how to make logo bigger on shopify

Change Logo Size | Shopify Tutorial this tutorial is powered by,,get help with your web


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Change Logo Size | Shopify Tutorial

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how to make logo bigger on shopify catalogs

Change Logo Size | Shopify Tutorial

this tutorial is powered by,,get help with your website on demand and,don't forget,subscribe for more tutorials,hi everyone so the question is how do,you make the logo on your shopify site,bigger so i'm going to show you how to,do that i'm using the brooklyn theme,here just kind of the default theme,and what you're going to want to do is,you're going to want to go to customize,and we're going to go to our header,section right here,all right so we have our home page logo,right here,from this homepage logo you can add,your custom size to whatever you want it,to be so say i wanted to make it 450,pixels,so that's that size or say i want to,make it 250 pixels,that's that size so that's going to,change the width in pixels now sometimes,um and i know in some themes after doing,it this might not work,exactly how you need it to work so what,you can do,if you go to uh your site,i'm going to refresh this,so i'll show you what's going on here,all right so if we go to,our site and if we,right click here and we go to inspect,or you go to inspect tools whatever,you're using from a firefox,we're going to hover over our logo image,here,which is this and we're going to see,this code right here so it says max with,250 so that's what we left it as,so what you can do you can actually,change this so i can do,a max width of 500 pixels,and you see that the the image didn't,change any size so pretty much,what this is saying is that this logo,can only go,as big as 500 pixels no matter what,screen size,so what you could do for it to be,changed,is add just width and then,400 pixels so that's what's going to,look like so,as you can see from here it got a little,blurry so you need to be careful with,this got to make sure that your image is,big enough,in order to be scaled in that way,to make it look good so if we wanted to,add this,to the site if i go back to maybe,260 pixels,so what i'm going to do is i'm going to,pull this code right here,and we're going to go back to our site,and from here we are going to go,to let's get that out,here and instead of going to customize,we're going to go to,our actions and go to edit code,and from edit code you're going to go,and scroll down,and we're going to find,believe it is fine i'm just going to,type this awesome,so theme.scss.liquid this is the,uh asset that you need to add your code,to,so if i scroll all the way down to the,bottom,this is where all your uh css is stored,all your styling options for your feed,so if we add here our custom fold site,header,logo image for the bracket that i,add max with,500 pixels and width,of 260 pixels and you can,adjust this to size whatever you need,i'm making 160 pixels,and then close your bracket,and click save,and also add a comment here if you want,to kind of remember where you added this,stuff,um if you want so that's been saved so,i'm now going to,refresh this page,awesome so i refresh this page you can,already see that the changes are there,if i hover over this,and click into it you can see,that the width of 160 has changed right,here,and again this kind of depends on the,theme that you're using,more often than not what's going to be,used,is what i showed you originally whereas,if you go back to your themes,go to customize again and if you go into,the header section,you can customize in pixels what size,you want your logo to be,and shopify is pretty good at you know,adjusting kind of the position and what,it looks like,um in this place so that's what if you,can use that and it works for you that's,definitely what you're going to want to,use,um instead of just adding the code again,some,uh themes don't allow you to do that so,you're definitely going to want to have,to adjust that,as respects hope this helps and have a,great day,thanks for watching if this was helpful,please subscribe,and if you need extra help visit, and send us your questions

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