how do customers buy from shopify

Shopify Store Checkout Process | Shopify Tutorial so now that we've enabled the pigment,processors o

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Shopify Store Checkout Process | Shopify Tutorial

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how do customers buy from shopify catalogs

Shopify Store Checkout Process | Shopify Tutorial

so now that we've enabled the pigment,processors on our Shopify account,let's purchase a product and checkout,from the store so we can get the full,customer experience and see the,logistics of the payment and fulfillment,process it's always a good idea to test,the entire checkout process in your,store before sending trafficking,customers in order to fix any errors or,make changes if needed you also want to,make sure nothing is confusing and you,provide the best customer experience,possible so let's head over to our,Shopify store and purchase a product the,quickest way to get to your store from,your Shopify dashboard is to look at the,menu on the left and click the little,square box at the top right so here's my,example Shopify store which I've named,meditate then in order to see which,products I currently offer go over to,the menu and click the catalog link,here you can see that I currently have,two different products available for,sale in my Shopify store I have the,black meditation model beads and the red,meditation mala beads I'm displaying,both of my products as being on sale for,8 . 97 cents,let's click on this product and check,out the listing so here's the product,detail page for my sandalwood meditation,model beads I have three different high,quality images so that customers can get,a better idea of what they're purchasing,you can also see my product variants,here where the customers can select the,purchase of black or red mala bead I'm,going to select the red version for my,example purchase if I scroll down a bit,you can also see my product description,and other products that's in this,collection so let's go ahead and click,the Add to Cart button from here,customers can see the item they're,purchasing the price of the product the,quantity they want and the total cost of,the sale this price does not include the,shipping taxes and discounts so let's,click the checkout button to continue,here's what the customer will enter,their details such as their email,address and their shipping address once,the customer enters their shipping,address the price will automatically,update to include the taxes so you can,see that now that I'll put in my,shipping address the price is now,updated from 897 to 951 this accounts,for fifty four cents in taxes so now I'm,going to click continue to shipping,method I currently only offer standard,shipping for my store which is five,dollars if you look to the right you'll,see the shipping has been added to the,total let's continue to the payment,method this is what the customer,actually completes the transaction they,can pay using the credit card or they,can select to use PayPal I'm going to,type in my credit card information and,pay with the credit card,most major credit cards can be accepted,by your Shopify store so once the,customer has entered their payment,information they can click complete,order,and there you have it the customer will,then be taken to the Thank You page it,shows that the order is confirmed and it,provides the order number your customer,will also automatically receive a,confirmation email where they can view,all the details of their order next we,will go over the steps that you will,have to take in order to fulfill the,customer orders see you in the

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