how to handle returns on shopify

How To Handle Shopify Refunds And Returns | Shopify Dropshipping yo what's up guys Nash here coming

Nash Hagen

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Handle Shopify Refunds And Returns | Shopify Dropshipping

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How To Handle Shopify Refunds And Returns | Shopify Dropshipping

yo what's up guys Nash here coming at,you with a brand new video and today,we're talking about how to deal with the,super annoying thing of refunds so,unfortunately it's part of every,e-commerce business you're always gonna,have you know people asking for refunds,or exchanges or their money back or all,these kind of different things and it's,just something that you have to expect,but there are certain things that we can,do to sort of eliminate the amount of,refunds or at least like cover ourselves,when people actually pass form so you,don't have to give out as many as people,asked for,so before jump in three quick things if,you haven't already go ahead and hit,subscribe or just you know drop it free,value for you guys every single damn,generally genuinely trying to help you,guys out and it's free so why the heck,would you not want to subscribe and,while you're at it just to like go ahead,and hit that notification bow as well,because you know then you'll be notified,exactly when I actually drop the content,which every single day like I said,because we're trying to get everybody on,this channel to at least a hundred,dollars a day everybody that subscribes,to the channel into at least a hundred,dollars a day which is totally doable,lastly if you liked it go ahead and give,me a like it helps me rank the video and,helps me you know help out more people,as well so how do you deal with refunds,well the number one thing that you got,to do is set up a terms of refund okay,and what is this basically it's like a,page where on your website where you,explicitly lay out your refund policy,and I know a lot of people don't talk,about this but it's it's important to,have and you know any legitimate,business that you see is gonna have some,sort of like refund policy terms of,service participant all this kind of,stuff so how do you actually go ahead,and set that up well I pulled out the,test so test site so we can check it out,but essentially what you're gonna do is,you're gonna go to the settings which is,right down here and you're gonna go to,checkout so your store's checkout and,you're gonna go all the way down to the,bottom here and you probably won't have,these letters but what you can do is,just go to generate sample refund,privacy policy in terms of service and,what that's going to do is just give you,like a um you know in general you know,refund policy and all this kind of stuff,that you can edit if you want to but,with this information you can actually,go ahead and make pages on your website,that have to do with it so you know,we'll just copy and paste this and it'll,go over to online store pages and as you,can see I've already made them for this,but essentially you're just going to go,add a page and you're gonna copy and,paste that information from those text,boxes and to make privacy policy brief,on policy and Terms of Service now in,your refund policy you can structure a,couple different ways but what I,recommend doing is only doing refunds if,the product is unopened and if the,product is if they send it back to,myself not to the manufacturer but to my,personal address so once I actually,received the product realize that it's,no unopened and you know something,that's wrong with me or whatever then,that's when I'll actually go ahead and,do the refund if for you know if they,refuse to do that or if they've already,opened it then you know sorry it's in,our Terms we can't do a refund,unfortunately and you know be super,polite about it but just tell them that,you can't do a refund and refer them,back to the refund pages so that they,can actually realize that you know that,is in the terms and that they should,have read that and guys so that's that's,sort of how it works there now when you,actually want to do a refund essentially,what you're gonna do is you know whoever,the order is you're going to go to the,orders page and let's just say for,example it's like I don't know like this,order here 1037 what we can do is just,click on the order and scroll down and,you can see you like $14.99 and we're,just gonna hit the refund button I'm not,going to do it because I don't want to,refund them but I just hit the refund,button and that'll send a refund to the,customer just know that you refund it in,and yeah so that's essentially it so,hopefully these tips were helpful for,you guys I know that's video was short,but it doesn't really need to be too,long because it's pretty easy so,hopefully they were helpful for you guys,if they work go ahead and hit that,subscribe button also hit the,notification bell in the like button if,you liked the content and want to be,notified as soon as I drop them they you,know the latest video go ahead and do,that,lastly,trying to get everybody on this channel,to at least $100 a day so if you have,any questions any roadblocks anything,that's you know prohibiting you from,getting to that hundred dollar a day,mark then go ahead and leave me a,comment in the you know in the comments,below let me know what you're struggling,with so I can make a video about it also,if you haven't already checked it out,I'll link it here but um I made a video,recently about how I took a store from,you know zero to a hundred dollars in,less than 48 hours and I kind of,detailed how I was able to do that so if,you're interested in watching that video,you can check it out here you know it's,free it's on youtube so yeah go ahead,and check that out so again hopefully,there's a helpful for you guys and I,will see you all tomorrow,Oh why'd you live with,a little up in the air but not this side

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