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POS: All-new Shopify POS demonstration || Shopify Help Center hi I'm Taylor and I work on the,point-

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

POS: All-new Shopify POS demonstration || Shopify Help Center

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POS: All-new Shopify POS demonstration || Shopify Help Center

hi I'm Taylor and I work on the,point-of-sale team here at Shopify if,you want to get a deeper understanding,of Shopify point-of-sale you've come to,the right place we'll review,capabilities like the smart grid and,global search that allow you to,customize your point-of-sale for your,retail store workflows enhanced retail,permissions that give staff access to,only the things they need and features,like buy online pick up in store that,create a seamless experience everywhere,your brand lives I'm going to hand it,over to Jamal retail solutions engineer,to go over the powerful and intuitive,features in Shopify POS over to you,Jamal thanks Taylor hi everyone I'm,Jamal the first aerial focus on is how,Shopify point-of-sale streamlines store,management when you open the Shopify,point-of-sale app you see the login,screen each staff member can choose a,unique login pin the login pins help you,track the order and cash register,activity of your staff members after you,log into the point-of-sale app you can,see the name of the staff member who was,logged in connectivity status and menu,to navigate to the other areas of the,app,this group of rectangular tiles is,called the smart grid simply tap a tile,to complete an action to create a new,tile click Add tile from here you can,add actions apps product collections,discounts links to websites like your,online store or specific products we're,adding a tile to keep track of notes on,a customer order you can move tiles,around to better suit your workflows the,smart grid also adapts to cart actions,right now you see that many of the tiles,in the smart grid are grayed out to,remove visual clutter after a product is,added to the cart actionable tiles light,up you can also check the status of your,connectivity and hardware right from the,home screen from here you can manage,connected devices Shopify offers a wide,range of point-of-sale hardware that are,fully integrated with the point-of-sale,like card readers receipt printers and,barcode scanners now let's take a look,at stack permissions at a glance you can,see a list of staff and their assigned,roles staff profiles include their,contact details assigned role and unique,pin to access the point-of-sale each,role has unique permissions to complete,point-of-sale actions and access data in,the Shopify admin you can create custom,roles a keyholder store manager store,associate or whatever suits your,business next let's take a look at how,Shopify point-of-sale helps you convert,online and in-store traffic into sales,to avoid shipping fees and get products,faster local customers can place online,orders for local pickup by adding the,tile view pick up orders on your,point-of-sale app you and your staff can,see incoming pickup orders from here you,can quickly see which orders need to be,prepared and which orders are packed and,ready for pickup click an unfulfilled,order to see the order details so you,can start packing the items for pick up,after you package and label the order,send the customer notification to let,them know it's ready for pickup when the,customer arrives staff can easily find,the order and mark the order is picked,up it's that easy,another great way to make sales is by,giving your customers the option to buy,and store and ship directly to their,home this is particularly useful if you,don't have all of your inventory in the,same location here we have a customer,that's looking for a black medium short,sleeve t-shirt but can't find it in the,retail store first we can look up the,product and confirm that it's available,to ship from another location we add it,to the cart here we've added the tile,shipped to customer right in the smart,grid for quick access we tap on the tile,to start the buy and store shipped a,home check out the next step is to enter,the customer shipping address the,shipping costs are automatically,calculated based on where the item will,ship from and where it's going the rates,you see here are the same ones you set,in the shop of my admin for online,orders you can complete the checkout and,send the customer the receipt all of the,new information you collected is now,part of the customers profile including,the order that they just made next if,they found an item that they really like,you can add it to the cart and offer to,send it to them in an email,so they can buy it online when it's,convenient,you can even add a custom message to,your email these are just some of the,ways that Shopify point-of-sale helps,you make more sales now that we've,covered how to make sales let's discuss,how to capture customer information and,keep them coming back to your store in,Shopify point-of-sale you can create new,customer profiles before or after a,transaction is complete the more,customer shops at your store the more,information is added to their customer,profile like how long someone has been a,customer total number of orders and even,the total amount of spend in your stores,you can also see the customers full,order history including their online,orders even if a customer has made a,purchase online you can easily look up,their order to process a refund exchange,or look up the size and color of the,item to make a recommendation customer,profiles also include contact,information shipping addresses and any,notes from previous interactions every,business is unique when it comes to,providing a great loyalty program to its,customers in the Shopify app store you,can choose a loyalty program app that's,right for your business you can even add,a tile in your smart grid for quick,access when products and customers are,added to the cart the apps tile,populates with details about available,rewards this makes it easy to offer,rewards to loyal customers whether they,shop online or in person to learn more,about getting started with Shopify,point-of-sale and the features we,discussed today subscribe now for a,point of sale playlist if you have any,questions then comment below or visit,help dot Shopify com for more,information

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