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How I Got Rich in 27 days (Shopify Dropshipping) what's poppin youtube welcome back to,the channel i

Nathan Nazareth

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How I Got Rich in 27 days (Shopify Dropshipping)

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How I Got Rich in 27 days (Shopify Dropshipping)

what's poppin youtube welcome back to,the channel if you're new here if you're,old here my name is nathan nazareth i'm,a 21 year old entrepreneur based out of,vancouver canada and today i'm going to,be breaking down exactly how i became,successful in less than one month of,starting e-commerce so about three years,ago now at the age of 18 i decided to,put it all on the line and take a crack,at starting my very own business with,basically no money to my name no,experience,no degree no einstein level iq i,searched for the most viable way to make,money online preferably something that i,could get rich from very very quickly,and i found just that,but if you're new to it don't go,anywhere because when i first heard,about shopify dropshipping i was,extremely skeptical and i thought the,entire business model was a scam as well,back then it was a relatively new,concept but there's so much,misinformation about it swirling around,some people were making a full-time,living off of it and other people were,just going around saying it's too,saturated it's too competitive it,doesn't work it's a dead business model,don't worry guys i've seen it all and,those things that are happening right,now were happening three years ago as,well there's always gonna be haters,there's always gonna be doubters there's,always gonna be excuses swirling around,in the back of your head and from other,people you can't let any of that get to,you when starting a brand new venture so,like i was saying immediately when i,found this business model i thought to,myself right away that it was a scam and,not to trust all these internet gurus,but the more that i delved into the,creators videos online the more that i,saw there was actually people my age and,just a little bit older who were making,ridiculous money with this business,model and taking full advantage of it,and i remember at the time reaching out,to every single youtube creator asking,them about their experience with,dropshipping and basically every single,one that got back to me told me it's,legit told me to dive into it told me,that i don't have to buy their program,so they weren't just in it to make money,off of me and that's exactly what i did,i went full swing with dropshipping but,what really gave me the confidence and,the courage to take this leap to you,know jump into the unknown and begin my,journey with e-commerce was the fact,that there were a bunch of guys on,youtube and girls sitting there who are,a couple years older than me breaking,down their experience with shopify,dropshipping the results the sales the,businesses that they've started,and i thought to myself these people are,no different than me you know they're no,smarter than me they're no more capable,in fact they very much were me just a,couple years ago and so the only,difference between me and them is that,they try and they put in the work okay,and i want that to be known for every,single one of you guys watching this,there's literally no difference between,me and you,i'm not special i don't have any crazy,talents any fancy degree any einstein,level iq literally none of that i'm just,a kid who decided to try,and with that i had to develop thick,skin and a complete mindset shift,it was no longer a matter of oh i'm,going to give this dropshipping business,thing a crack it was not a matter of if,but it was a matter of when i will,become successful and i lock that in,from day one i don't want to get into my,personal life but i spent too many years,failing it was my time to succeed failed,in my sporting career i was never,getting the best grades i knew it was my,time to finally succeed at something and,this is what it was going to be the,sport of entrepreneurship was my new,competitive arena now i was in business,school at the time and they're always,preaching about how you should be,passionate about what you do as an,entrepreneur and so that was one thing i,took with me from day one too i knew,that if i was gonna make this work not,only was i gonna be in this for the,money but i had to genuinely enjoy and,find love in what i was doing and,creating so first thing i did i thought,to myself what am i passionate about and,at the time it was sports and fitness,and all these things,and so i think you can guess what my,first product ever was that's right it,was the classic resistance band drop,shipping set funny enough these things,went crazy during the whole rona,situation but anyways i modeled my,website after trx if you've heard of it,it's basically a big fitness company,that sells these premium resistance,bands and i started plugging away at a,basic shopify theme to build the initial,website i remember ordering my very,first video ads for facebook from a,freelancer on fiverr just like it was,the other day and within i believe four,short days i had launched my very first,dropshipping store ever anyone want to,take a wild guess of what happened,complete flop you nailed it i went four,days,spending over four hundred 400,and i was wildly unsuccessful but,one very special thing happened on the,last day i got my very first sale ever,now even though i was wildly,unprofitable and i had started to eat,away at the little savings that i had,that very first sale gave me all the,confidence i needed to march on forward,literally try to think about this from,my perspective right now as a you know,17 18 year old kid i'm sitting there i,got a sale and i realized that somebody,from somewhere in the world,actually saw the ad that i made that i,posted clicked on it went to the website,that i built with my own two hands and,my keyboard they went through my,checkout process and they actually,pulled up their credit card to buy the,product i mean,i don't know if you guys feel that same,feeling that i do when i think about,that it kind of gives me goosebumps but,it's absolutely wild to me the fact that,i was able to do all of that sitting for,my computer at home and i made that sale,in my sleep and so i'm so passionate,when i still talk about it because that,sale was honestly one of the greatest,feelings i've ever had in my life and i,still remember it like it was yesterday,this guy right here was capable of,building a store making ads launching,ads on the facebook ads platform and,actually having real people come to my,site and purchase my product that i,sourced from a supplier or i think,aliexpress at the time crazy so now i,had real momentum obviously i shut down,that story because it was so,unsuccessful i had a load of lessons,learned and i was fired up and ready to,take on the world of business but