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How To Make Money On Shopify In 2023 (For Beginners) hey guys mike vasile here and here are,all of t

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How To Make Money On Shopify In 2023 (For Beginners)

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How To Make Money On Shopify In 2023 (For Beginners)

hey guys mike vasile here and here are,all of the ways to make money with,shopify that we're gonna go over in this,video anywhere from a hundred dollars a,day you can make to a thousand dollars,per day and we're starting right now,intro,hey guys how's it going mike fizzy here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where people are literally going from,zero to a hundred to a thousand dollars,a day even during lockdown check it out,on the link below,with that being said let's just go,straight into the video the first way is,making money on shopify that's affiliate,marketing with shopify,now here's the thing we're going to go,over all the different ways you can make,money because there's a lot of creative,ways that will actually mitigate your,risk and even can actually make you,money,to then go ahead and even go to towards,like the e-commerce in more riskier ways,but one way that i was actually able to,make an extra 100 a day back i think in,like 2016,or something was when a lot of people,were asking me about what platform was i,using for e-commerce,and even though you know you can make,good money in e-commerce by just,physically selling products one way that,you could actually do is just making,simple tutorials,like if you look at all these tutorials,and you just teach people how to create,their own store and whatnot,and you just apply here you can,literally get a good amount of income,just recommending this product that,people are already going to buy the,coolest thing about that is you don't,have to do any customer service you,don't have to build the software you,don't have to handle the returns,like what happened when i was making,money on shopify had so much different,returns,this is just one way to maybe even get,that upfront seed capital,to go ahead and get started it's just a,very easy simple form of affiliate,marketing where you like i said just do,a simple tutorial,and then when they're like okay well i,need the link to actually start it,you go ahead and apply here you could,earn average 58,for each user who signs up with a paid,plan now if you really think about it,you just need two people,to go ahead and sign up for a shopify,account and then turn into the pay plan,every single day that's an extra hundred,dollars a day now imagine if you just,made a simple video,just teaching people how to actually,create your store you don't have to be,an expert you don't have to have any,experience you just have to maybe know a,little bit more than the next person,make a simple tutorial put your,affiliate link in there make 58 dollars,per sale so that's the first way,the second way is drop shipping on,aliexpress now this is what a lot of,people first get started in,um it's just like simple business 101,you buy low,you sell high so what i did is i ended,up buying you know grill gloves and,whatnot and i did a more advanced way,where i was like,having it store on amazon right but for,some people especially when getting,started,just to test to see if this product can,sell or not because you don't want to,just buy,ten thousand dollars worth of a product,that you won't won't actually sell,right so you could actually run and put,these um you could maybe buy one or two,products send it over to your place you,could even ask for a free sample they're,gonna go ahead and send it to you most,of the time,and you can just take your own pictures,create your own shopify store with that,and then you can go ahead and sell it,now before you actually go and sell it,on your own shopify site with either,instagram influencers or,facebook ads or whatnot you just want to,see if people are actually going to buy,in the beginning,so a lot of people do like for example,gymshark is they start off with drop,shipping,they go and see you know maybe buy one,or two of their products they sell it on,their store,instagram or facebook ads and if a,couple sell,that's when they know they're gonna buy,more in bulk so,even if you know it takes like three to,four weeks of shipping,they sometimes bite the cost and even,like return the money to their customer,but they the most important thing,is they know someone is willing to buy,this the worst thing that you could ever,do especially in e-commerce,is buy ten thousand dollars worth of a,widget and no one buys it,that's what happened to me with dog,leashes okay i literally bought,like 2 000 to 4 000 worth of dog leashes,no one ended up buying it,it was the worst thing ever because i,didn't mitigate my risk i was like oh,like all these people are getting rich,on shopify i need to go buy all these,products in bulk and then try selling it,on amazon,right it's ridiculous what you can do is,buy one or two of these,send it to your place take professional,pictures of it create a shopify store,and then go ahead and try selling it,if you cannot sell 10 of these products,drop shipping,you have no business buying a thousand,of these products next up is also doing,it on ebay,now this is a little bit better because,i i found u.s suppliers,that could actually um ship it even,faster right so,the problem with china is man it takes,like three to four weeks your customers,hate you,they literally will threaten to kill you,in your,email autoresponder your customer,service is just going to be filled right,so to circumnavigate that i found,suppliers on ebay,and started selling their products so,that exact same thing,you know i took products that i saw and,i bought like one product i took nicer,pictures i put it on my own shopify,website i sold it via instagram or,facebook,and then when i started getting more,sales i then thought about buying it,more in bulk,but here's the interesting that happens,with ebay these are all,in like a lot of these are in the us so,what happened is i remember i was,like selling uh grill gloves in here and,like this person reached out to me on,ebay like on my ebay messaging they're,like dude,you're buying 20 to 50 like grill gloves,every single day why do you need to buy,so much,i'm like oh you know i'm actually like a,reseller when it comes to this i run,facebook ads,like oh well do you want to meet up we,have all these other products that you,could sell as well,and i kid you not guys like we ended up,getting on a conversation and it turned,out that this person's warehouse,was literally down the street from my,small,suburbs in chicago like how insane is,that that i was literally selling these,products,and this guy literally had a warehouse,just down the street,so what i did is we ended up meeting up,for like some fish and chips,and he told me yeah mike i literally buy,all these products from china,at bulk meaning he could really get me,really cheap prices,like i would in china but since he's,spending like 10 to 20 to 50 000,per package he's getting these prices,very very cheap,like i maybe only had to like sell like,maybe like it was a dollar or two more,expensive,than uh what i would get in aliexpress,but the coolest thing,is i didn't have to end up buying it in,bulk i was like whoa so you could tell,me that i could literally sell this on,shopify,and i'll just give you the csv of all,the orders that came in today,and