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Understanding your Shopify Payments Payouts || Shopify Help Center Shopify Payments is the simplest

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Understanding your Shopify Payments Payouts || Shopify Help Center

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Understanding your Shopify Payments Payouts || Shopify Help Center

Shopify Payments is the simplest way  to accept payments from customers.  ,But you may be wondering,  how do you get paid? ,Hey guys, Nadeem here. Payouts  are how Shopify Payments sends  ,money made from your sales to your bank account.,You’ll only receive payment through Shopify for  orders that are paid for using Shopify Payments. ,If your customer uses an alternative  payment provider like PayPal,  ,the money for those orders will be available  through those third-party gateways.,Make sure to check the terms of service  of these providers for further details. ,If you have Shopify Balance enabled on your store,  ,it is automatically set up to receive  your Shopify Payments Payouts. Otherwise,  ,here’s how you can access them. Head to “Settings” ,Then, click “Payments” You’ll see the option to “View Payouts”. ,Your Payouts screen will show, the date of the  payout, status of the payout, the total changes,  ,refunds, adjustments, total fees  subtracted, the final payout amount. ,The pay period is the amount of time  between the customer placing the order,  ,and the day you receive the money in your  bank account or Shopify Balance account.,Payouts are paid every business day,  as soon as those funds are available.  ,If you choose to, you can  schedule your payouts to be paid  ,on a specific day every month or week. To do this, in the Shopify Payments section  ,of your payments settings, click “manage”. Scroll down to set up your payout schedule. ,On the payout page, the datesare for  the previous and next scheduled payouts. ,If you have a balance of funds  available, that will also show here. ,By clicking on the date of a scheduled or  previous payout, you’ll see the details of the  ,payouts including the dates of all included  orders, their corresponding order number,  ,the type of transaction it was and lastly the  charges, fees and the final amount you receive. ,The day an order is placed on  your store is determined from  ,the time that the order was  placed in the UTC time zone.,Orders made from Friday through  Sunday are grouped together.,Once an order has been received, it will take  a few days for the payment to be processed.  ,The length of your pay period is determined  by the country your store is located in.,When using Shopify Balance, you can  receive your Shopify Payment earnings  ,in as little as one business day. If you’ve created a payment schedule,  ,your pay period will be adjusted  to take all of these into account. ,This can be a little confusing. So,  let’s take a look at an example. ,Let’s say your store is located in Toronto and  your customer, Priya makes an order on Monday at  ,eleven am. It will be accounted for on Monday at  four pm, UTC time. Because the store is in Canada,  ,it can take up to 3 business days to process.  If you don’t have a payment schedule setup,  ,the payout should arrive in your bank account  by Thursday, the first available business day. ,Here’s a look at what happens if the order is on  a weekend and you have a payment schedule set up. ,If Priya makes the same order on Friday  at 8pm, the order will be accounted for on  ,Saturday at 1am UTC time. Because this is the  weekend, the payout will need upto 3 business  ,days after Sunday to process the payout. However,  if you have payouts scheduled for every Monday,  ,you will only see the money in  your account the following Monday.,Keep in mind, the time frames provided  are estimates and there could still be  ,delays in receiving your payouts. If  you have questions about your payouts,  ,make sure to contact our support team. With Shopify Payments you are only charged  ,a credit card rate which is a fee you’re  charged every time a credit card is used.,These fees are subtracted from your charges  to give you the final amount you receive. ,Also subtracted from the total  for charges are any refunds you’ve  ,processed in this particular pay period. If your payout doesn’t have enough funds for  ,the return, there are two possible  outcomes based on your location. ,The remaining amount for the refund is either  ,deducted from the next payout until  the full amount has been covered  ,or the balance is deducted in full from  your bank account on the day of your payout.,To see which applies to your  location, check out our links below. ,Keep in mind, when an order is refunded,  the credit card fees for that order are not. ,If your payout balance is negative, you  might not be able to issue a refund.,In this case, refunds are listed as pending until  you have enough sales to have a positive balance. ,Occasionally, you might see an amount in  the adjustment column of your payouts.,Adjustments are additions or subtractions  from payouts that occur when changes are  ,needed for your payout total. Adjustments might happen after  ,winning a chargeback or from sales  and returns from Facebook orders.,After all these fees and  adjustments are considered,  ,your final payout amount is calculated. Adjustments are added or subtracted from  ,your charges. From this any other  fees or refunds are then subtracted.,This gives us our final payout amount.,The status of a payout will either be displayed as ,In transit, meaning funds are in the  process of being sent to your bank account.,Paid, which means the payout  was sent to your bank,  ,but may still need to be processed before  it can be deposited into your account.,Or Failed. Payouts can fail because of an issue with your  ,bank account. If a payout fails, you’ll be sent an  email, a notification will appear in your admin,  ,and a hold will be placed on all future  payouts until the issue is resolved.,To resolve any issues with your account,  you’ll need to reach out to your bank directly. ,Knowing where your money is and how you get  paid is an important part of any business.,With Shopify Payments, it’s one  step closer to your bank account. ,For more information on everything shown  in this video, visit

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