edwin anthony here again back at it,for resolution design and

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Setup Shipping in Shopify 2022

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How to Setup Shipping in Shopify 2022

edwin anthony here again back at it,for resolution design and here again at,another tutorial just making it very,simple for you guys how to set up,shipping and this is the 2022 version i,know i've been out of the map for a,little bit but i just want to give you a,very quick tutorial seeing how i'm,working on everything else with the,academy let's get right to it,so we're just going to set up a simple,shipping but strong disclosure there's,different type of companies so if you're,watching this you're either one of two,types of companies you are either a drop,shipping company in other words you're,using a drop shipping company to supply,your products such as oberlo aliexpress,you got all these other companies drop,shipping right you're either that type,of watcher right now or you're a private,supplier you're a business owner that,you have your own supplies,you get them shipped out to either your,house or you get them shipped out to,a private fulfillment center and in that,case this is very very most catered to,you but let's talk about those that are,in drop shipping guys if you're in drop,shipping especially if you have more,than one drop shipper uh just please,keep in mind that those drop shipping,companies as orders come in right inside,of shopify and it communicates to the,drop shipping companies they have,different shipping carriers that they,use in order to ship the product to your,clients and maybe even different,shipping methods prices so on and so,forth,what we're trying to solve here,is just straight to the point how do we,set up free shipping so that anybody who,comes into your store they just buy,something and it's free shipping that's,it or if they want to set up you know,hey,pay 6.99 that's what we're going to,learn here today so let's get right to,it okay let's let's jump right into it,so what you guys see right here is a,demo store that we're working for a,client and the first thing that we're,going to do is go to the bottom end,corner on the lower left where it says,setting,so right here where it says settings uh,what we're going to do what what,and what we're going to do is go to,where it says shipping and delivery,and then from here you might see a,screen like this remember shopify is,changing all the time so depending on,when you're watching this video this can,change and if it does let me know down,in the comments so that i could go ahead,and make an updated video it's important,for you guys to have these updated,videos so that we could go ahead and you,know give you the latest and greatest so,let's go right ahead uh right here we,have shipping and we have manage rates,there's no rates so far,and one of the first things that we need,to do if you see the screen right here,is to create a profile right because,without that we cannot set up okay so,first step what we're going to do is,we're going to go right here where it,says manage rates and once we enter here,you'll notice some of the products that,you have already set up we're not going,to dive into that but notice how there,isn't a focus to a country or anything,of that sort right and so again,considering in this specific scenario,we're going to pretend,that you are a business that not only do,you sell internally meaning that you,have your own products physically in,your personal warehouse but that you're,also doing some type of uh connection,with drop shipping so you're doing a,hybrid right that's what we're gonna do,in this example here so right here what,we're going to do is we're going to,scroll all the way down and you'll,notice that in this particular example,we have two areas where it says not,shipping from,guys it's very important that before we,even come here if you're not seeing this,below you don't see an address you don't,see anything like that let's go to where,it says location because i'm sure i'm,gonna see some comments saying hey i,didn't see that screen go to locations,first right and make sure that your,location or your business address is,located there and when i say business,address um it could be like a po box,right but if you're gonna do like a po,box just keep in mind that the address,for that po box the post office is,literally the address of that location,so if you go to gps and you want to say,where is that where's my post office it,has a physical address right,that's the address that you want to do,and then address number two you'll put,the po box and then the rest of it comes,out like that okay so that's just an fy,a little bonus for you,so once you have your local area set up,and you've already attached your drop,shipping,let's go right here where it says manage,rates the physical address of your,location,plus,the drop shipper you know app rather if,it's oberlo if it's a whole bunch of,these other places and you'll see right,here that will say add rates and so this,rule that i'm applying for this client,we're going to do first free shipping,and as an example i'll do like a basic,shipping so that it's very easy uh,remember everything that we're doing is,times two because we're applying this,globally meaning that it's gonna be,applied for the whole store okay that's,what that means let's go to the drop,commerce first we're gonna add a rate,right here click on that,and it says add new rates and from here,within that box it's strictly talking,about that drop shipper so remember if,you have multiple drop shippers you're,doing what i'm showing you right now,multiply times a few times all the drop,shippers and then finally doing the same,thing again for your local area right or,for your address so right here what,we're going to do is,in this box we're going to create a,shipping zone we're identifying exactly,where in the world are we going to ship,products to,not that we're physically shipping them,but where is the drop shipper shipping,them you understand what i mean that's,what i mean so let's go ahead and create,a shipping zone,and in this shipping zone my client,specifically stated that they want to,ship,exclusively to the continental us and,that's exactly what we're going to do so,i'm gonna type right here the zone name,zone name you could type whatever it is,that you want uh continental,us,excuse if i miss type things,of the sort right and then from here uh,i'm gonna see if i could type in usa to,see if it pops out no okay so united,okay here we go,united states all right so we have it,selected here and we have a nice little,expansion right here if i click on that,i get to see everything,that's from within here okay so i see,all the states now this is considered,everything we're including territories,and all that stuff if you select that,box so let me say that one more time if,i select this box over here us,by default it's going to select not just,the states but also its surrounding,territories and so if for this focal,point if we want just the continental us,i would have to uncheck those areas,where we do not want to provide shipping,so imagine that customer is from hawaii,and they're not part of the continental,us,when they go to check out it'll