you literally ship it out for me,he's like yes and you'll hand all the,returns for me and i'm like yes,and all i have to do is pay for the,products every 14 days,right and he's like yes and that became,very beautiful because instead of us,you know buying these one off at a time,i literally automated and streamlined,my entire e-commerce process and i,outsource my entire fulfillment and,product creation,and investing in the products to,somebody else to take the risk,i remember like i was this close to,buying,ten thousand dollars or five 5 000 worth,of like real gloves and grill mats right,and i was this close of actually taking,that money,and investing in the product but luckily,right before i was about to do that,and and have like this huge risk on me,right which most people cannot,stomach if they if they can't push or,sell the product,this person reached out to me he was,like hey man i have this warehouse you,want to sell any of these other products,and guess what there was so many,products that he ended up already having,that i could just go ahead and drop ship,now that's the beautiful thing about,drop shipping is you guys got to,understand,it's you're like you're essentially at,that point an affiliate marketer,somebody has the product someone's,worried about the fulfillment,someone is taking their money out of,their own pocket and buying it at,bulk that you don't have to and all you,have to do is just do a little bit of,marketing,now the fourth way is becoming a,freelancer on upwork now this is more so,of a job but like i said you know you,you got to work remotely which is also a,good thing and it's more stable,you're not too much in the,entrepreneurship risk side where,sometimes income is up down,up down and it's like a love-hate,relationship like an abusive,relationship,with someone that loves you and and,feeds you but then also starves you and,hates you,right and that's actually the love-hate,relationship that i had when i was like,selling on shopify but,you could make a service about it and,then turn it into an agency,did you know i was reading this blog,article the other day and that's most,people,that hit 10 million dollars a year those,businesses,they're not actually like product-based,businesses right because a lot of those,fail,the ones i do are the ones that create,services so they either help with their,marketing they help with their,advertising they help,with their images they help with their,photography they help with their,videography,and then they streamline the production,by hiring other freelancers underneath,them that's essentially what a lot of,people are doing here,right certified shopify expert a hundred,and thirty dollars an hour,shopify expert from india twenty dollars,an hour,this one is twenty five dollars an hour,ten dollars an hour uh fifteen dollars,an hour,forty thousand dollars or earned people,are doing it in india you could do this,anywhere and everywhere you just need to,be able to,you know have your unique selling,proposition my friend's unique selling,proposition was like he was like hey,you know what there's all these people,doing very very well on e-commerce,what if i just do their email marketing,for them that way i could charge them a,set,fee every single month as well as a,percentage of the profits,now think about how much that took away,from your risk number one you don't have,to actually build the business yourself,number two it's not your money that,you're spending on advertising,or marketing or promotions number three,you don't have to deal with the hassles,of everything,but the best thing is you get paid,reliably every single month because,you're charging them say two thousand,dollars a month for your service,plus you're sending simple emails to,their list of customers that have,already bought from them,meaning they're more likely to buy this,is why my friend makes really good money,on the side,because he's just sending simple emails,man and he's getting a percentage of the,upside,because that company would not make the,money had they have not sent the email,so it's a win-win-win situation it's,unrealized profits that the companies,aren't seeing,you're coming in getting paid reliably,so you have the comfort of like a,nine-to-five job,where you're not actually trading eight,hours of your day but you also have,percentage of the upside,so it's almost like you're an,entrepreneur too so you're not just,stuck in this confinement of like oh i,get paid this month every month every,month every month and then you literally,get a bite out of the upside,now the last thing that i recommend the,most and that's high ticket affiliate,marketing,and that's with email marketing and with,webinars now most people they're like oh,i don't have a,high ticket product i don't know how to,do a webinar that's perfectly fine,because there's already products that do,really well,there's just one guy his name is anik,singal you should definitely check out,his book,like i learned a lot about like email,marking from him and what he did,was he promoted this product right here,i think a year or two ago,and he ended up making i think two,million dollars,in profit without actually having to,make the product without have to service,product without have to do any of the,customer service,he just brought them to this webinar,that uh these professionals that already,have big e-commerce businesses,and that are the educators about it they,would sell it for 3,400 bucks right the commissions though,is 50 percent meaning for every single,sale he gets,by sending them to their webinar he,would get 50,of that i think they did 4 million,dollars in sales in like,in like 20 days or something just with,his email list,and he didn't even do the webinar he,just sent the emails to the webinar and,like i said this is kind of like the,sales page here,you could see they they've given like,1750 dollars,per commission and it's like in a launch,you see all their student success,stories so you don't have to be the,the professional right because they,already have the success stories,they already have the very happy,customers and students,and all you're coming in is just,recommending that product because you,know it works,based off of all of their students,successes,look at this 2015 they paid out 2,million 216,they paid out 4 million 2020 they paid,out 8 million,in commissions to affiliate marketers,and this is like the highest,of levels compared to the first thing,that we were talking about here you got,58 dollars per sale,and you would need um two tails a day,and then,that's 36 so two sales a day is 100,bucks,so that's 60 sales a month to make three,grand,here you get two sales to make three,grand,which one do you think is easier to get,60 sales,for three grand or two sales for three,grand,and like i said you you don't you can,literally be anybody to do this all you,really need to know is just sell a,little bit of marketing,which is why we have the free workshop,below teaching you how to actually use,paid advertisement to get leads or email,addresses or,you could just do simple email marketing,or building your own website you don't,even have to show your face,for this so you can check it out in the,free workshop below guys let me know,what your thoughts on this,which way do you think is the best way,to make money with shopify i'm very very,curious,let me know in the comments below don't,forget to like subscribe and i'll see,you guys tomorrow,love you guys peace,you

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