how to make my shopify store not live

HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR SHOPIFY STORE ONLINE IN 2021 okay now you have worked so hard right,you have add

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Updated on Jan 13,2023


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how to make my shopify store not live catalogs


okay now you have worked so hard right,you have added your product,create collections um create menu,items customize your website don't,you've done all of this work,and you're wondering why your website is,not yet public,the reason why your website is not,public is because you haven't published,your website,so i've had clients who are consults,you know calling me say oh why is my,website not public you know,i've i've worked on this shopify store,for some time but,uh nobody seems to know it like,i don't seem to see it publicly so the,reason why is because they haven't,published a website,and it's actually very simple but it,sounds,insignificant but it can give you a lot,of headache,if you don't know how to do it so i'm,just going to show you,how to do it now and uh yeah,and then i will test it with you so the,very first thing you need to do is you,need to log into your shopify backend,as you can see here this is my shopify,backend,and you need to um,click on online store it's just below,sales channel right click on online,store and then all this tab will,collapse,and then after that you need to click on,preferences so on preferences,you will have this specific page,so you need to scroll down to the very,end,and you will see password protection so,when your store is password protected,that,basically means only you or people,who've got the password of your store,will have,access to your store so your store will,not be published to the public,so where it says enable password it will,be,ticked right if i checked here it says i,need to save that and then,anyone will want to access this specific,website,we need to enter the password which is,this one,right so i'm just gonna untick that,right so you need to make sure that this,part is unticked,and once you unticked it make sure you,save it,right always save it if you don't save,it,then it's not going to populate so we,are not going to test it,and see if we've truly published our,website,if our website is truly published to the,public so i'm going to open another type,and just type my website url,right which is your equipment,one dot com,i'm going to delete all the shopify on,the site so your,comments and then just going to,type enter,okay now this is my website it's your,,and here are all the items that i have,on my website,so guys my website has now been,published live,by the way i do sell homeware equipment,i do sell pc pc stuff as well at pc,glasses you know,you can check out my website if you want,to make a purchase you know to support,me you can do that,um yeah i i have a bunch of stuff here,that has,really garden furnitures you know uh,you know i mean so thank okay so,guys thank you for watching this video,if,this video was instrumental to you and,you really enjoyed it,if it's really helped you type publish,in the comment section down below i want,to hear from you,please don't forget to like share and,subscribe this content,and and i'm looking forward to hear from,you and take care bye

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