just not,let them finalize the purchase it'll say,look we don't you know ship to that area,at the moment check us check back oh,it's pretty soon i can't talk today i,need more coffee anyways so let me show,you how that's done all right so in case,if you guys don't know this is what i,did i unchecked alaska american samoan,micronesia guam hawaii,uh i took out what else marshall islands,i took out,north,mariana island palau puerto rico,i took out virgin islands and all of the,armed forces okay so i went ahead and,pressed done on this one,and you could see that it's tagged as,well not tagged but labeled as,continental us or at least that's how i,put it there so that's just part of the,process so now it goes into so what,rates now that we have a,target focused towards where we're,shipping to,what are the rates going to be,that's what this is about now so let's,go here where it says add rates,and we have some options here in this,particular video we're strictly going to,talk about establishing our own rates in,another video i will talk about using,calculated carrier apps which is a whole,different beast that's mostly catered to,those,who are doing private supplier because,you're using your fedex account your ups,account if you like that type of content,let me know in the comments because i'm,here for you i need to see the feedback,if i don't see the feedback guys i'm not,making that video for you and i want to,teach you so that you don't have to pay,someone else or start looking at other,videos and stuff like that that don't,make sense,so anyways so right here we're going to,set up our own rate and then this one,we're going to say,free,domestic,shipping,something nice that you can add here,just for courtesy of your clients is how,many business days does this domestic,free shipping take on average so if,hypothetically if you're shipping from,florida for example and you want to ship,to washington state that's like all the,way across right so,at most how much would that cost or how,much would that take time wise to go,from you know the drop shipper all the,way you know to that what is the average,so hypothetically i'm going to say that,it's going to take them between,7,to 10,business days,that way they know,now on the flip side of things you might,think to yourself whoa if i show them,that that can increase my abandonment,card because the moment that they see,how long it takes they're going to be,like nope,i'm out of here and then you're going to,be frustrated so for some companies they,like being very transparent as far as,how long shipping is going to take think,about yourself as a consumer would you,appreciate that that's something totally,up to you in this particular case we're,not going to do that unless my customer,tells me i'm going to ask her to see if,she wants that so i'm going to go ahead,and just click it right there for now,and right here we're going to set it as,free and i'm going to say done,and there you have it that is free,shipping and i'm going to press save up,here don't forget to press save guys,you'd be amazed like you know you'll set,things up you forget to press save you,you're out of here and then oh my,goodness what happened,so at this point every product that is,established with your drop shipping,company,will have this applied if they're within,the continental us free shipping,now if you want to offer express,shipping because your drop shipping,company offers it i only recommend you,do this if you're drop shipping company,one they offer it and two it's a flat,rate no matter what you're selling so,for example they're like okay you know,we'll send it to them whatever date but,then express becomes i don't know uh,five days because we're going to use dhl,express and so what you could do there,is go ahead to another rate right here,and you're going to say dhl,express you're just going to type it in,right,type that in and you know the,company that's doing the drop shipping,hypothetically they're going to say it's,going to take about how much dollars uh,hypothetically 16,and so,charge them exactly that because,i don't recommend you making money off,of it for those expresses think of it,more as a convenience so that your,customers could come back and buy from,you again so if it's 16 bucks you know i,would even say something like you know,15.97 something that looks attractive,right for express,and on express just let them know how,much faster it's going to be so you,could hypothetically say two to three,business days,you could do something like that,and excuse my misspelling i'm just doing,this stuff you know for you guys now,they have an option to choose from they,could choose free shipping or if they,want it faster they could get that uh,dhl express hypothetically right and,they could choose that okay for my,client that's not what they want so now,i'm showing you how to delete it okay so,here i am going to delete a rate okay,not just showing you how to add it but,also delete it and i'm going to press,save and remember guys i did that for,just one company we would have to do,this for all,other drop shipping companies depending,on how many you have uh in this other,case right here um,for this client,what about the other places in the uh,around the world the other places around,the world we don't have anything right,so let's go ahead and create now this is,up to you if you want to create it but i,would suggest you do so to keep,organized let's create another shipping,zone,and this one is called the rest of the,world,which is everyone else right,and so,we click the rest of the world,and there goes a valley right there the,rest of the world rest of the world,means,everyone who's not this,what rate,would you apply to them and maybe to,those internationally you might say,everyone has to pay you know 15,for the rest of the world or 10.99 or,something like that right and from here,again you would add another rate right,here and so you would say international,shipping,and from here you would say okay,international shipping costs 14.99,and then of course you would tell them,you know,seven,to ten business days,there it is,no okay,you guys get it right,all right i add that press done,okay,and there you have it,so anyone domestically,they get,those focuses,if they're outside like the hawaii and,the puerto rico and those islands now,they're part of the rest of the world,just everyone else and they too,have a rate right so now you could cater,to both,but if you say i don't want to cater to,anybody else i just want to cater to,this to these folks then go right here,and erase it,right here press delete but keep that,right there press save,keep that right there why because maybe,a year six months down the line your,business is going to grow and you want,to offer more i know this was going to,be a very quick video i'm very sorry i,just want to be very transparent on,everything i hope that this helped a lot,and of course if you really did enjoy,this video please press the like,subscribe,and i'll see you next time let me know,in the comments what you think and what,next video you want to watch,if you really like this video as well i,have another video showing right over,here or wherever it is and uh hope to,see you soon take care

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