there,i was back to square one rinsing and,repeating the same launching strategy,but making tweaks and adjustments and,optimizations along the way i told,myself with every failed product with,every failed store i had to have at,least three big takeaways three learning,lessons or areas of improvement before,my next launch i was beyond committed in,fact my parents thought i was going,insane i hadn't seen my girlfriend in,weeks,what is wrong with you it was just me,every single day in front of my computer,for 16 hours some days i swear i even,forgot to eat but anyways three products,later and after burning through every,penny that i had i found my very first,winning product,i fell in love with you on facebook i,woke up to a 4x return on aspen a,feeling that i still remember to this,day i did it i own a successful,profitable online business i thought to,myself and i was making money in my,sleep i was so excited i was running,around i was telling all my family and,friends and not one person congratulated,me at least genuinely they told me to go,get a job that my few little sales of a,product that's probably crap from china,isn't going to get me anywhere in life,but at this point i knew i had so much,delusional confidence in myself and in,the business model after seeing my first,profitable day the winning product my,initial sales i was on a roll and,nothing was going to stop me 27 days,later i found success real success a,week after that i had my very first 1,000 day three weeks after that i had my,very first five thousand dollar day i,remember waking up checking my phone,instantly i'm so excited the sales you,know i couldn't even go to sleep because,of the adrenaline and the shopify,notifications like there was so many,nights where i remember waking up,randomly in the middle of the night,checking my phone checking my phone like,it was just i couldn't even sleep,properly my subconscious brain was,firing that's how excited i was to be in,this position but i woke up and i,checked my phone and i was at like 5 000,four thousand something on the dashboard,and a portion of that a good portion i,think twenty to thirty percent was,profit imagine you're an eighteen year,old kid and you wake up to a one,thousand dollars in profit do you know,like do you realize how crazy that would,have felt for me i really hope i'm,giving you guys you know a good,visualization of what i went through,during that time period but here's where,things get even more interesting one,month after that after being wildly,successful making more money than i ever,could have imagined starting out that,quick my business was shut down and a,few major mistakes on my end ruined it,all for me my first winning drop,shipping store and winning product,turned into an ultimate disaster i had,long shipping times i was getting,chargebacks left right and center so,many complaints i was using stolen,content on my ads on my website,everything and i think you can guess,what happened my facebook feedback score,dropped below at 2.0 being that i lost,access to the ads manager actually my,entire facebook profile got disabled so,i couldn't go in and access the data or,anything so imagine you know that crazy,high that i was riding there comes to a,halt all of a sudden literally overnight,i wake up zero dollars on my dashboard,and this isn't even funny now because,this kind of takes me down a little dark,period here where for a month a month,and a half two months there you know i,was not doing well uh mentally uh i had,made some money and i managed to you,know avoid any legal trouble with the,stolen content and i closed the store,and i had a decent amount of cash and so,i started going out and spending it and,doubting myself and feeling sorry for,myself and i went out and bought a car,and i started going out a lot and buying,expensive clothes and jewelry and all,these things and this period is still,something i look back on and kind of,hardcore regret because had i not done,that i would have been so much farther,ahead i would have had all that capital,to use and reinvest right away,but at the end of the day i guess i am,glad for going through that because it,really taught me a lot about myself and,i don't know i just i learned a lot,during that process for sure bottom line,uh at some point i pulled myself out of,there gave my head a shake and i said,you know what i did this once i can do,it again i can do it on a way bigger,scale i can take the lessons that i,learned big mistakes that i made and be,sure as hell that i don't make those,mistakes again so i can scale a brand,successfully so,i did,i refined and built a process that i,could plug and play with every single,new product that i came across two short,years later i started documenting the,process with over 50 videos now on my,youtube channel hundreds of videos on,tiktok and my instagram stories and i,currently have three e-commerce brands,generating me over 100 thousand dollars,per month in profit one second i'm gonna,grab my phone and look at the dashboard,just in case anybody doesn't believe me,so i'm not going to go through all my,stores but here's one of my brands,that's done 414 thousand dollars year to,date let me hit that with the refresh,for you guys as well,there you go,let it load,there you go 414 thousand dollars today,so yeah i mean that's kind of the,beginning of my story i hope you liked,it and i hope this can help fuel at,least one person out there's,entrepreneurial journey success is never,linear and when i was initially,successful i still suffered huge losses,came close to quitting had mental,breakdowns and really went through it,all and i know i'll still go through the,highs and lows i'm only 21 and i have my,full career ahead of me and i cannot be,more excited thankful and grateful for,the opportunities i've been blessed with,thus far and i know i seemed a bit sad,at points there going through that,portion of my story but i really,wouldn't have had it any other way and,i'm so thankful that i can now come on,here and share this story and help some,people out there who were in my position,just a couple short years ago if anyone,wants to get connected with me my,instagram will be down below let's chat,over dm i try to get back to each and,every one of you guys i would also,really really appreciate it if you guys,wanted to smash that like button for me,for the youtube algorithm so hopefully i,can reach and impact more people and,also congratulations henry for being the,winner of the custom built dropshipping,store giveaway that i do every single,week so if you're henry shoot me a,message will get right in the works of,setting up your store and same rules,apply for next week like comment,subscribe that's all you got to do,automatically entered thank you guys so,much for watching really hope you,enjoyed the video i'll see you next week,for a very special video peace out guys,you

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